. January 5, 2019

While you wait

1:46pm  the customer said, "after lunch". Iinjanin nya ba ko? This customer has been loyal for more than a year now. She always showed up. I wonder what happened. Maybe there's a reason why she didn't give me a definite time. I wonder if I should watch a movie while I wait.

I have a resolution I intend to keep for at least the entire January. Lower my expenses. That means no milk shake, minimize eating out, don't buy anything that isn't urgently needed, etc, etc. Meaning, no movie also. But G's movie will have it's premier on January 27. There's no way I'll miss that out. 

(EPS: please watch my friend's movie, ANG SIKRETO NG PISO).


I'll be back to living in the house I've rented near the office. Weird that I'm actually looking forward to it. See, I'm pretty attached to my family and I used to get homesicked easily. But a few weeks ago when I've spent an entire week away from home, I actually liked it. It's just nice to be alone in your thoughts. I'm usually alone though, but... I don't know. It's just different.


Contest season is fast approaching. If they'll be having the practice near Ortigas or QC (hopefully not Fairview), I think I can make time. I really wish we'll have a representative for the division contest. Ang korni kasing manood kung wala naman kaming pambato.


I usually start my year with a goal. Nakaka frustrate lang pag di ko rin naman nami-meet. Siguro kung crazy yung goal mo, it won't be too frustrating.

At the table topics last night, one of the questions went something like, "what is your craziest dream?" Funny my head answered right on the bat, "gusto kong maging artista."

Can't think of anything crazier than that.

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