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: November 1, 2014

"I'm in the cemetery. Beneath my feet are the graves of dead people, and with them, dead dreams. Songs not sung, dances not danced, books not written, businesses not built, projects not launched, relationships not repaired, friends not blessed, enemies not forgiven, families not loved, lives not lived. While you have breath in your lungs, say YES to all that God wants for your life."

This was Bo Sanchez's FB status today. I guess one can never say it any better than that.

Happy Halloween!

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november tamad post
: November 4, 2014

02- sis-in-law gave birth via cs to a cute baby girl they named kaitlyn, our future beauty queen (tita na ko!!!). She's also a Sunday born like tita.

03- went to cavite to see my baby girl--oh, i mean, my niece. she's soooooooooooo cute!!i've always thought that new borns are ugly.. i think our baby kaitlyn is the prettiest new born ive seen. it took me so much effort to resist myself from kissing her cheeks. (but i did kissed her feet and arms secretly..haha). she's so small and soft like gelatin i was so scared i might crush her.

14- off to the doc for the nth time

17- injan's birthday. going to tagaytay. (or maybe ill just go to cavite to see our kaitlyn. can't wait to see her again!!#thismustbelove)

20- KCON day1!(OM!!!)

21- KCON day2

22- KCON day3

23- KCON day4

24- j-holiday siesta


extreme tamad mode.

i need to catch up on a few things therefore i might get a little busy..

or maybe not.

{ music } shake it up
{ book } retire rich retire young
{ mood } generally happy

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the Goal
: November 11, 2014

is to retire from being an employee before i reach 30(I am 29) with a substantial passive income.



ano bang tumbling ang dapat kong gawin to make this happen?

i think and strongly believe that this is possible.

i just have to know how..

so how??

{ mood } praying real hard

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: November 15, 2014

a few more pantoloc and im free.. yey!


few days to go before KCON..

too much happenings for this month. I'm on extreme tipid mode. uhmp/

too bad they're releasing this on KCON

there's no way i can let this pass.

i mean, come on,that's dean pax..sighs..huhu..

plus the mocking jay part 1 movie..oh man...wahhh!!

too much expenses. actually got the money. i just dont like exceeding monthly budget. but still.. sighs..


ill make bawi next payday..pramis..

{ show } eat bulaga
{ mood } bloated

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: November 18, 2014

moral lesson: do not drink sleep hormone supplement when you know you're gonna sleep for less than 4 hours.


but i still love sleep hormones.. its God's gift to mankind. definitely.

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: November 18, 2014

my nth attempt to write a friends-only post. i wonder if ill end up posting this one this time around.

just got back to work and tomorrow will conclude my workweek. yeah, just 2 days work this week and im off. i wouldve been excited for the upcoming event. i, afterall, have waited for this for 1 full year. but i am so full of something else inside me right now. indeed my heart is so small. so small it can only fit one emotion at a time---well, not really.

partly depressed. i think maybe this is somehow self-imposed all to make some drama. i think im somehow overwhelmed with something else..im not liking this..

2 days before the major diversion. seems like im no longer comfortable on having someone invading my head when ive got a lot more pressing things to think of.

quit popping up in my head, will you?

gawd, this is not good.

{ mood } troubled

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: November 19, 2014

oh man, here's another..

I hope I wont go broke after the conference.. T_T

image source: https://www.facebook.com/BrotherBoSanchez/photos

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: November 23, 2014

November 20, Thursday,

He was the first kakilala I saw when  was about to enter the side of picc where plenaryhall  is.

He spread his arms in welcome when he saw me. took my hand for a handshake and leaned down to give me a half hug/beso beso.

well, beso-beso and hugs are common in a community like ours. alam ko namang walang malisya yung mga ganito. its just that, we talked a bit after that and i just wonder if he realized that he was holding my hand the whole time...


was practically floating in the clouds for the first 2 days of kcon only to realize yesterday that i think this is all due to the change in atmosphere and all. see, bro. R has that brotherly air in him that i think we can really make good friends and it can only happen if i take romance out of the picture. besides, we are yet to do the LST..i dont think i can make the most out of it if i am seeing him as someone i like..so i think that's it then.


at yang's place now. its kcon's last day today. from the looks of it we wont be getting there as early as planned.

last day. tapos back to real world na. for sure, eto yung feeling ni cinderella when the clock striked 12 na. hayyyst..

but still, one day to go!!we're gonna make the most out of this.

#kerygmaconference #liftedhigh


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the kcon that was
: November 24, 2014

so how did things go?

it was awesome as expected. mejo nakaka mixed emotion in a way especially with this particular class we took entitled uplink. the speaker was gian javelona, a 21 year old ceo of his own company, orangeapps inc something. he was said to be the steve jobs of the philippines daw. grabe. 21 years old?!! nakaka amaze at nakaka bitter at the same time. i mean, he's just 21 years old and look at me. Di ba?

after the uplink, yang, joi and i took turns in having pictures with gian. it was so funny when we were looking at the pictures , and we were looking at a shot were yang was next to gian, she said, "ang cute no, parang kami?"..LOL. laughtrip. gian is actually kind of cute--but i thinks its not his features that made him cute, i think its more on his confidence..sabi nya nga geek daw sya. and said afterwards that "geek is the new sexy." well, looking at him, i have to agree.

after the class, we saw kcon crush (fr last year's kcon) bro. jan having a picture with other girls. yang told me to ask for a picture too. i wouldnt normally do that but i remember gian's story on how his guts paid off..so yun..naisipan ko lang na that cud be an opportunity to practice my courage. so i came up to bro. jan and asked, "pwede po bang magpa picture?". to which he said, "sure". well, see, bro. jan is a feast builder. and in our community, feast builders are practically celebrities. so being asked for a picture is no big deal. alam ko naman yun. pero  grabe, man..sobrang kaba ko talaga. there was a loud drumming on my chest i was pretty certain bro. jan heard it too. i needed to concentrate not falling on my feet because my knees felt weak then. jeez.. i hate how can i be so nene. ugh.


Wasnt able to see fr. Mario during his class. that's why I was so surprised when I saw him up in the stage together with other community builders being interviewed by bro. bo. funny when he was asked who his most influencial person is (or something like that) he answered it was bro. bo daw, which made bro. bo speechless for a while. nakakatuwa talaga si bro.bo. i love how he can be so humble and awkward. i mean, he's bo sanchez! i wont be humble and awkward if i am bo sanchez. and then there's fr, mario.nakakatuwa na a seasoned preacher like himself would be saying na naimpluwensyahan sya ni bro. bo who's much younger that he is when he himself is just as good. i really love seeing 2 of my most favorite preachers together in the same stage talaga. awesomeness overload!!


Bro. R had been very visible to me during KCON. had a few short talks with him during those times na nakakasalubong ko sya sometimes with hugs, beso-beso, handshakes and all.

I remember asking yang, “pano ba ang tamang pag be beso-beso”. And she was like, yung normal lang..beso-beso. Pero pag crush mo dapat iba. Kunyari lilingon ka..” LOL.. and continued, “kaso baka himatayin ka..”apparently she knew me very well. Haha.

i think Bro R and I became a little closer in a way. close enough to be comfortable sa tingin ko. i think i must've liked him for the 1st couple of days. pero kasi,... see, bro. R is from the feast. a feast servant, even. and i was this nene who dreamed of building a God-loving family who go to the feast together.. tapos andyan sya.. someone who's just so fit for the role. so yun. baka kasi ganun lang yun kaya ko sya gusto. i think i need to step back a bit for now to know if i really like him or not. well, of course it wouldnt matter unless he will like me too, but still, gusto ko parin na clear ako sa kung sino yung gusto ko.

yang made a comment about him..something ive noticed before she mentioned about it. i guess it made a whole difference. 


yang, joi and i shared the same thoughts i think. we belong to the same community afterall. ano nga kayang feeling maging asawa ng feast builder..or kahet ng worship leader. sadyang nakaka curious lang. too bad, lahat sila taken na..haha.

i remember the talk i had with yang before. something we both agree on. Kasi, though, naiinggit din naman ako a bit dun sa mga couples, I think what I really envy the most are the families. especially those who go to the church together.  there was this one time when i saw a man carrying a boy in his arm while raising the other arm up to the heavens. what's heart warming was, the little kid too was raising his tiny hands as well. it was just so beautiful. 

i remember this little girl yesterday sitting in front of me raising her arms during the love offering--and no one was teaching her to do so. her mom was even away then tending to her younger sister. she's just so adorable.

I can just imagine our little kaitlyn doing the same thing when she grow up since my brother is a church goer too(he doesnt go to the feast though). or maybe my own future kids as well.


the last 4 days became 4 of the best days of my life. definitely coming again next year. yang and i are aiming for a premium ticket next year.

1 year. oo, ang dami pang pwedeng mangyari. but i want to hope for the best. i wonder if i still work for the same company by then..or if i am still employed. sana maging maayos lahat. oo, magiging maayos lahat.

high hopes!!!

Thank you Kerygma Conference airlines.. we enjoyed the flight!!! see you next year!!


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D E P R E S S I N G !!!!!!
: November 24, 2014


now i understand how the line in the song Ironic Hand in my pocket that goes, "I'm broke but I'm happy." feels like.

the past 4 days had been so amazing and now im all depressed because its over. huhu.

at home now.

im suppose to sort out my notes from the event.. tinatamad ako.

im suppose to write an article for our blog too.. tinatamad ako.

im suppose to go back to work tomorrow.. tinatamad ako.

sighs. tinatamad ako.

gusto ko ng kape.

ng chocolate.

ng coke zero.

lahat ng bawal saken gusto ko.

wahhhhh!! depressing!! huhu..

the songs from kcon still playing in my ears.. ang gaganda ng mga kanta.. yung lights, yung people, yung fun..wahhh!! i miss kcon!!huhu


nakakatuwa. andami kong natutunan. and i know now is the best time to act it out because im actually in trouble. our QM talked to us last fri breaking to us a really bad news. long story. sighs..ewan ko. maybe i just want to delay facing it all so im trying all my might to stuck myself back to kcon where the reality are muffled my the songs, the lights, and the fun.

going back to real world tom. ayoko pa..huhu

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What Kind of Life Do You Want to Live?
: November 27, 2014

Source: Retire Rich Retire Young- Robert Kiyosaki

• If you had all the money in the world and never had to work again, what would you do with your free time?



• If you (and your spouse if married) stopped working today, what would happen to your life? How long could you survive and still maintain your standard of living and lifestyle?

We got a small sari-sari store, we will at least survive, but I can no longer sustain my current lifestyle. Based on my savings, I can survive 1 month at most.


• At what age will you be able to retire if you are not already retired? Would you like to retire earlier? When you retire, will you be making more money than you are today or less?

All I know is that I want to retire next year before I reach 30. And I will be earning more money since work will no longer interfere in making myself rich.


• Would you rather live a life where you no longer need a paycheck, or would you rather live a life where you’re always working at or looking for a higher-paying job? Would you rather be unemployable or more employable? Which life are you leading today?

Id rather live a life that do not depend on paycheck. But I still prefer being employable since that would be my safety net in case things failed to turn out as expected.


• Do you want to live a life where you work hard trying to spend more money because you have too much money, or live a life working hard trying to save money? Which life are you leading?

I want to live a life working hard trying to spend more money and that is what I am aiming. That is where my life is leading.


• Would you rather live a life where you do not have to work hard to earn more, or would you rather live a life where you have to work harder to earn more? Which life are you living?

Yes. And somewhat like that.


• Do you think investing is risky? Do you think it takes money to make money? Would you like to be able to invest without any money and without much risk for very high returns? If you could invest with someone else’s money, would you?

Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.


• Who are the six people other than your family that you spend the most time around? What is their attitude toward money? Is it rich, poor, or middle class? Of those six people, how many will be able to retire young and retire rich? Is it time for you to make new friends?

Yang, Giselle and Show (didn’t even reached 6). Yang is rich, Giselle is poor, Show spends like a rich (more likely to make him poor eventually), has the ideas of the rich, actions of a middle class, network of the rich. He’s a mixed breed. Yes, it’s time. I didn’t even make it to six people.


• Would you rather live a life where you work to become rich building or buying assets, or would you rather live a life working for job security and a steady paycheck? Which life are you living?

Yes. Not yet, but im getting there.


• If you were offered a billion dollars to quit your job, would you? If a billion dollars is more important than your job, why not go for the billion dollars? What specifically holds you back? If you would not quit your job for a billion dollars, then why not? Could you not use the billion dollars to do more good than you are doing now?

Of course!(im yet to have an answer to the rest)


• Do you live a life where you make money regardless if the market goes up or down, or do you live a life where you live in fear of market crashes and losing money? Which life do you live? Why?

I do not fear market crashes because I learned how to analyze trends and some technical analysis so I would be able to predict a crash and prepare myself when it comes. Or I guess, i just dont fear losing money in general. i think that's a good thing.


• Regarding the subject of money, if you could do things differently, what would you do differently? If there is something you would do differently, why aren’t you doing it?

I wouldn’t exchange time for money. It’s something I’ve learned the hard way and now I’m seeing to it that I won’t do the same mistake.

Another thing would be, expanding my network. I believe that who you know can greatly improve how much you earn. Slowly, I’m trying to live that up, battling against my introversion and all.


after the highs, here are the lows..parang stock market trends. if life is a market trend, im definitely on a bear market right now..

i guess that's just how the world operates.

what goes up must go down.

well, siguro.

done reading "retire rich retire young". the last part on where robert kiyosaki explained what made his wife and him kept going made me feel so lonely.

got 3 more books waiting for me to read them. weekend's a bit fully booked. im feeling drained already. cant help but think, "ano nga kayang point ng lahat ng to?"

sighss...nalulungkot ako...


tired. undermotivated. sad. broke. gawd. graduate na dapat ako sa ganito.ugh.




{ music } coming home
{ book } larry gamboa-scale up your internet startup

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: November 28, 2014

i gotta give it up for yang for this article. good job! (clap clap clap)


and yes, im actually promoting (our blog). LOL.

friday today. i need to fight of the urge to go on hermit mode and make up excuses on why i cant go out tomorrow.

damn, its december soon and i am near zero in terms of accomplishments.

pero mejo umuulan lately..ang sarap matulog...oh, man, here i go again...oh, i cant be like this!jeez..

there's the dream. there's the mindset. now i guess its time for action. like real action.. oh, come on cinderella you gotta do this!!


more motivation please, Universe.

* * * * * * * * *

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: November 28, 2014

for days i've been dragging this heavy heart for reasons i too do not understand...


oh, God, what's wrong with me???

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: November 30, 2014

snail paced internet connection eating up my temper.


sunday. im suppose to go to the nearest chap to have some new image blessed by i failed to wake up early.

went to some event with a co-server yesterday. the talk was amazing but i think ive lost the whole positive vibe after the horrible traffic...argg!!

will be seeing injan laters. been spending several hours for nothing productive. now i remember why i decided to stay away from the internet during weekends. but then again i have important things to do that requires internet. but this internet connection is not helping much. grrrr..

everything feels messy today. my schedule, my plans, my things and me. ive read somewhere how its so not cool to be a beautiful mess when you're an adult. i totally agree.

half of the day's over. have to try to salvage what remains of the day and make it..erm, productive? wahh!! bahala..


{ music } Owl City-Vanilla twilight
{ mood } patience, baby, patience

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