, June 6, 2013


first, my brother,

then, "G",

and now, here's another...

surprise, surprise..

shara too is getting married this coming july. she texted me this morning while i was having an excruciating ride in mrt. as expected, nini called moments later. i knew she'd feel the same as i do..shocked..i was talking to her on the phone then, at hindi ko maiwasang mag falsetto at mgreact in a high pitched voice.. what?shara's getting married??!

nini said, i need to be pressured. but i do not really feel that way. im just sad that shara may not go with our gatherings as often as before once she got married. and yes, the bitter feeling is there. im human after all. but im happy for shara. see, i love her. she's one of those very few friends that i was able to keep for years..i just hope that having her own family, will not keep her apart from us..jeez..i shouldnt be like this..change, you never fail to surprise me talaga...


hayyyysst...i wouldve dwelled on that shocking news if i wasnt tormented enough with today's event.

i feel like katniss everdeen on a reaping day..


i did my best, now, im letting the heavens do the rest..

may the odds be ever be in our favor..

and the waiting game begins..

pagkatapos nito, ayoko na muna ulet...oh heavens, how long will things gonna be like this?


im gonna be back to work tom. im not really that sure kung meron pa nga akong babalikan. i mean, they're not dumb. i know they wont be buying the me-being-sick-that's-why-i-took-a-leave lie. its way too obvious. i really hate doing this. i know im not being fair. i just dont have a choice. im actually thinking of resigning before i find a new job just so i wont have to make up all these lies. but hell, i need money. i am sorry..


sighss,,, i think im just tired..

11 on the dot..good night.


Written by cinderellaareus at 10:58 PM.

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