3rd week
My everyday life: March 29, 2020

Tomorrow, will be the 3rd week of ECQ. 

Me and mom are doing fine. We stay indoors as much as possible and only go out to buy the necessities all the while maintaining social distance. We got quarantine passes so only one person can go out to buy stuffs.  Going to the supermarket, drugstores, and even cash remittances always have long lines. They only allow a certain number people to go in to buy and get out, which takes a lot longer. Curfew hours are always changing and abrupt. From 5am-8pm, 5am-12nn, then 5am-5pm. And starting Monday we go back to the short 5am to 12nn again but can only go out twice a week because of the implemented total lockdown here in Laguna. People are complaning the short windows time because of congestion and not practicing social distancing. Even DILG agrees and suggest lifting window hours. 

I do my best to stay healthy as much as possible by eating fruits and vegetables, getting multivitamins and getting enough sleep. But I don't always get a lot of sleep as I work past midnight because I can't concentrate during day because of mom. We always tune to social media to get the latest new and information about Covid-19 both local and international. Thank goodness we have internet connection, smartphones, and computers nowadays. I got anime, youtube, social media and videogames to keep out of boredom.

Miss going out to the mall to look around and eating outside. I can't buy my favorite food, shop online, etc. Its hard to move around But its a sacrifice we need to make to get out of this crisis. I am hoping we can overcome this quickly. Hoping cases will go down quick and hoping there won't be any extension so after 30 days will be back to normal for all of us.

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My everyday life: March 19, 2020

I thought and hoping that after the events of January, everything will go back to normal.

Unfortunately it did not because of NCOV-19

I was hoping it would not come to our country, but No. of confirmed positive to the virus went up quick and so are the deaths, causing the government to order a 'lockdown' or community quarantine. Instructed us to observe social distancing. Sadly, Social distancing wasn't observed and forced to implement an enhanced community quarantine by suspending all public transpo for 30 days. 

It doesn't seem to make a big difference to me since I'm mostly at home anyway. Except that mom will be forced to stay at home as well. Meaning I won't have a quiet, peaceful time to do what I want especially study. But I am worried about mom. She's an elderly na. And elders have a better chance at getting the virus. Even more when you have other illnesses. So we're doing our best to improve our immune system. 

Luckily for us, that shops and stores like, the small wet market, small grocery stores, bakery and others are just a walk away. But not all stores are open, and stocks for basic necessities are getting out of stock quickly. Hard to buy Isopropyl Alcohol. Breads quickly sell out. Also PLDT just boosted our DSL internet from 5 to 20mbps! I thought only Fibr users would get that but they got nice enough for DSL users. But its only until April 30. Its better tha nothing. Honestly, they should make it permanent

For the past few days since mom is at home, I can never concentrate at studies with my mom ordering me around to clean and do errands. It can't be helped. Only choice but to study at night. But I get sleepy early. I don't really resist the urge to sleep as its needed and important to rest well to improve my immune system. 

There's nothing for me to do outside much but to stay home, unless I need to buy important stuff. Its sad that I can't go out to go places and visit malls. Good thing there's a lot of things to keep me busy on my laptop.

I can guess why the government is frantic about this. As infection can spread very fast.  Its quick and silent. It takes days before symptoms shows. Also, we don't want the same happen to us in Italy. In which thousands infected and thousands dead. Its so crazy that they had to choose which one to choose or die because they can't handle them all. There are news that citizens didn't listen to the government to stay at home and didn't take it seriously, or the government was too late to act, or both. 

I've typed enough. We have no choice but to make sacrifices in these hard times. News that other countries like Australia have developed a vaccine and began trials which said could take months or years. But I hope it'll come quick and resume our normal lives again. No choice but to make sacrifices. 

Only trying my best to remember is to maintain a good immune system, frequent hand wash,  and stay indoors. Tiwala lang. Lilipas din ito.

Its pass 2am after positng this. I'm sleepy but need to study. Baka hindi na naman ako makapag aral sa araw dahil kay mama. Hayz.

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Written by blueside2 at 02:04 AM.


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