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Monday: July 24, 2017

-type mo rin ba?


-ayos! therefore, di sya bading.



grabe sya.

had this convo with a girl friend last night. naaliw ako sa pagka action-packed ng lovelife ng mga single friends ko recently. and i love how they're so kerenkeng. birds of a feather flock together indeed.

i miss flexing my flirting muscles. im getting really bored with this self-imposed hiatus.

* * * * * * * * *

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Running and overflow
Monday: July 10, 2017

Been feeling low since this morning. For one, i have terrible colds and runny nose and my head's aching a bit. Hassle mag sick leave sa cage so id rather crawl and die there.

Not in my best mood too. Bad trip kasi ung ang sakit ng ulo mo tas ang ingay ng cellphone mo. Weeks, pare, weeks. At kahit once hindi ko sinagot tawag mo, text mo at pm mo... Hindi parin ba clear?

Dad warned me of this boy. Dad rarely do that, so i know i have to listen. If only it won't be so much of a hassle to change number...

Yung gusto ka, hindi mo gusto. Yung gusto mo, hindi ka gusto. Quits lang naman. At least, mabait saken yung gusto ko.... Ay wait, minsan lang pala. Haha! But really, pramis, eto na yung pinakamabait na way na alam ko.


A lot of things scare and confuse me so much lately so i went to the chap para maka heart to heart talk ang Langit. Nakakahiya na naaalala ko lang Siya at humahaba lang ang mga dasal ko pag may kailangan ako.

Minsan ang sarap yugyugin ang Langit at kulitin Sya na ibigay sayo ang gusto mo. Agad agad. Now na. Pero nalaman ko na ang peace pala matatagpuan lang pag natutunan mo nang mag let go.

Gagawin ko po ang lahat ng kaya ko in my power. As for the rest, Heavens, bahala Ka na...

"i didn't give you fear." This was what i heard inside my head as i was leaving the chap. Nakikipag usap din pala ang Langit or guniguni ko lang ba? It doesn't matter.

Hindi ko alam kung ibibigay ng Langit yung hinihingi ko, pero yung peace na binigay Nya sakin today, sapat na. Sobra sobra pa.

* * * * * * * * *

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5mins quick jot
Monday: July 3, 2017

A lot of things.

-Hindi kinaya ng puso ko ung kilig dahil sa lovelife ni LA. Lakas maka teary-eyed. Kinilig ako please.

-So, Universe, ako kelan?

-naaning na ko sa system maintenance sa cage. Malapit na magwala ang mga customers.kelan ba to maayos? Huhuhu!

-puteeeek, wala pa kong speech! Gusto ko na maghyperventilate.

-meeting tita with her churchmates on sunday to sell my stuff.these people don't have issues with money. Oh please, z, dont mess this up.

-mom will be joining me.she's a sales talk genius. Yiy!

-buti nalang ang puso, malayo sa bituka. *wink wink*

-humihikbi man nakakangiti parin.

-thanks ha, Universe. *hart hart*

* * * * * * * * *

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Monday: June 26, 2017

1st time to ever spend a holiday at home in a long while. I actually took a leave for this. Errands, conversations, food. Lots of food. I remember about 5 years back when i got tired of dreaming for a better self and actually decided to make it happen. Then years passed and i sort of lost track. I miss getting tired like that.


Today had it's own little bliss. Tito mario lent us a super cool sound system that really rocks (more like roar). We played party music with it and niece and i danced. I'm more of a country music girl and sometimes i also like jazz, but there's something about this super awesome sound system that's making me appreciate tugs tugs kind of music.


Will be getting back to the cage tomorrow. Needless to say, im not really liking this. But i was reading sha's mission happiness book and i totally agree when she said that this has a purpose. That i have to pass this point so that i can get to my goals. That these are temporary. Sa ngayon, panghahawakan ko to.


I remember he once asked, "natutuwa ka ba na may nanasasaktan ng dahil sayo?"

I swear the statement sounded more like an accusation than a question.

Tagalog and English are our common languages yet here we are speaking in riddles and metaphors. Why are we making being human so complicated?

Ikaw ba, natutuwa ka ba na may nasasaktak ng dahil sayo?

* * * * * * * * *

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stress and strain
Monday: June 19, 2017

Pressure (noun)

-an urgent claim or demand or series of urgent claims or demands

-a burdensome condition that is hard to bear

source: www.thefreedictionary.com


not in best mood. neither in best shape. probably pms.

i wonder if meeting people from the club tonight is a bad idea.


we're supposed to meet at 7.

it's not friday today.

i wonder if id better skip this.


eto na naman yung feeling na wala kang kagana gana sa buhay....

pak this.

* * * * * * * * *

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Little happiness
Monday: June 12, 2017

Ang daming nagpasaya sakin sa araw na ito. Mga maliliit na bagay lang naman. Pero when put together, parang ang dami dami at ang big deal big deal, they are making my heart swell. 

1. APAC people weren't at work. It was just partner and I and boy, I loved the silence. I thank God for silence. 

2. Progress in partner's love life. I swore not to tell anyone, so I can't write the details. Things may not seem as good for now, but this is a huge progress. I feel happy for partner and I feel positive that things will turn out to be better.

3. Met up with a customer this evening. Got a sale. Sabi nila, business is about love daw. Ngayon ko lang lubusang nagets ang ibig sabihin nito. I pray that my product will bless my customer immensely. Totoo nga siguro na people may doubt your intensions and reject your persuasions, but once they felt your love (this is something that cannot be faked) they can never say no. No one can ever say no to love. 

4. Chatted via messenger chat group with HS friends. My heart swell with love and gratitude for being able to meet and keep these amazing people. HS wasn't smooth sailing. But look, I survived and even emerged with good friends in the process. 

5. Brother's 1St day tomorrow in his new company. I'm excited for him and I'm happy that he finally found the courage to leave the company he served for more than 10 years. 

6. Light talk over dinner with my family. At the end of the day, they will remain to be my most precious treasures. 

7. Peace. Nabasa ko before na malalaman mo daw if tama ang desisyon mo depende sa amount ng peace na nararamdaman mo. Tingin ko, natagpuan ko yung peace na yun sayo. This peace didn't come in the package I expected. I probably won't stand up for this too. Gaya ng dati. Siguro, hindi rin naman kasi kailangan. Sigurado akong hindi ko ikatutuwa na mapunta sa iba ang peace ko. But I'm keeping my chill for now. I remember, someone I once cherished told me, "wag mong pilitin ang sarili mo, siguro may panahon talaga sa mga bagay bagay." Sa ngayon, panghahawakan ko to. 

Truth is, I'm a little drained in the financial front, but whenever I count my blessings, feeling ko talaga, ang yaman yaman ko. 

* * * * * * * * *

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ang kalaban
Monday: May 29, 2017

i know this feeling.

that feeling where littlest things piss you off.

where sadness pierces and you feel like you're never gonna be happy again.

where you want to snap at every little remark eventhough they're not exactly offensive.


oh yes, you eat so much like a construction worker.

damn PMS.


have to run to the cage's another site just to have my APE done. im probably going to be on red alert soon so i have to go there quick because apparently, blooded sample wont do.

this is the time of the month when it's best for me to stay home or remain silent as best as i could lest id get into a fight. believe me, this is quite a feat.

sa lahat ng nasungitan ko so far.. maniwala kayo.. im considerably nicer on normal days.. T_T

* * * * * * * * *

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Bad day, good night
Monday: May 15, 2017

"Pure hell forces action, but anything less can be endured with enough clever rationalization." -Tim Ferriss

"If this isn't pure hell, I don't know what is." - Z

Terrible day. I thought I wouldn't make it out alive from the cage. Oh God... Ano bang gagawin ko? 

Pero siguro this is just the Universe's way of kicking me into action. Pero ano bang pwede Kong gawin? God, I don't know. 

But I'm glad that some things ended well. Damang dama ko ang pagmamahal mo, Lord sa mga ganitong milagro. Still, ang kinabukasan ay isa na namang bagong delubyong bubunuin. Pengi nga ng superpowers, Lord. 

After urging me to try tinder, wechat naman daw ang itry ko sabi ni partner. I know he's just trying to help. I don't know why I can't find any appetite on any of these. 

Know what, I saw cherwin yesterday. Yung ultimate crush ko nung high school. I remember, his was one of the most beautiful faces I know. Kahapon, nakilala ko nalang sya sa mga mata nya. Still beautiful as ever yung eyes nya but the rest was different. There were lines in his forehead and a huge bulge on his belly. Siguro kung kilala ko sya personally, I wouldn't have minded. Kaso hindi e. 

We will probably get there, no? Or maybe, already getting there na. Gravity will soon make everything fall down and sag. The once cute and once youthful will turn to grey, get wrinkled and look old.

Sa tingin ko, importante ang looks. Reflection kasi yun on how well you take care of yourself na requirement para you can take care of someone else too. Pero siguro it's not necessary to put too much premium on it since beauty will eventually fade din naman talaga. 

What I want to put more effort on is in acquiring this skill that I know will get better over time. Conversational skill. Pag nawala na kasi yung looks, lust and maybe energy narin, sa tingin ko, yun yung best na magsu-sustain ng relationship... 

Pero, meron bang lalaking bumibili sa conversational skills these days?

Teka, antok n antok n ko bukas nmn... Zzzzzzz. 

* * * * * * * * *

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law of pure potentiality
Monday: May 8, 2017

got hold of a deepak chopra book that i love love love so much. its about the 7 spiritual laws of success. im on the first law palang at hindi na ko nakausad.

-2 hours of silence (dont talk, dont watch tv, dont listen to music, dont read--- i can do the rest except the "dont read" part. didnt know this could be so hard. and it's only 2 hours!!)

-1 hour meditation (30min in am, 30min in pm)

-practice non-judgment (dont classify, dont label, dont evaluate, dont analyze. hindi ako judgmental na tao sa pagkakaalam ko, yet i failed in all of these miserably.)

-expose yourself in nature (i practically live in the mountains. this is piece of cake.)

ayun. i really want to master this. feeling ko, feeling ko talaga, may mararating ako pag namaster ko to.


first working day after golden week, i was supposed to wake up at 3:30, tas almost 6:00 na ko nagising. ended up taking a halfday leave.

sakit ba yung lagi kang hindi makatulog the night before monday? 


ang daming ganap. for a hardcore homebody, nakakatawa na hindi ako makikita sa bahay.

parang ang ganda nung talk sa feast yesterday, too bad i was out and wasnt able to go. sayang, nandun si sha.


overall, i feel ok na. i feel positive that things are going to be alright. i even feel excited about so many things, that sometimes i feel like my heart is going to burst.

talaga palang after the rain, may rainbow...

minsan din talaga, mapapangiti ka nalang at maiisip mong, "ang bait ng Diyos"...

* * * * * * * * *

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