. August 1, 2014


saw a former officemate last weds. i attended the last stretch of seminar i am yet to attend at COL that took place in the same bldg where i use to work.

after a few chats, i asked "ang aga mo ha..hindi ata kayo ot.." and former officemate replied, "ganun talaga pag leader na eh"..

i think, my old maldita self would be like "anak ng..what??!! *bleep bleep bleep bleep*!!!!!" or "*tooot tooot* ka ang yabang mo nasasapawan ako!!!" or something.  but i didnt feel that way.  maybe i matured in a way..or maybe i just stopped caring.. or maybe i am too full of my own worries for my life to actually bother comparing myself to others..

my 1st co still haunts me sometimes like a ghost. and i find it surprising that effects diminish faster that i expected to. i tried inspecting my insides on what i really feel about this and found out that i dont have any trace of regrets for leaving..

it may not be the wisest choice ive ever made. i am yet to fully get myself out of the trouble that ive put myself into..pero kahet ganun, hindi parin ako nagsisisi.

but that doesnt mean that im happy where i am now.

tsk. i might be doing something rash again soon. i dont know how long can i put up with my life's setup right now..wahhh!! i really dont know.


went to fr. m's mass after that. its been months. he's still as awesome as ever. grabe sobrang namiss ko to. maybe ill start going to my weds mass again. i want to get rid of this lost lost feeling.


oh, its friday.



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