, June 13, 2013



bad weather. bad internet connection.

i cant connect. tried my using my cp to update here, but clearly, internet thru mobile phone just cant work with my 200/200 vision. whatever.

just got home from an interview. another interview tom. some schedule clashing and i really am having a hard time choosing which one to prioritize. ahh..i need to find a job id like, otherwise, i might just do what i did to my last co. again..great. most of the company ive been doesnt really interest me much. the latest one owns tony moly and etude house. good makeup brands. really, im more interested in their products than in the construction of their stalls. damn. sa arte kong to, hindi ako dapat ng CE..ok. matagal ko nang alam to. whatever. but still, i think, maybe, i just have to give it a try. hayy.

i surprised the hr kanina when i told her what my salary was in my first co. she cant believe that i decided to leave despite of the high salary. really, this always happen in every interview. and i keep repeating the same line which is " i left the company for career growth".. whatever. this is getting annoying. and the line in a katy perry song that plays in my head every time im feeling like this doesnt help. "how do i get better once i've had the best"...damn. who cares.

hai..i wonder what my 3rd co will be like..or will i ever have one? we will find out.. im actually seriously considering tesda. i found a center near our place. i wonder how it works. i heard they are giving classes for free. 

haii..still feel like running in circle. tiring myself out and getting nowhere. mom said,for my own sanity, i should stop thinking and let heavens decide. sighs..it sucks to reach this age and still not having an inkling on what u want to do with your life.

ginusto mo yan e..

hayyy..bahala na. 

{ book } think and grow rich
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Written by cinderellaareus at 03:57 PM.

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