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: July 14, 2012

i realized that it was friday the 13th only after it was over.

was out with a friend last night and watched MM→magic mike.. argshhh..still shock and cant get over with it..

how are u nmn ang pwet???!!!!wahehehe...i thought i'd me having nightmares about pwets and all...haha..taeness na movie..shocking..nawala ata ang innocence ko..chos.



ang gwapo ni chaning tatum no!!!eeeee!!!hehehe..kerengkeng mode..haha

----this movie made my day(or shall i say night?)..went home and the village's gate already close..i thought id have to go over the bakod..haha..luckily the other gate's still open...


ah!!this is one of the few times when i can say i love being single!!!yeah!!



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: July 19, 2012

i want a day

when i can throw it all

and leave everything else behind..

just a day..

sobra ba talagang mahirap yun??



onting tulak nalang and im again nearly broke..

dying for a full body massage right now...

and few strokes at the pool..

jazz music in dim lights

scented candles

a little rain..


haist nmn..haist...



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blessed be the single ladies
: July 19, 2012

bff's gonna go back to phils by oct for a few days..she said she wants us to go to vigan..weve been planning(or drawing) this for so long..pak! i so wanna go!!! haneps lang kasi..pak!!i need money.. ;((

we just had our house renovated. its not yet through.. the sight of our under construction house as it slowly look more like a house makes me swell with happiness..i wonder if this is how mothers feel upon giving birth..the last time, i was sitting at the scaffoldings singing along with the rain..it was awesome..i so love our house as if it is my child..ive drawn it afterall..sighs...i wonder if the scaffoldings would still be there when i get back home..

hayshowmishh my bff..i wish we can go to vigan..pak..mabenta nlang kaya ko ng excess body parts..haneps na idea..nameeeen..

was out with the office people last saturday night..drunk this flamming thing which tasted sweet...i cant wait to tell yang... we'll gonna be drinking our hearts out hopefully soon...pak..pera na nman!!!nameeen!!


blessed be all the single ladies on earth!!!and its so damn fun!!if only we got a lot more money along with our freedom..haisst..


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3 parts
: July 23, 2012

good thing i learned make up and would be wearing glasses or else i would have looked like kerokeropi with this bloodshot eyes and all. im not at my prettiest whenever i cry.my nose would swell and would look all red. and what's worse, my looks on the following day wont be any better because my eyes would swell and would resemble like that of a frog..

its been a while..i just dont feel like talking about it now..

i remember back then when i use to go to school looking like a frog after indulging myself with heavenly downpour of tears.. it made me remember someone i havent thought of for a long time now..when he was still here ive never felt alone..but he's dead(at least that's what he said)..irretrievably dead..and the comfort i once felt with his presence died with him...

pak.im getting old..why am i remembering things..

and yeah, i hate saying this..but i miss him..

and i hate missing dead people..


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: July 25, 2012


i couldve work faster if i was/am not feeling so sick..

mom called. more like freaked out and told me to go home. pak. i would love to..

sana nadadaan nalang sa pakiusapan ang sakit..

dear fever. cough and colds,

wag ngayon, busy ako..balik ka nlng ulet..



i want a bed

lots of pillow

lotion on my feet

my favorite dog beside me



the list goes on..


* * * * * * * * *

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hey its wednesday
: July 25, 2012

read this sa facebook:

“Psychology claims that when you can't sleep at night, you are actually awake in someones dream."

**someone must've been sleepless last night**

i dreamt of holding your hands and letting go of it..in the dream  it was a good decision..well, logically though..maybe it is..

but i wont though...


* * * * * * * * *

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: July 27, 2012

if it takes you a lot of effort to be kind, chances are, you are not innately kind..but whatever..just be anyway...

vince's mom said dont poop where you eat..and i guess id be living up with these words..mom never share words of this sort..or particularly this one, though, i feel like this shouldve been common..well, mom was a goody goody girl..she wont be needing words like this..maybe to her, its sort of a common sense..or maybe just plain unecessary...

haist.. i feel like im seeing history repeat itself again..

mom and i are just worlds apart..if only i got her looks i mightve been worse..see, just when i feel so full of myself for being able to get free rides, discounts or getting away from things by just flipping my hair..i was astounded that mom can do the same even with her hair tied up in a messy ponytail..

awesome!!i know right..


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: July 31, 2012

its normal for humans to fear death.. but to not mind death just because you dont like your life anyway is way beyond..



wait..i just thought of something..

i want a tattoo..

a butterfly..for vincent i guess.. i feel like wanting to spread hope..because i dont have it..maybe itll just come back to me if ill give it away..but, can you actually give something that you do not have?

i wonder..


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"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"

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