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, November 6, 2011

i wanna give myself a year...but why go to such trouble if i can do it now?

can i do it now..


pak, i need a life.

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, November 13, 2011

good eve tabby.

2 days na kong tambay, 2 more days to go (what's with the countdown?new year?)

nothing much to talk about.

i took a leave to unwind,  but there's nothing relaxing about the things i do for these past 2days.

wala akong maisip na magandang bagay or bagay n worth isipin.

ayoko ng mag-isip.

nakakadepress ang fb. nakakadepress ang mga dvd sa video city. nakakadepress tumambay sa bahay at magsayang ng oras. nakakadepress matulog at magsayang ng isang buong araw. nakakadepress pag di ka makaalis ng bahay kasi wala kang pera. nakakadepress na sa lahat ng nag oot na parang walang bukas, ikaw lang ang walang pera.

may pera nmn ako. ayoko lng gastusin. im thinking about my future. and ill tell you guys, thinking dont help much especially when you just think, period.

excited akong mag Christmas bazaar kahet wala nmn akong bibilhin. i love lights..i love Christmas song. i love the rush. the scent. the feeling... i do not really expect Christmas to be any different from the past years, but nonetheless im still looking forward to it.


i hope that bakla and i will have money soon so that we can have some adventures...

ang tanong lang e kung magkakatime kaya. the older we get, the busier we got. pero ayos lang yon.

please bless us all Daddy,,


jaa...mom's spying!!ciao!

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, November 21, 2011

confess your love...

its all i need to know...

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, November 28, 2011

i feel so sick today. i wanna go home...

but then, i realize that i no longer have a home..

coz im a nobody's mouse...


whose mouse are you?

nobody's mouse

where is your father?

inside a cat

where is your mother?

caught in a trap

where is your sister?

far from home

where is your brother?

i have none

Written by cinderellaareus at 03:29 PM.


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