. May 17, 2012


after pumetix ng ilang araw, i know i cant petix some more..pero nakakatamad ng mag-ot..nakakatamad gumawa ng kahet ano..nakakatamad sa earth..ewan..ano nga ulet ang ibig sabihin ng petix?

naiistress na ko sa kakahanap ng swimsuit...i saw this really cute one..it matches my skin and makes my cheeks look pinker..kaso..puro strings lang sya..tae...i dont think i can wear somethiing like that in public without losing my self respect..ewan.haist,,anong petsa na..i need a swimsuit..naiiyak na ko sa kakahanap..wahuhu..

ang daming dapat gawin..

bills to pay..

things to buy..

preparations to make..

ive got the time, i guess..but not the will..im feeling so lazy..

im not actually poor enough to be unable to pay bills or buy things..i just dont want to...err, walk?fall in line?..basta nakakatamad!!arr..if i procrastinate some more i might be needing to pay overdue payment na..arrgness..

attended the mass yesterday. fr mario was there..when he was cracking joke, and everyone else was laughing..i was the only one yawning...arrg..what's wrong with me? maybe its the woman sitting next to me who was rocking the pew which was really disturbing..whatever.

slept late..woke up at 3 by some unknown force..whenever i look at the clock i only look at the bigger hand..i saw it pointed at 9...i thought its 5:45...i lied back..half sleeping, half waiting the big hands to reach 12. andd when it did, i half dragged myself out of bed only to realize that its still dark..checked the clock again and noticed that the small hand's still in 3..checked my other watch and when found out that it displayed the same time, i slept again.. these exact thing happen again at 5..creepy..by the time its 6 i woke up, this time with the alarm clock's ringing, apparently, for quite a long time because i saw the landlady entered my room..to wake me up or scold me, i dont know..when she saw me awake she left without a word..maybe she came to check if i died somehow because i never really leave the alarm clock ringing for long..ewan..i think there's something wrong with me..

i wish i havent sign up for a class this sat..coz i really really wanna go home..

{ 音楽} broken ones
{ 本} after dark

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Comment posted on May 17th, 2012 at 07:04 PM
Everyone has got those days that you simply can't sum up any strength to do anything. Even the most mundane things seems a bother to do. Good thing we breathe automatically otherwise we might just suffocate due to laziness.

It will pass. You will get the motivation to move again.







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