My everyday life. April 10, 2018

Looking back at Holy Week

Its been more than a month since I last posted. There's ilttle to tell about my life except, I still experience the same problems since years ago. I am still stuck with my web programming studies. 

Holy Week passed by so quickly as if its nothing special. Well, pretty much. the first half where just average. I remember how dad used to rent old Christianity movies when I was a kid like about Moses, the ten commandments, the crucifixion, etc. It was really boring back then. Thank goodness for the internet.

Weekends where the activities really starts. I participatde in a prosisyon on Friday. The last time I went here was probably two years ago. But this time, there were more people visiting and making it harder to move. 

On Saturday I attended the Black Saturday mass at night that lasted two hours. When I was heading towards the church, I saw the lights were off from a distance. Until I arrive that I realize it was part of the activities.

On Sunday. Mom and I visited dad's grave to see if its being taken care of. I was looking at his tombstone and remembering the days I've spent with him. I can't help but still remember those a lot. It just shows how I miss him. 

Things back to normal the next day. The highschool near us, had a graduation ceremony. Feeling nostalgic how I graduated Highschool and College. Those were the days.

During Holy Weeks, Since a lot are in the provinces, traffic in MM especially EDSA are very light. Which make travelling a lot easier. I'm sure people who have high performance cars would let loose their expensive toys. I wish I have one myself and have fun. I still watch youtube and animes that I want like its normal during this time. As if its already penitence and sacrifice enough that we're in a financial crisis because mom have to pay debts. 

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