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水曜日: April 13, 2016

i must be feeling overwhelmed by the size of the things im suppose to do that ive ended up not doing anything.

when i was suppose to write a script for some vid that our NC-Mnl project needs, i ended up deciding to write my bsp4 instead. hindi pa naman kailangan. wala pa namang schedule. gusto ko lang.

then when i was about to write my bsp4, i thought maybe id have more inspiration if i watch some more videos from past world champions.. and the supposed "some" videos turned into around 10+ videos from 10+ world champions, completely forgeting about writing my bsp4 part. ang galing mo, z. you always have an ingenious way of avoiding things you're suppose to do. very good yan. uhmp.


i wasnt given any role in our next TM meeting. I'm just going to read our TM's promise, which anyone else can do. i wonder if i can just skip this meeting and work on our project instead... but then i remember that having a really cute niece can make working at home nearly impossible.

feeling ko ang dami dami kong gustong gawin wala na tuloy akong nagagawa. i remember oliver emberton's post about saying no to any other alternatives and on how you need to tame the swarm and line up your bumblebees. sa tingin ko kailangan ko na ngang i-tame ang swarm.

i was invited to a book launching event (thanks  sanguine_soul!! =) ) and I'm bringing yang with me on sat. I agreed to meet yang earlier to shoot vids. If i want to not look like a panda because of my eyebags, i think skipping the TM meeting prior that day would be an absolute must. pero kasi...

Gusto ko nang maayos ang NC-Mnl project namin. gusto ko yumaman. gusto ko pumayat. gusto ko maging world champion sa speech contest. gusto ko magresign. gusto kong.... wahhh!!.. ang dami kong gusto. nakakatamad. hindi pala maganda yung marami kang pangarap tapos tamad ka. di magandang combination.

know what, out of the many vid of speeches from toastmasters world champion, which are all great, there is this one speech that i love the most. The 2014 champion, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi... See for yourself and judge.

Ang galing nia. promise.

i want to be a world champion myself. and i cant even write an acceptable bsp4. feeling ko may chance akong makasulat ng winning speech. feeling ko lang. wala naman akong ebidensya. haha.

pero pramis, gusto ko talaga.

Do you see something in me? lol! Oh... TM Dananjaya, please marry me!! wahahaha!

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Written by cinderellaareus at 01:13 PM.

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Comment posted on April 13th, 2016 at 09:56 PM
push mo yan, z! :-) see you! :-D
Comment posted on April 14th, 2016 at 09:10 AM
haha.. thanks sanguine_soul. pag nangyari yun sana TM ka na ulet. dagdag support from district 75. lol. ang taas lang ng pangarap eh no? hahaha..

yeah, see you!! and super congrats!! one day, ako rin. hehe.
Comment posted on April 14th, 2016 at 11:42 PM
haha sana nga makabalik sa TM! and yes, i-claim na yan, one day, ikaw naman ;-)
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