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Thursday, March 22, 2018


A lot of things are breaking my heart today that i'm surprised i'm even standing.

pero sa tingin ko talaga PMS lang to. pak this.

lakas ko pa kumain kung kelan i plan to wear swimsuit sa outing namin this sat.

pero keber. magsi swimsuit ako. sana lang kasya.

namimiss ko na mag swimming. the last time i swim was 2 weeks ago.


we handed one of our pups to his new owner. soon, the others will go too, leaving only my riri behind.

the new owner of the 1st pup lives just accross the house so everytime i hear a wailing animal, i go crazy.

this is just so heartbreaking. i know mom's heartbroken too. if only we can give them a better life here. T_T


"Savings namin un ni Zah. Sabi ko sa kanya mag** ulit sya dun para makaipon kami."

a friend sent me a screenshot from the convo she had with the boy.

The "kami ni zah" joke. Bow.


pag kami lang, hindi naman sya ganyan kalandi.

alam ko naman joke lang.

pero di ba, jokes are half meant?

still, joke parin.


putek, nako confuse ako.

ayoko na nga.

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