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月曜日: October 26, 2015

"there are no ugly women, only lazy ones.."

heard something that went like this sa feast yesterday. i totally agree.


3rd week in short hair. i actually like how my hair doesnt get in the way now, especially when i need to be outdoors. it feels more presko. but the thing is, short hair demands more time and it's not so easy to manage. its ironic how it takes a lot of effort to achieve that effortless look. now, how's that?


after what feels like ages, i went to the feast again yesterday. the topic was about "how to avoid jerks and jerkettes?" something which would have been fitting since i seem to magnetize their lot lately..long story. sayang, it was the last installment of the talk.


yang and i upgraded our kcon tickets from regular to premium yesterday. in the end, natupad din ang pangarap namin since last kcon na magka premium tickets. saw the full sched too. mukhang wala ng concert thingy gaya nung previous years. in a way, im feeling a bit disappointed. also, wala rin si fr. mario kahet sa plenary talk. still, i hope we'll end up enjoying kcon just as how we did for the past years.

we are also brewing some project. will be sparing the details for now. baka mausog e. hehe.. but i feel like, for once, we finally came up with something that seems sound. its probably not gonna be easy, but im sure it's gonna be worth it. sana magawa namin.


next monday will be my niece's 1st bday. ang bilis talaga ng panahon. im not sure if the relatives will make it to the party since it's gonna be held in the far-off island of Naic, Cavite. i tried losing weight last week and sure did kasi nga i dont want relatives saying na im tumataba na and all, but now that they're not likely to come, mejo nawalan na ko ng motivation. but still, ill try again. 6 days to go.. i can do this!


mejo naasar na ko sa bagal ng takbo ng buhay ko. i want to reach my dreams. like, now na. im getting more and more impatient as time goes by. i need to be more aggressive on this.

started reading og mandino's scroll. it came from the book, "the greatest salesman in the world." or something which i havent read yet but started reading the scroll anyway. there are 10 scrolls all in all. you are suppose to read it, 1st, right after waking up. then, after midday meal. then before going to sleep. so that's 3x a day. you need to read 1 scroll for 30 days before proceeding to the next. 30 days for each of the scroll so it will take me like 10 months to finish all 10 scrolls. that's quite a long time. i know.. but then i realize that time will pass anyway, so why not give it a try. im half way to the 2nd scroll now and i intend to finish it up to the last. ewan ko kung may effect ba to sa buhay ko, pero gusto ko parin itry.

also started back reading sha nacino's blog all the way back to the oldest entry. i want to know how she made it--and then copy what she did. im itching to joing toastmasters already. sighs.. surely, dreams come with a prize. and this time, it's something im willing to  pay. i cant just yet, but ill get there.

just a few nights ago, i had this fancy of transferring to makati. i can attend toastmasters at night and then makati feast at night too, then use my weekends to spend with my family and working on a project with yang and so on.

know what.. it's odd that everytime the thought of getting busy again scares me. i feel like ive developed some fear of living my old life back when i was still in first co. i scared of losing time for my relationships again. i dont want this fear to hold me back.. but i dont want to ignore that fear completely either. i guess the key is balance. basta, bahala na. saka ko na siguro pro-problemahin to.


sabi sa isa sa 4-agreements ni don miguel ruiz, "dont take things personally." i think i can only do so much of that by now. just realized, i deserve all the right to withdraw explanations to anyone who demands of it. so from now on, i wont. im cutting everything that stresses, upsets, or virtually anything that makes me feel bad, off my life.

im claiming my life.

* * * * * * * * *

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