木曜日: June 27, 2019

P: Ah, Toastmaster ka?
Z: Oo, Toastmaster ka rin?
P: Hindi. Yung prof ko dati pinapa attend kami. Di kami umaattend.
Z: Bakit?
P: Di ba speech, speech to? Mahiyaan kasi ako, na me-mental block ako pag nagsasalita sa harap.
Z: Ah, hindi mo trip...

*this was a job interview. Lol.*

Convo from the same dude 1 day earlier:

P: Hello. Is this Z?
Z: Yes po, speaking.
P: This is P from W. You applied for our company, right?
Z: **how the eff would I know?** A-ah... yes, yes. I think.
P: Ok. Please come for an interview at 11am tomorrow.

*most awkward phone convo ever*

PERO, pero, ang cute cute netong batang to. Lol.

Same day. Same co. Different dude.

T: You've been staying in (insert co name here) for so long. What made you stay?
Z: the people are very nice.
T: the people here are nice too. I'm sure you'll like it here.
Z: Oh, ok.

I think I like these people. They are laid-back and it feels familiar. I'll have a phone interview tomorrow directly from Japan. If all goes well... Well, I hope all goes well.


3 days before the month ends and technically, wala parin akong bagong trabaho. Mom said Dad is having a hard time peeing. He seems to be sick. Sis-in-law said she saw blood in Dad's pee, which made Brother confront him and convinced him to go and see a doctor. Dad hates medical check up. Can't blame him, I hate that too. Still, I'm glad that we have Brother to convince him to go. If it's just Mom and I, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't listen to us. Sis-in-law is a nurse so I ask her what could possibly be the problem. Either UTI daw or kidney stones. I hope this is really nothing serious.

With Dad being sick, it's clear that being jobless is not included in my options. I felt relieved that the Account Manager talked to me this morning and said I'll be staying in Japan support until Sept, to support  emails, and then after that, they can train me for the English account. Kung tutuusin, hindi naman talaga nila ako pinapaalis, to which I'm very very thankful.


Injan sent me a message regarding a job opening for j-speaker near her office. See, my Injan has two, and just two, facial expressions only: the smiling expression, and the no-expression expression. She only gives off the latter when she's tired or hungry, or when she doesn't agree with what you're saying. Other than that, she's always smiling. Injan always look unbothered. She never really look like she cares, but her actions always prove otherwise. That's why I love my Injan.

Then there's Meguri. I've sent him an email, sharing him the news about the Japan lines closing down. He then flooded me with text messages, still sounding like his old panicky self. He told me he'll endorse me to his friends in JK, a recruitment firm for multilinguals. I don't think that's really necessary pero nakaka touch parin how this person will always go out of his way to help me. He said he'll help me with mock calls and emails din in case I'll need that for my next job. He had long left the company. He never really have any obligations to me whatsoever, and yet, ayan sya, always eager to help. Hindi ko maintindihan kung bakit sobrang bait ng taong to. Iniisip ko talaga, angel ba sya?

I may not be in an ideal place right now. But I think this is not really so bad. Iniisip ko na had I chosen to stay in my 1st co as an engineer, I wouldn't be having these problems right now. Pero kung hindi ko yun ginawa, hindi ko rin siguro makikilala yung mga amazing na taong nakilala ko these past 6 years. I just feel so thankful I can't find it in my heart to feel regret or even complain.

I've been having a hard time asking the Heavens for a specific prayer lately. May fear kasi na baka yung gusto ko, hindi pala best para sakin. So everyday, I pray that the Heavens will guide me so that every step I make will always lead me a step closer to success, prosperity, happiness, good health, and loving relationships. I think this is the best prayer I've ever tried so far. This is training me to be more trusting.

Out of the countless companies I've applied to, I only had 3 companies where I made it to the final level. The verdic will be around next week. Hindi ko alam kung matatanggap ba ko sa isa man sa mga ito. But in my heart, I trust that the Heavens knows what's best for me.

Magiging maayos din siguro ang lahat.

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 11:15 AM.


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