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, December 1, 2011

i think its not yet healthy to decide right now. with my life being messed up and all. at home, people resent me. at work, i pretty much dont exist. maybe if i go somewhere else, maybe things will be better...maybe not..but certainly, things will change. maybe that's what i need right now.

i havent felt this bad in a while. ..

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, December 7, 2011

Christmas blues

maybe it has something to do with the season. i dont know. i just dont get it why even a suppose to be happy thoughts make me sad. the sadness is piercing deeply that i literally find it hard to breathe..and sometimes it makes you literally want to vomit.. im sick of all these...

"you never fail to make me smile..."

you know im broken..and you cant fix me..."but will you please give me a hug"

there..im fine...


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, December 9, 2011

im a panda

was having a crying fiesta last night. kaya mukhang panda ako ngaun. pak. Christmas party pa nman sa opis..aus lang un..

aus lang..kahet hindi na kaya ng make up ang eyebag ko..aus lang...


even just the thought of it sends me to a crying fit..pathetic.

i dont know if i can ever get myself out of this mess. i need to decide. for myself. for my future.

are decisions ought to be this painful? shit,..this is so lame...

Written by cinderellaareus at 11:22 AM.

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, December 15, 2011

father, father, i am sick

after months(or years) of hiatus, i tried yet again to get you..

and just when i was trying to polish my flirting skills(mind you, effort un) sasagutin mo ko ng bible verses and stuff like God bless you and all...OMG ka..


tatawa ba ko o mabibwisit...argness talaga..

Written by cinderellaareus at 03:33 PM.

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