My everyday life, Coding life. September 20, 2019

long rainy days.

Its been raining for days. Because of two low pressure areas above Luzon. I kinda like the cold rainy atmoshpere, but it feels gloomy and my mom got sick. I'm worried, and so she needs to rest. I also suggest to visit a doctor just in case.  Hopefully she'll be fine.

I've been slowly trying to move forward on my PHP tutorials. I made a deadline to finish it until Saturday and then move to PHP Object Oriented Programming on Monday next week. I did say that I needed to take my time, but my former Prof told me to have deadline to have a sense of urgency to help push forward.

I topped regretting buying my gaming peripherals way to early when I tested it. it feels great to use. But I want to wait till I buy the rest of my stuff before I can use all of them. Good thing I was able to secure them or else I'll be regretting not buying it because restocks will take long and prices are getting higher

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My everyday life, Coding life. September 11, 2019

Buying more than I expected. And Co-working space?

What supposed to be buying a few personal items online turned to be more than I expected. I end up buying two of computer peripheral that I've planned getting on December. It was running out of stocks and other sellers are increasing the price. I though and worry that It'll be harder to get if I wait longer, plus the temptation of buying more on sales gave in. The rest of the stuff I'll be buying it on December or November, whichever has the best discount. Gonna test the them store it for a while until I complete my setup. I'll probably stop regretting buying it too early once I got the two. At least I won't be regretting not buying it if its not available anymore.


Studying at home isn't so easy. Its hard to stick to my schedule and follow them. I end up doing mom told me on housechores just so she won't complain. I'm gonna need to refuse any house chores the next day so I can continue to make up for lost time. 

I was also thinking of renting a co-worker space to study. I found one in facebook located in Muntinlupa. It has unlimited 200mbps fibr internet and unlimited coffee. Its gonna cost me, and its hard to spend when I'm saving money But its the best place to study. No one's gonna disturb me there and its less expensive than studying in coffee shops. I need to try, but I need to prepare and find a good schedule. 


I'm trying as best as I can to focus on studying. I found another PHP tutorial which is a 2015 video. A bit more dated than the 2011 tutorials that I've been trying to finish a year ago. Its a 65 video tutorial. I need not rush, but need to take my time and study every lesson. Then I'll try another tutorials on the basics then tutorials about simple login and registration and stuff, and making a simple website to start out with before I can move on OOP. I need to finish my studies by December. Also need to take a look of job postings, and updating my resume. Its been years since I last update. lol

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