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Tuesday: June 26, 2018

951pm. For the past 2 nights, I've been lacking sleep. It's langgam season once again, and every effing night, I have to ward them off.


After so much deliberation, I've decided na sa bahay na ko uuwi sa Friday at luluwas nalang ng maaga for the COT as I was tasked to do the registration. Then, when asked, "sleepover ka samen, Zah?" My fingers typed, "sigi". Grabe, wala talaga akong paninindigan. 

Two years na kaming magkakilala. Mukhang sanay naman na sila sa kaartehan ko. Still, I don't want to cause them any trouble. Ang hirap lang rin kasi talaga kung manggagaling pa kong Bulacan, and wala rin naman talaga akong pang hotel on my own at the moment. I'm not really thrilled about sleeping in a bed other than my room's.  Still, I will do my best not to hassle anyone.

The weekend's going to be long. Div A party by the evening after COT. Formal event. I intend dress down a bit. Gusto ko nga sana mag rubber shoes. Will be doing the registration also. My kerengkeng side would be excited about this since this could be a venue to meet new people, but right now, I just feel too lazy.


Was chatting with someone fr another club earlier. The dude was asking what will be my position in our club for the next term. I told him, none.

Friday last week, I joined Jer's execom for the new set of officers. Gabby and Ivan even booked a hotel for this. I'm no longer an officer, but it's yet to feel like so. Ok lang, masaya naman.

Bea brought her tarot cards and gave us a reading. Mine was quite on point. 1st card meant deception daw. Bea said that the other person's sincere and that the deception's on me. Gusto ko lang daw yung other person because we share common values and for his character also. She said I'm staying for the wrong reasons.

Second card shows a picture of a woman paddling away on her boat. Bea said the cards suggest for me to let go. Leave. So that I can get to the third card which is about finding love. I will only find love daw if I leave. There was a 4th card pa pero tinatamad na ko mag explain. It has something to do with keeping my path clear.

Idk. Totoo kayang I will only find love if I will walk away? The rebel in me wants to cling on all the more. Lol. I wonder if these will even matter.


Last weekend, I watched Spider-Man: the homecoming and Thor Ragnarok. I realized Tom Holland(Spidey) is rather adorable pala and Tom Hiddleson(Loki) could fit to be the god of hotness instead of mischief. Tas kanina, I was watching Capt America: Winter Soldier. Chris Evans is Chris Evans. Masyadong gwapo napapa buntong hininga ako pag ngumingiti tong taong to. Jeez, may panget ba sa Marvel?

Ang saya siguro kung makakapag asawa ako ng lalaking papasang maging Marvel superhero. Para mangyari yon, kailangan ko bang maging kamukha ni Elizabeth Olsen?


Teka, inaantok na ko.

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Written by cinderellaareus at 10:48 PM.

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