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, February 18, 2012

on the 20th..i will..

4TH DAY..4th day nga ba..i've lost counting..

10days to go...i think im getting a hold of this..maybe i'd do this for life...


at para sa 11-11 epic hindi naman talaga matutupad..

TULOY ANG INUMAN!!! haaayyyyssst...


walang good morning <insert my name here>!! or ingat ka sa pag-uwi text today..and it bothers me na i dont really care..babae ba talaga ko?? tae..why am i indifferent..

i feel like i always got the knock of wanting ONLY the things that i cant get..nasa saken ata talaga ang problema..pak..

i dont want to force myself to fall..but i dont like to sabotage my chances of love either..ewan..ano bang dapat gawin..


may nakatakda ba talaga??or choice ba to? may choice nga ba talaga....ewan..


i feel like loving is a skill i am yet to acquire...


Written by cinderellaareus at 11:49 AM.

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