the ninja
: May 17, 2014

one of the articles ive read during my idle days at work was this. Its about a school teacher who quit his job and moved to Japan to become a ninja. What makes the article more amazing is that its a real life story.

Funny, 14 years back, i remember i had the same dream. when our homeroom class adviser asked us to write something about what we want to be 10 years from now, i wrote something that goes like:

"10 years from now I'm gonna be a successful engineer. Im gonna find a high paying job and earn lots of money. Im gonna buy a huge mansion for my parents as what i promised to them. And after that, Im gonna go to Japan to pursue my dream of becoming a martial arts expert ."

i decided to replace "ninja" into "martial arts expert" because i figured it would sound embarassing.


as of now, im not so sure if i still want to be a ninja. i think im more interested in becoming a supermodel. i wonder which of the two sounded crazier. maybe the latter. whatever.

but i just cant help feeling ...amazed?awed?...whenever i remember that teacher turned ninja story. well, he's not technically a ninja by the way.  you can read his blog here.

when i graduated from college and passed the board exam, i was hunted by a consuming desire to go to Japan, learn the Japanese language. I happen to make it. and i guess,that's how the hard part started. once you achieved your dreams, what are u gonna do next? most people find another dream. its something im having a hard time with. at times im having little day dreams of going back to Japan. of living there. of marrying some japanese or raise my own japanese kids and so on. some part of my brains are deciding against it since a huge part of my heart belongs here. in the philippines. in my own home. in my own country. 

siguro nga may power ang tao na gumawa ng sarili nyang future. pero kung hindi mo alam kung anong klaseng future ang gusto mo for yourself, then, may malaki ka nang problema.

hindi ko alam kung saan ba naka wire ang brains ko ngayon. minsan gusto ko lang yumaman. minsan gusto ko lang maging masaya. minsan gusto ko lang maging beneficial sa mundo. minsan gusto ko lang ng lovelife. minsan gusto ko lahat ng nasabi ko above. all at once. God is a big god. i know i dont have to settle for small dreams because the universe has infinite resources to bless me. kaylangan ko lang isipin kung anong gusto ko. dapat madali lang yun di ba? baket ba ang hirap. hindi ko rin talaga maintidihan.

sighs.. bahala na. maybe i should give myself some more time.


i got the picture above from the 30 year old ninja's fb page. i can almost imagine his parent's reaction. i mightve been funny. If i did something similar..maybe mine would go into something like this.

me: mom, dad, im moving to europe to become a super model.

mom, dad: ~silently walks away~


ive said far too many crazy things to my parents that i dont think they would ever take me seriously. 

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 07:52 PM.


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