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, November 4, 2010

sana simple

i dont know if i miss being simple or i wish to be simple kasi im not so sure if i ever been simple even then... tagalog..simple..s-i-m-p-l-e...yung simple ang gusto..simple mag-isip..walang komplikadong bagay..o hindi kinokomplika ang mga bagay bagay.

gusto ko matuwa sa maliit na bagay..yung masatisfy sa mga bagay na nagawa ko naman ng maayos..

yung ma simple lang rin ang expectation sa sarili at sa iba...


sana simple...


kaso ayoko non...i want to soar high and believe na i am meant for great things...

...yeah right...that's the problem with me...i tend to think big and talk big..all talks..


the thought of the world's greatness excites me...i want to see the wolrd's greatness..i want to see the world...and heights (im afraid to fall though)..and see my dreams come true..

i want to travel the world..

i want to meet great people and be one of them...i want to learn great things...


i want to live a great life..

and then..

in the end of the day, i want to throw away the day's greatness, and in simplicity,go home in the arms of the one i love...

i wish to go home..simple naman di ba?

Written by cinderellaareus at 03:31 PM.

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