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, March 16, 2012

i can do this!!YEAH

on the verge of crying due to this imposibly tight schedule..pak.

but of course i wont do something as silly as that...



i want to go swimming...

onti nlang..huhuhu

kaya pa yan!!! sana nga.


wondering if you ARE fighting for me..or with me ..or both..or neither...tell me which one..

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, March 18, 2012

office politics

even if you dont know who to trust anymore...just trust anyway.. it'll save you the burden of having to doubt everything... afterall, if you're not doing anything bad, then there's nothing to be afraid of, right..

i want to believe that "you can never put a good man down"..i want to believe in people's kindness..

its not safe to trust people..but still, i wanna give it a try...please help me, God..

i kinda feeling sad today..the thing that i've been trying not to think about was brought up again...

ayoko nang isipin pero naiisip ko parin..

i want to believe that being where i am now was/is my choice..i dont want to be dragged by other people's beliefs..

its hard..


its hard..

and sad..

and hard ulet..

good luck cinderella...good luck me..


Written by cinderellaareus at 11:30 AM.

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