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, January 2, 2011

cheers for 2011

"i was born on a Sunday."

said Snow White as she spoke to one of the seven dwarfs whose name was actually, Sunday.

and so i checked mine and found out that, viola!

I too, was born on a Sunday.


Its 2011.

So how was it?

i welcomed 2011 with bloodshot eyes and a grumbling stomach. (had a hunger strike. yeah, a very mature thing to do- see,at my age, I'm still having tantrums). well, whatever, it doesnt matter.  let's give it a rest.


just now, i want to keep my hopes high and believe that a good future is waiting for me. there might be none though. but thinking that something bad would happen wont do me any good so , i guess, i'd settle for the good one..


so, what am i hoping for?


i want a better life. a better self. i want to improve in every aspects. 

i want to have more time for myself without sacrificing things that matters.

i want to save money..and make it big this year.. i want to invest on things that doesnt require so much time, because i sometimes dont have much...on stocks maybe..that's at least 25k..so goodluck..

i would also like to go abroad....shocks..i miss the airport so much.... i miss packing...i miss japan badly... but either way, if cant make it to japan this year, i'd like to go somewhere else...in italy maybe... oh my, ITALY!!!!..i'd love love love  to go...(good luck)


i want to lose weight... i want to look like a girl... and feel like girl... maybe i'd drop my off-to-hiking look... i'd search for a lady's bag soon as i have time (wait...you are suppose to save money...)

and also i'd like to take care of my hair. it adds up to one's age (at least that's what it does to mine).. so i guess i should schedule a hair spa day (and completely ignore the ' i want to save money' part).


haist...i'm not good with planning...or rather, im not good at executing my plans..but i want a good life...


and maybe too...

maybe this year.....

who knows...




i might fall in love..

well, i've got so many dreams.. not the great grand dream that i sought.. but many little dreams that i would like to share to someone else.... and maybe i could be a part of that someone's dream too...



maybe this year...

why not....

goodluck Cinderella..goodluck

Written by cinderellaareus at 10:55 PM.

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