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, June 4, 2012


read this at yahoo http://ph.she.yahoo.com/real-women-share--their-best-love-advice.html 


"Put off marriage and having children. A lot of girls I know are obsessed with the idea of settling down before they turn 30, thinking they'll lose their "market value" every year after that. Being a wife and mother aren't the only roles available to women - it's equally fulfilling to remain single and childless. Explore roles for women outside the confines of a home and relationships."
—Camille of Quezon City

now that's comforting, right..

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, June 20, 2012


hold it..

no you're not gonna cry

at least not here..


pak this life!!



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, June 22, 2012

in blue

it is said that blue never fails..and so im in blue today, save for the wrist watch(pink) and shoes(white) everything else is blue (even the ones underneath)..bought an incredulously priced blouse..even the sales lady looks as if she couldnt believe that im  buying it..even more pricey than my nafnaf dress..but bought it anyway..i like the feel of its fabric in my skin. and its blue. watebs. YOLO!

lets try the power of blue today..yey!


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, June 28, 2012

Libra, You'll be loved and full of attention and this will stimulate you, making you active and good at your tasks. You won't be able to get bored as you'll spend time with your loved one and this will be a romantic and intense phase.


imbis na isipin mong sinungaling ang mga horoscope isipin mo nlng na mgkakatotoo sila..

malay mo..




will be having my swim class in red alert..sana hindi magmukang na shark attact ang pool..


2 days to go!!!lessgoww!!


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