. August 7, 2014

his and hers

watched this kanina and it gave me a good laugh.

last sun's feast was a little unusual. the topic is "his and hers talk 3 :body" or something that goes like that.

they requested couples to attend the 10:30 session while those who are single can attend any of the others. i wasnt able to attend any but i heard the session intended for couples are RATED R-ish daw. sobrang nacu-curious talaga ako..RATED R-ish topic on a prayer meeting????!!haha..too bad, it seems like they are not releasing the vids.

the feast is just too weird i cant help but love it. haha.


ive been feeling off these past few days. or had it been weeks? i dont know, ive lost counting.nadidisappoint lang ako with my life to the point that i feel like rebelling against my own religion..or maybe its more like rebelling against my own spirituality.

i hate not getting what i want. normal naman yun di ba. but see, im not the type who just wish and do nothing. its just frustrating whenever the universe doesnt seem to notice your efforts.

or maybe im just looking for someone or something to blame--which is not good. ive always believed that blaming is only for the incompetent, and look what im doing now. sighs..i hate being like this.

sa ngayon im starting to pick myself up and im trying to be back on track. i know i cant mourn for my failures forever.

sighs...wala parin talaga akong idea kung anong susunod kong gagawin.

hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! bahala na.


{ 気分} scared, sad, bored

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Comment posted on August 10th, 2014 at 02:08 PM
hiyee liru-chan!
slept right after i posted my 4am entry which i already deleted.. hindi karin ba makatulog or sadyang mga ganung oras ka natutulog?
Comment posted on August 11th, 2014 at 02:11 AM
it's good you slept po


may times na ganung oras ako natutulog. at may times na hindi talaga ako dinadapuan ng tulog po.
Comment posted on August 9th, 2014 at 03:49 AM
ease your mind, derella-chi
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