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: May 4, 2014

bff's back in ph.

i just came home from our meet up. clearly, you'll know when you're bff with someone when a day with that person will end up with you filled up with ..erm, what?joy? i dont know. basta happy feeling. i really love having bff around.

today, we ate at Crisostomo in fairview terraces. Their lechon kare kare is really AWESOME!! i never really like karekare before, but this one's really superb. quite a bit pricey though. anyway, we watched spidey afterwards and ate at jco and drank at seattle's best. sigh.. i remember, im suppose to be on diet. whatevr.


ump, know what, just a few days ago, i proposed to bro that he and i should put up a biz. mom and his wife laughed me off as i've told him my vision on how our biz would go. maybe they're thinking that its too good to be true. maybe it is. but i dont care. still, im glad that bro was convinced. bro seems to be taking it to the heart. nakakatuwa. he even started doing the project even before our agreed starting date. really, my bro is the type who procrastinates a lot. and seeing him looking so dedicated makes me a lot more hopeful. siguro nga suntok sa buwan lang ang project na to. totoo, hindi ako kasing confident ng pinapakita ko.. hindi rin ako sigurado kung meron ba talaga kaming future. basta ang alam ko lang, hanggat hindi pa namin nasusubukan, walang sino man na pwedeng magsabi samen na hindi namin kaya. im not gonna let anyone, i mean, ANYONE to tell us that we're not gonna make it, until we try. kahet ano pa yan--bring it on, world!

bro's gonna have a baby soon. me, im practically on the verge of a career suicide. impressive paycheck, yes, but blurred future. pagtatayo lang ng biz ang naiisip kong way out. or pag-aasawa ng mayaman. out of the two, of course setting up a biz is a lot more realistic. kaylangan namin ng pera. i am hopeful. i know we can pull this off. and what can we lose by trying ba? wala namang mawawala. kaya to.. bahala na.. basta kaya to.


shara texted me this morning. our simpleng kamustahan ended up with her offering to introduce me to a single guy she knows. i didnt decline but filled with my response with a little too many "hahaha" in it. i think im just trying not to sound too pathetic. the truth of the matter is...well, see, i've read this certain book that told me that i have to talk to as many (single)guya as possible and have as many dates as i can, etc. etc. the book's title is "how to find your one true love". its really a good book. see, i just want to live up with what ive read because otherwise ill be missing the point on why ive read it in the first place. besides, i think, shara's right. it might work out. what would i lose in trying? i know shara will not set me up with a troll. she's my good friend. I just hate how i can be so defensive about the whole thing. i mean, if i really want to try it--then, i should try it and not feel embarassed about it what so ever. i hope that shara had taken my response as a yes despite the too many "hahaha". whatever.


bff agreed to come with me to the feast tom. im really excited. i havent been to the feast for a while. im really glad that i'd be coming with bff. im so happy.


no work on mon and tues too. its a super long weekend for me. who wouldnt be happy with that, huh?

12:19am. i thought long weekend means more sleep.. i can never be more wrong.

but whatever. who cares about sleep? cant wait for tomorrow!!oh, m "tomorrow" is technically now na pala.

i've got to sleep. goodnight.

{ book } how to turn your passion into profit
{ show } amazing spider man
{ mood } happy heart, happy tummy, sleepy head..goodnyt <3 spreading love

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