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private thoughts on the matter
: February 8, 2014

after a few debates with myself on whether i like him or not, a conclusion was formed. well, i guess, its pretty obvious. i mean, when you argue with yourself whether you like someone or not, chances are, u do like that person.

i saw him at the tv looking lost and like he's not in the mood whatsoever. it made me worry that he'd mess up. ive sent him an fb message for support. i know he's feeling self-conscious of his height. he is, in fact, tall as it is, but his model competitors are just way taller. it wouldnt have been an issue if someone can just remind him that he's way smarter, way more talented and way more of wonderful person than those hunks people..but well, at least, for me he is- i dont know any of those other people for sure. so ive sent him a message that goes like, "goodluck, ilampaso mo sila,ok." or something like that.

then saw the show's fb page and found out that he nearly got the least votes among them all. so i made the whole family vote for him..i texted my friends, sent message to those who are online, posted a "pa like po please" in my wall for support..and then soon enough his vote escalated. i guess his friends had somehow known that he's there and added some votes to. he didnt won the people's choice but at least, base on votes, he got the third. and people were requesting for a "wild card". i wonder if that happens.. if it does, i hope he'd win. i actually bet he would. his performance is better that what he did during the daily competition even though he sang the same song and just made some twist at the end.. damn, he's really good in guitar and sings well. i really hope i get to hear him sing using his voice minus the fake accent.

the message was marked "seen" by 3pm. that was after the show, and he replied few hours after that saying. "thanks, see you on monday".

so, ok.. i know i wont get out of this unscratched. but be it.

i like who i like.. do you have any f"cking problem with that??

{ mood } fierce

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: February 11, 2014

we fall with the idea sometimes.

but when we're face to face with the real thing, it just aint the same..


damn, i think this whole vday thing is just getting the better out of me..

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: February 15, 2014

to keep myself from thinking other stuff, let me entertain myself with the following to-do list:

1. have an earpierce.

2. create a dream board.

3. 21 days atkins diet with 0 cheat day. (yay for a beach bod!!)

4. circuit excercise 2x a week. at least 1 round everyday.

5. have an extra income (or at least think of a way how first)

yay for good change!..

i aiming to look better, feel better, earn better. days are passing by and i know im eating up the days before my deadline. i am yet to formulate a plan on what to do next. i've just been distracted by stuff recently but im not gonna let it go on.. sighs.. heavens, please enlighten me.

i hope the motivation i have at the moment will sustain me until i get my goal..

no one knows what the future holds.. but that doesnt mean we should stop doing something for us to have a better life. 

so i am aiming for a better life.. im gonna work my way into it.. wish me luck.

{ mood } all the loves

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: February 20, 2014

clearly, sleeping has never been something im passionate about.


im rather feeling low today. i just came from a job hunt. wasnt bad. wasnt good either. salary's too low to consider, so , no. better luck next time for a part-time job for me, i guess.

shucks.. i want money..

but more than money, i want something else.

shara texted me today asking me how i am and how i spent my v-day.

shara seems to be worried about my love life, which is of course, very thoughtful of her, but then..arg..i dont know.

really, even my interviewer in my jobhunt earlier said that i should get married na..

damn,what's with the rush?

well, yeah, yeah, i get it..but... aaaaaaaaaaaarg!


ewan ko..


falling objects travel at a constant acceleration of 9.81 m/s2. gravitational acceleration, that is. 

and if you're wise enough, hindi mo papangunahan ang gravity..

sa tingin ko, iniistress ko lang ang sarili ko unnecessarily.


im just sad. =(

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~the cliff
: February 23, 2014

yes, im jumping off..

watch me.

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wish me luck..
: February 25, 2014

yang told me before, "do something that scares you"..

and so, without thinking, i said yes to a 3hrs long interpreter job for a photo shoot. and that is tomorrow.

hindi naman big time yung iiinterpret kong jap..

yung inventor lang naman ng G-shock. wahhh!!

at least photoshoot lang naman at hindi yung interview sa press..

pero basta..

para parin akong masho-shock..pwede ayawan na??wahh..

sabi fake it till you make it daw..

sh*t..kaya ko to!!! WAHHHHHH!!!



im feel like im off to a suicide mission..

oh, heavens, please spare me..

{ mood } inspire me please..

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: February 26, 2014

{ mood } #unmasktofindlove

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