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火曜日: July 2, 2019

Hindi ko alam kung bakit ang praning ko.

What if I fail the medical exam?

What if I won't be able to get the nbi on time?

I still have an unresolved customer issue at the company, what do I do?

Siguro pag naguguluhan ka na, or ginugulo mo na ang sarili mo, I found that the best thing to do is to ask the Heavens for guidance.

I sent my resignation yesterday, and I signed it to day, so it really feels final now. Iniisip ko kung mas mainam ba na hinintay ko muna medical test results at nbi bago ko ginawa to... pero, nagawa ko na e. I can't go without a job though. 

The office people teased me na magpa pizza on my last day sa office. Sa totoo lang, I've got very few money left until I enter the new company, but I still said yes. You see, I've been here 6 years and the people here have treated me very kindly. Ano ba naman yung pizza? Kung may pera lang ako, I'd give them more.

Then there's my friend, Jay. She was elected to be the President of this newly formed club and I know this means so much to her. They will be having an induction ceremony/party on Saturday and she wants me to come. I heard from Gabby that she's planning to have "instagirls unite". I will feel bad if I'll be the reason kung bakit hindi complete ang instagirls. I told the ladies that I need to conserve my resources since I'll be transferring to a different company. Yesterday, Jay told me that she'll pay for me nalang. It kinda breaks my heart. I should be the one sending out support for a friend, tas sya pa magbabayad for me. And the bigger problem is that I still can't commit to come even if the fee will get covered. I'm yet to finish my pre-employement requirements, hindi ko alam kung tapos na ko by then. Heavens, sana naman... and also, penging pera.

Speaking of pera... I'm supposed to have an interpreting gig on Friday. 1-hr event lang so hindi naman kalakihan ang kita, but enough to cover my pambayad for the induction so that Jay wouldn't have to pay for me. Ayun nga lang, hanggang ngayon, hindi pa binibigay ni Client yung details. Part of me wishes na sana di nalang tuloy. Mejo tinatamad din kasi talaga ko.


I just remember that it's gonna be Dad's birthday next week, then Brother's will be 2 weeks after that. My wallet says I probably wouldn't have the money to even buy a cake by then, but thank God, I have a credit card. Konting hikahos moments nalang, tapos magiging better din ang lahat.


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Written by cinderellaareus at 06:17 PM.


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