: July 19, 2017

gusto ko lang sabihin

na ang hirap maging adult

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Abay! abay... :)
: July 18, 2017


Weird message received from my Hiskul barx.. 
Weird kasi 私 ・結婚式 at 花 lang ang nabasa kong kanji, at boy tong si barx.. 

I was asked for the 2nd time to be a bridesmaid in a non-relative wedding...
Nakakilig, na nakakapanic...dahil kailangan kong mag diet (na laging nde ko nagagawa) at ayoko mag suot ng sleeveless.. 

Peo being asked and considered to be a part of someones wedding really makes me happy..  
This time nawa makapag diet akong tunay... 

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: July 3, 2017

the younger millenials

1. bawal mahirapan, pero dapat well-compensated. pag nahirapan, maga-AWOL yan. 

2. bawal makagalitan

3. pag kinagalitan, laging may katwiran

4. over analyzes things. a lot. please children. stop.doing.that.

bawal magalit. baka pumangit! blog ko 'to! 

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Bad Guy
Rage!: June 29, 2017

Sometimes being the bad guy is hard...  

Ung pagtapos mong magtaray, you felt bad kahit kasalanan naman din nia bat ka nagtaray? bat ako ganto!! 


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Day 088: Indonesia in 6 days
: June 26, 2017

So last June 10 - 17, I went to Indonesia for another solo backpacking adventure.  I booked this trip on June 2016 so just imagine the wait. But then, it was okay as I still have some time to save for travel fund.  

June 10, 2017

I arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport in the middle of the night.  I thought I could just sleep on some bench but then I badly wanted to sleep on a bed so I went for capsule hotel and stayed/slept there for 6 hours. Also, I wanted to take a proper shower so yeah that explains it. 

June 11, 2017 - JAKARTA

From Kuala Lumpur, I traveled to Jakarta, Indonesia via Air Asia.  

Honestly, there was nothing much to do in Jakarta.  I met my Indonesian friend there and she toured me around the place.  She even fetched me from the airport.  What a good soul!  So she brought me to Kota Tua and to Indonesia Bank Museum (her treat!).  Also, since it was Ramadan, I was able to witness how our fellow Muslims pray and fast.  I was eating a lot in Jakarta (I tried every street food, man!) while they don't even eat or drink. We did a lot of walk and I knew how tired she was given that she hadn't have any meal yet. So we stopped by at the Monas Tower and appreciated that structure for some hour.  And after the sunset, we finally ate.  Like a lot.  

It wasn't the place that made my trip in Jakarta worthwhile but rather the company of my Indonesian friend.

And since Jakarta felt like Manila, I went on a night train to Yogyakarta to do some temple hopping and be away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

June 12, 2017 - YOGYAKARTA

I arrived in Yogyakarta at 4 in the morning.  And I was fetched again at the train station by an Indonesian friend who I met in Japan last year.  He was from Yogyakarta so yeah why not meet him and let him be my tour guide.  So I stayed in the hostel he recommended and we went to Borobudur Temple - the world's largest Buddhist temple. 

After the tour around that temple, we went to the hostel, and rest and catch some sleep (tita hits again).  And at 3pm, we went to Prambanan Temple, a Hindu temple.  And of course, photo shoot here and there everywhere.  

After that tiring temple run, we ate a lot. We also visited the Malioboro Street.  It is just a market full of souvenirs and street food.  Not really my thing. But we enjoyed walking on that street observing people and all. 


I catched the morning train to Probolinggo and it take 9 hours of travel from Yogyakarta to Probolinggo.  Boy was it tiring despite that all I did inside the train was to eat and sleep.  

And at 4pm, I finally arrived in Probolinggo and I sent a message to my hostel owner to picked me up at the train station.  And there he was. The road to Cemoro Lawang was scary because it was so narrow and steep.  And it was already dark.  I arrived in Cemoro Lawang, and it was very very cold.  I slept early as I have to trek to Mt. Bromo and view point at 3 am. 

I also met the international team - French couple, French solo backpacker, Chinese solo backpacker.  

June 14, 2017 - MT. BROMO/SEMPOL

I woke up at 3am feeling very very sleepy. I had a good sleep but I need more sleep. The jeep arrived and fetched me to go to the viewpoint to witness the sunrise located in Mt. Bromo.  

Baby, it was damn so cold. But nevermind the coldness as the view is very breathtaking.  I can't believe that I was on that place, witnessing that magical sunrise. Oh boy. 

Then after the sunrise, I hopped on a jeep and this time, the agenda is to trek to crater of Mt. Bromo. This time, the trek is quite tiring.  And it was already hot.  But I still have to trek because I have to.  I paid for it lol.  And the view from above is just mesmerizing. Wow! 

After the tiring trek, I went back to the hostel and ate breakfast. And then, the van arrived to pick me up to go to Mt. Ijen.  Yes, ladies and gentlemen, another hiking. The travel took around 7 hours before we reach the hotel to rest before hiking.  And yes, I was with the International team again.  And I enjoyed talking to them. Really. 

June 15, 2017 - MT. IJEN

Without much sleep, we woke up at 12AM and trek to Mt Ijen.  This was the part that I almost gave up.  It was  so very very steep I almost passed out.  Probably because I don't have any breakfast and no decent sleep.  But I still made it and was able to witness the famous blue flame.  Also, I witness that sea of clouds as well. So yeah! The trek is all so worth it.

Then my next plan was to travel to Bali.  But this time, I was not with the International team anymore as they were planning to go to Lombok.  

I promised myself that when I arrived in Bali (specifically Ubud), I won't do any tiring activity.  I will just relax.  No more hikes. No more treks. Just relax and chill.  After all, this is a vacation and I must rest.  

I arrived in Ubud, walked some bit around the place to buy dinner and went back to chat with my roommate. She was going to hike Mt Batur on the next day and boy was I so tempted to come with her.  But I remembered my promise to myself not to do any exhausting activity.  

June 16, 2017 - UBUD (BALI)

I woke up late, went out and found a relaxing place to eat breakfast.  I took my time and just enjoyed the day.  I visited some temples around and eat a lot again.  And that was it.  Eating, walking and a little bit of temple hopping.  No extreme activities.  

June 17, 2017 - UBUD - KL - MANILA

I left Bali, arrived in KL, and finally Manila.  


Just a very quick post. I will get back here and review this entry as I am pretty sure I have a lot of grammatical errors. Sorry about that. Too busy with career. 

* * * * * * * * *

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