friends only sunday
: July 8, 2013

ignore the title.

i dont know, but i really find comfort in writing "friends-only" entries.


nothing much. a long day today. just got home from a sleep over at a friend's house. earlier this morning, we went to PICC to attend the mass and "the feast" where i heard Bo Sanchez gave a talk for the first time. He's really something. i still miss father mario, though.


sighs..time. i know i have plenty of it right now, but i dont know why it doesnt seem to feel so.

monday tomorrow. the 1st days in weeks that i dont really have a plan whatsoever. i wonder how long will being like this go on. but really, i feel so tired that i dont really mind to have a rest right now. i actually dont have any plan for the entire week, damn. this is getting more depressing.

shara's wedding this sun. i need a dress and a gift. pak, i need money. =(


got a special novena thing from PICC where you can write 7 magic wish.. im really excited to fill it up with my wishes, but my eyes is cursing me na already, i guess, im gonna save that up for tom.

know what, Bo Sanchez's "the feast" is really nice. a good venue if you want to feel spiritual sometimes. it just bothers me that bo speaks so well that im finding it hard to focus on God instead of him. see, i suck at multitasking, i can only think of one thing/person/Existence at a time. but its really nice. his presence makes people exude in hope and faith and peace and all good things, basta mga positive vibes. ganun. 

nakakagoosebumps lang yung way ng mga tao of raising their hands. as if reaching out for an unseen divine Existence. i could almost taste their beliefs, their confidence that their God is reaching out for them too. Tama, hindi ko rin alam kung meron nga ba talagang Diyos. isa yong bagay na hindi ko kayang patotohanan. basta ang alam ko lang, kung hindi sya totoo, lahat--yung buhay ng tao, yung earth, yung universe, yung mga idea like love, peace, hope, friendship, basta lahat yon, feeling ko, mawawalan ng saysay kung wala sya. hindi nga siguro ganun kalakas ang faith ko, pero ang alam ko lang, etong Diyos, na hindi ko kayang patotohanan ang eksitensya,na hindi ko alam kung talagang totoo nga o hindi, gusto ko parin mahalin.

sa isa sa mga libro ni bob ong nabanggit nya yung ang pagtatalo daw kung may Diyos o wala e parang pagtatalo ng mga garapata kung may aso ba o wala. ang pagtatalo sa kung ano ang pangalan ng Diyos e parang pagtatalo ng mga garapata sa kung anong pangalan nung aso. tas sinabi na pa sa bandang huli yung something like pag namatay daw sya sana dilaan sya nung aso sa mukha.

hindi ko alam kung meron ngang Diyos. pero.. sana talaga may Diyos. hindi lang dahil sa kaylangan ko sya, kundi dahil kasi, importante Sya saken..


ang weird. nakakaiyak naman to..haha..

ops, 12:04 na..hindi na tuloy sunday.

happy monday!! 

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Written by cinderellaareus at 12:05 AM.


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