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: June 2, 2011

i miss the times when japanese popstars, stuffed toys, and good doses of sleep could still comfort me...

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dawn of comprehension
: June 16, 2011

i had always been a hater of prejudices.

i may refuse to fight bullies,if it was me they're bullying, but if its somebody else, then that's another story.

i can never call myself a righteous person. but i respected God in every way i know. there are times when i beg Him for answer.. answer on why the bible contains things that might cause prejudice among people...

i feel so stupid for realising it just now.. whether this is due to pure innocence or plain stupidity, i couldn't tell. i didn't know that this issue would surface again in my life.


a wonderful person would always be a wonderful person no matter what. i don't why i'm feeling like crying now that i'm wondering what would become of her/them now..


i'm sure God made this world perfect for His plans for whatever it could be..

God...i was you who gave us feelings.. was it you who established the "right" and the "wrong"?or was it us?


...and that i can't tell..




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: June 25, 2011

bago magtapos ang gabi...hayaan mo sana akong isulat ito....


nakailang entry ba ko today?tatlo?tatlo no..

may mga naisip lang ako tungkol sa sarili ko..isa na don ung i really had a bad taste when it comes to guys..


yung fondness..or yung bagay na minsan tinatawag mo na love, habang nararamdaman mo pa sya akala mo hindi na sya mawawala..hindi na magbabago..

may isang kabigan ako na naka ilang break up na, na isa sa mga dahilan ay dahil hindi nya maisuko ang bataan..i think she made a right decision.

sa totoo lang namimiss ko na yung feeling na masanay ka sa presensya ng isang tao. yung taong palaging nandyan. na gusto mo rin na laging nandyan. 

i've written a poem years ago which went something like this


can time ever erase the memory of your face embedded within my soul.

if all else have fallen, will you and I stand up and withstand the test?

when centuries gone past, will you and I be a part of the history , lost and replaced with a new world?

if so, how can a love so true fade away just like that..


isang beses palang akong nasanay sa presensya ng lalaking naging importante saken. in my life, feelings come and go so swiftly that at some point inisip ko na siguro, ang test ng true love ay yung pag dumating ang time na hindi ka na makakalimot..

maybe i knew all along that i already forgotten about you. but i chose to deny that fact because i need to hang on to your memory..because..you see, that's the only one i got...

naalala ko parin lahat..yun nga lang kahit isa isahin ko pa hindi ko na talaga maramdaman

i think..humans need to hang on to something for them to go on..

and now that i lost what i felt for you...i just dont know where i'll gonna hang on to..


oh,....the day just ended.that swift.

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"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"

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