. September 5, 2014

rolling sleeves up

friday hey.

a friend greeted me this morning on the national radio with the following message:

Good morning madam <insert my full name here>. Status: single, applicants are welcome.

jeez. crazy.

if i had been younger i would've felt embarrassed. but right now, wala lang. i actually find it funny.


former officemates setup a skype conference with a topic discussion of "what are we going to buy for sir ---- 's (former boss') birthday".. nakakatuwa lang na its been more than a year and yet it still feels like i havent been separated from our team. nakakamiss din talaga. sighs.. but we've all moved on and i guess that's a good thing.


made a pact with myself that id spend weekdays on research and weekends on implementation. so its implementation day tomorrow. there will be another medical mission thingy near home on the 27th, and bro said he'll be selling hotdogs etc. so, i thought it would be a good idea to do the same. to avoid competition with bro and mom, i thought of selling home made ice cream but the ice cream making process looks so complicated so i think id settle for pulvoron. i havent made a polvoron before so i searched for a recipe that looks easy and im gonna try it tom. yay.

i also need to do R A V E's accounting and inventory for what remains of our products. we will be liquidating soon for us to move on to our next business idea-CHOCOLATES!! eeee,good luck to us. =)

im gonna be back to my greeter duty on sun.. i guess ill be doing it every week this month just to make up for slacking off the previous month. i will need to hunt down for another pencil skirt, though.. ugh.

mejo kuracha mode. i wonder if i can keep up to the ffg schedule.

10:00pm - sleep (sept. 5, today)
 7:00am - wake up
 8:00am - breakfast
 9:00am - to market(shop for ingredients)
10:00am - cook/ make polvoron
12:00pm - lunch
 1:00pm - fix R A V E accounting and inventory
 5:00pm - work out
 6:00pm - dinner
 7:00pm - sleep
 3:00am - wake up (sept. 7, Sunday)


{ 本} dr. atkins age defying diet

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