. December 21, 2013

the day

so bro got married today, which earned me a sister and additional 3 brothers, one of which is a 3 year old  boy who can even pass as my son.

toxic day indeed. nakakahaggard, yes, but it was fun. i think i really love having relatives on both sides around. i actually live with my relatives on my father's side living like next door to us, but putting them all together like this requires a certain occasion. nakakatuwa lang. dapat sa kasal ko, ganito rin.. (switch day dreaming mode on).

my most recent inaanak was there. i noticed her right away, because the moment she saw me, she smiled. now im wondering if baby princess is smiling because she likes me or because she finds me funny(clown?). but whatever, i really love her smile.

thanks to being sick, i wasnt able to go on atkins since last sun. the gown was a little masikip, but the fit is actually nice. the color seems to brighten my skin and complement my hair. 

sighs..marriage.. my bro and my sis-in-law actually look and act like parents now even before they even have kids. i guess marriage really comes to those who are ready for it.. i think same goes for riches, fame, success, and even lovelife itself. i wonder when will i be ready. or will i ever be ready at all.

the priest said, marriage is for the imperfect. because if you are perfect, then, there wouldnt be a need to get married. my tita who sat on the pew behind me said,

-ibig sabihin pala perfect tayo..

i just reply.. 

-tita..mag-aasawa pa po ko..

to which tita said..

-ayaw mo maging perfect?


epic conversation. i dont know why tita seems certain that im gonna be like her. well, not that its bad..its just that.. i dont know. i just feel like they are sentencing me into becoming one.

during the reception, i saw tita being grilled by the other sponsors,asking really awkward questions--all because she's single. tita is a strong and smart woman,i know she'd manage, but i still feel sorry for her. i dont know why people act as if being single is some form of a handicap. 


it was a tiring day indeed.

but its gonna be the last feast of the year tomorrow, so i gotta go. shucks,,G na G paman din ako.. oh, heavens..pengi po ng pamasahe!wahhh!! pulube. arg.

i got to sleep na..

9:15pm. goodnight.

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