. September 1, 2014

monday the 1st

hello september.

i feel like the world's moving too fast im finding it hard to keep up. ugh.

monday again. the weekend was a bit busy.

saturday, there was this medical mission thingy near home so i needed to help out in attending our tiny store. tito and tita visited us too so last sat was spent with casual talks, sales talk, house works and the like.

sunday, met up with yang. typical sunday. when the talk was finished, we saw sir larry and decided to pass to where he is (so that we can at least say hi, i guess). jeez, yang was such a fangirl then, it was so contangeous. she was giggling and i cant help but giggle too. when we're near sir larry we waved and he waved back!!hehe..ang saya lang. nakakatuwa pero nakaka starstruck parin na the people we look up to are just around our midst. sir larry looked so jolly and nice.. he looked a little frail though. i wonder if its the age.. i hope sir larry will be blessed with good health and long life so that he can continue inspiring other people.

was about to finish his book, so that day, i bought another one from that guy. i think i have all his books na..hindi naman ako masyadong fan. haha.

same day din, yang and i exchanged a written wish list ek-ek that we're suppose to open after one year to check whether any of our wish had came true or what... jotted down 30 items. feeling ko ang ikli lang ng 1 year. still, i hope that both of us can make it. powerful daw ang wish pag sinusulat.. that we will see..high hopes!

sighs.. sa ngayon..ewan ko. simple lang naman ang gusto kong mangyari. earn enough passive income..around twice my salary maybe.. so that before i turn 30 i can quit my job and do whatever i want to do with my life. FREEDOM..yun lang naman ang gusto ko..simple lang..pero hindi madali.. pero sa tingin ko hindi rin naman imposible. we'll see.


been looking at various banks' list of foreclosed properties. ang daming promising (puro promises?) na properties. i also realized that i just missed union bank's auction. they just had it a little more than a week ago lang.sayang nga e. if ive seen this ealier i would've come.. well, hindi pa naman ako bibili. i just want to know kung ano yung setup and all. i think it pays to know the details. well, truth be told,  i dont even have the show money needed to attend an auction..pero konting tulak nalang, i think i'd be able to attend the next.

yang and i are thinking of reviving R A V E.. our little biz na may identity crisis. we're planning on selling chocolates now. magpapasko na kasi..yeah, from fashion accessories, to blog and now --chocolate.. labo di ba..pero whatever. i think it wouldnt hurt to try.


been feeling a bit down.

see, we're both adults and yet here we are resolving things the way children do.

oh, enough of throwing tantrums..

i guess im resting my case now..


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