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, August 12, 2014

jurassic, prehistoric stuff

a conversation that took place n years back:

S: R, kelan mo balak magpakasal?

R: si <insert my name here>..

S: huh? kelan mo balak magpakasal?

R: si <insert my name here>..

S: ahh.. you mean, si <insert my name here> ang gusto mong pakasalan?

R: *inconspicuously nods*

S:  <insert my name here>, gusto ka daw pakasalan ni R.

me: ah, ok.

S: so, R, kelan mo balak magpakasal?

R: siguro pag mga 30 na ko.

S: 30? edi <insert my name here>, 31 ka na nun..

me: hindi na tayo magkakaanak nun, R..

R: edi live in.

me: eeee! ayoko nga!


slept early last night only to be awaken by some unknown force at 1:30am thus missing the whole point of sleeping early in the first place.

i wonder how he is by now. the last time i check, he was sick again. really, he should be taking care of himself. especially since im no longer there to take care of him. (??)

i remember some lea salonga song that goes, "i remember the boy but i dont remember the feeling anymore"

i remember the boy.

i remember the feeling quite clearly.

it's just that, my heart is somewhere out there in a far off universe, nowhere to be found.


Written by cinderellaareus at 03:44 PM.


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Comment posted on August 13th, 2014 at 03:53 AM
luma-lovelife ang ateng

Comment posted on August 13th, 2014 at 07:02 AM
not really..hahaha

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