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My everyday life: February 21, 2019

With studies pretty much nonexistent and February nearing its end, I decided to finish my beginner PHP programming video tutorials that's been unfinished for many years until the last day of the month. At least I could accomplish at least one along with  CSS Grid Crash Course and building a CSS grid website from scratch videos to help me get a good start. With a job opportuniy beside me, I'm afraid I am not ready for that yet.

Studies aside, I need to go out malling again. I'm starting to feel bored and bad memories keep springing up from my mind. So hoping going out would make me feel feel better and refresh since I don't go always go out a lot. 

As for my internet wifi, ever since I've change the wifi password, the router's username and password, my internet feels fast because there's no interruption anymore. But there is one thing is bugging me is that the hacker's android phone MAc address still listed in DHCP lease and I can't seem to remove or change it. I may need to contact tech support. And just this afternoon a call from a PLDT personnel gave an announcement that they'll be replacing lines tomorrow from 10am to 8pm. Meaning no internet at that time. Just my luck and its a long wait. 

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when a door closes...
: February 21, 2019

"When life closes a door, just open it again. It's a door that's how it works."


True that! It's just that sometimes one just can't help but overthink. Been feeling bad and sleep deprived because of this. Over nothing naman pala. Eventually, things fell into place and new doors were opened. Doors as in plural. Been stressing myself out over nothing.

Oh well, aside from the fact that my schedule is over the top these days. I just feel like I need and deserve a long break. I want to go to a beach and relax. Kelan kaya? Sigh


On my previous post about performance rating, apparently I still got a high mark. Discussed it with one of the leaders and she said just be thankful as others were not so lucky as I was. Mataas lang siguro talaga expectation ko sa sarili ko. I really should manage that.

I just need to divert all this energy spent on overthinking to other more productive activities.

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My everyday life: February 16, 2019

> Focus more on living:

I was kinda forced to attend the my neighbor's burial. Before that I attended the last funeral or huling lamay in Filipino. Honestly, I don't like going because it reminded me of my dad's. But mom asked me to. As respect and for 'pakikisama' to my neighbors. It reminded me again of the horrifying truth that our lives are short we will all die someday. While attending a funeral mass before going to the cemetery, the priest reminded us that we should not focus on death(or the dead) and focus more on living. That made me feel a little bit better and optimistic about life. I know that already. But hearing from someone else had more effect. Its hard to describe more, but the priest is correct. 

> Wifi hacker spotted

I was wondering why my internet is slow despite I'm the only one using it most of the time. Doing a bit of research. I downloaded an app to detects what devices are connected to my wifi router. To my surprise a few unknown devices are connected. I remember that I changed my password last year. So I change it again only after a few hours someone still got in. I did more research and found out while watching a youtube tutorial about routers, the default username and password for each wifi modem used by pldt is out on public! Not to mention, that there's a lot of wifi hacking tools available. No wonder they still know the password. It took hours for me to figure out a way to stop from getting hacked again like getting used to the settings and also changing router's user and password. Until I found a way to get them blocked. Finally, making my internet speeds back to normal and feels fast again.

I had a feeling its one of my neighbor's or my neighbors tenants doing it based on the range of the wifi reception. It makes me angry getting our wifi hacked. Not only we're the ones paying for the internet, the internet speed is just 1mbps. Gawdam hackers! 

> Still getting nowhere:

Half of February has passed and I haven't studied. I forgot about the basics so I had to do it again. I need to help with the housechores since mom is always at work everyday letting me do them especially the laundry and other stuff. It shouldn't take long. And I do it those in the morning and have lot of time to study in the afternoon. But I ended up procrastinating and doing useless stuff making it longer. By the time I'm ready its already nightime and mom arrives from work to to use the internet making it for me hard to open sites and use youtubes where most of my studying materials are there. One online game is making it hard for me and takes a long time to play. I decided to stop playing it as soon as I'm done in a few events so I can have more time. I have to re-think and adjust my goals and plans now that I only have a few weeks left before the months ends and I need to make accomplishments as much as I can. 

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