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5 hearts
月曜日: May 30, 2022

I shook hands with a stranger in the bus this morning as he was introducing himself. He didn't look bad. He's an accountant daw.

Then, nakasabay kong umuwi yung cute kiddo from PDT kanina. Mejo mahaba habang lakaran kaya nakapag kwentuhan ng bahagya.

Siguro 5/5 hearts ang love horoscope ko today.


Nakalimutan kong mag book ng vet tomorrow. 

I need to finish a contest entry na deadline din bukas. I don't know my chances of winning, pero excited akong maipakilala ang mga characters ng kwento ko sa ibang tao. I'm really struggling with the ending. Sabi na nga ba dapat sa ending nagsisimula.

Ang daming gagawin. Maglilinis pa ko ng kwarto ng cats bukas. Gusto ko ng yaya. T_T

* * * * * * * * *

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月曜日: May 2, 2022

Started RTO yesterday. My arms and body are hurting from carrying my work laptop and monitor from Bulacan to QC. I'm on my day off today and tomorrow. Starting next week, my rest days will be Tuesday and Wednesday. I miss my Thur-Fri off.

My elder cats seem to have missed me a little. My male cat, Hamanya, rushed towards me upon hearing my voice when I got home. And Nicai, allowed me to cuddle her a little longer than usual. Iya had always been sweet and needy, so nothing seem to have changed. And then the kittens were totally indifferent about my absence. 

I miss my cats. I usually cuddle and play with them during breaks when I was working from home. My male cat seemed to be having sepanx, Mom said he kept looking for me in our room where I used to work.

On Wednesday, I'll be back to work. I'm not thrilled. Oh well. Must be nice if I meet someone. I miss having one-sided crushes. Lol.

We have a lot of new hires we've never met before. A few of them were chatting with me via Teams and Messenger. I've met one yesterday. I can't see his face because of the mask, but his eyes look nice, and his brows were beautifully thick. I've checked his FB before, I know his face is beautiful. Sobrang bata nga lang. We just exchanged a few hello's. Anlayo rin kasi ng seat nya.

Bawal sa company namin makipag jowa among co-workers. Still nice to have an eye candy though.

Gah, all the sacrifices of having to commute and wake up early again will all be worth it if only I'll meet someone! Seriously. 

If face to face meeting will resume, I'll go back to TM. Partly in the hope of meeting someone, partly because I also want to spend time with like-minded people, meron or wala mang malisyang involved.

Just woke up from a nap. I didn't expect to feel this worn out after my first commute to work in 2 years.

* * * * * * * * *

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月曜日: April 25, 2022

Must be a side effect of BL love bug. Guess I'll allow myself to write this uber mushy thoughts. Lol.

See, I've always thought that the concept of "closure" is all bs...

I'm 100% sure that I no longer feel the same way now. But it surely bug me why it was so much easier for me to forget everyone else, but you.

Gah! I hate that line!

It's more than a decade too late. I still remember the desperate look on your face when you were holding onto my wrist, asking me to stay.

Again, I'm 100% sure I no longer feel the same way. I guess I've been bothered because of the things that you said. Or how you've gotten a lot of things wrong. Or on how I didn't bother to correct all the misunderstandings.

Your feelings had long been reciprocated. Sorry, I didn't tell you. 

It had always been mutual. Sorry, I didn't let you know.

I was happy whenever you gave me gifts. I was just too embassarassed to say thank you. Sorry.

When you asked if I was happy being the reason of someone else's pain, I thought those were just your baseless accusations. Sorry, it took me some time to get where you were coming from. I should've told you. I should've corrected. Sorry. 

Oh gawd, this is pointless. I just don't know where to put all these long overdued apologies knowing it will never reach you. It's pointless.

But maybe I'll just use this dissatisfaction as a lesson never to do the same mistake again. I want to happily move forward without having to carry all these.

Ok. Stop na.


Skipped work today. My stomach hurts. Boss didn't reply. Bahala na.

Few days to rto. Thinking about this is giving me insomnia, I can't explain why.

In a way, I think I also want to go out and see the world again. Pero kasi... can't I really do that at home?

* * * * * * * * *

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月曜日: March 14, 2022

Good morning, Monday!

Trying to read a knowledge base article in Japanese. My head started spinning, so I went here instead.

Naalala ko yung sabi ng isang character sa Haikyuu. Kaya di mo na e-enjoy, kasi hindi ka pa magaling. Same sa sabi ni Oliver Emberton dati, ang passion daw ay hindi in-born kundi something na nage-gain pag naging magaling ka na sa isang bagay.

Passion... tokwa.

Ayoko na mag-isip ng mahihirap na bagay.

A guy once asked me kung anong favorite kong movie. After hearing that my favorites were the likes of Kung-fu Panda, he said, "yung gusto mo talaga e yung di ka nag-iisip e no." He actually sounded a little pissed off. Lol.

I have a few more matured movies on my favorites list now. Infinity War, Inception, Limitless... these are movies that require thinking naman, di ba?


Finished watching Mairimashi! Iruma-kun. It was so funny, I needed to pause as I couldn't breathe from laughing. Lol. Netflix didn't have the 2nd season, so I had to find it elsewhere. Season 3 is also on it's way. Guess I need to read the continuation in manga.

Jeez, life is just so much better with anime!

* * * * * * * * *

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月曜日: February 7, 2022

Thursday and Friday, I finished Kono Oto Tomare and Kamisama Kiss. KK was a typical cringy shoujo, while KOT was surprisingly good. Started watching The Day I Reincarnated As A Slime. Most anime I've watched, the protagonist has a clear goal, that's why the plot is easy predict and follow. Pero sa Slime, kulit ng plot. Tipong wala ka talagang magiging idea sa next na mangyayari. That, in a way, has its own pro's and con's.

Sumasakit na naman ang mata ko kakanood.

Sis-in-law and kids just got back from Cavite last sat. May mga dala silang fruit including buko and green mango. Mom made buko salad yesterday. Pamiramdam ko, I deserve an award for the strength of my restraint. Dati ako umuubos ng buko juice at never akong tumanggi sa buko salad.

Mahal kasi ang vitamins. I mean, what's the point of spending thousands for supplements, if I'll still eat things that can make me sick, di ba?

Mom bought a supplement called Xanthones Gold. Pretty expensive. I've told her many times na gumagastos sya to get healthy, pero kumakain pa rin sya ng junk food. Practically nullifying the effect. Pero kasi, makulit ang nanay ko, ano namang magagawa ko?

Totoo, di natin alam what the future holds, kaya dapat mag enjoy while we can. Hindi nga siguro enjoy yung hindi kumain ng mga pagkaing gusto mo, but then so does spending the rest of your life, sick, di ba?

Ewan ko. Bahala na.

Gusto ko ng cake sa Conti's at Donut ng Jco. T_T

* * * * * * * * *

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Genkai wo koeru
月曜日: January 31, 2022

Napanood namin sa kmjs kagabi yung babae na yung thyroid cancer e nag cause ng malaking bukol sa ulo nya. As we were watching, Mom was like "nangiginig tuloy ako. Nanlalamig kamay ko."

I told her not be scared. We don't even know if we have cancer.

With all the money that I have, I'm still halfway into having 7 digits. Hindi ko alam kung sapat ba ang pera ko to make sure that mom's medical needs are met. Syempre, that is if I am to set aside my own. Though Mom doesn't plan to get operated, I still need to prepare when the need arise.

I love creating concoctions for medical and cosmetic purposes. I stopped using regular toothpaste on my teeth back in college. I've been making my own since. I still use toothpaste to soften the lips.

About 2 years ago, I made my own antifungal that I used for my cat's ringworm when they were kittens. It changes the color of their fur, but other than that, it appeared to be safe and effective. Dad uses the same concoction on his feet. Even infected toe nails that doctors were not able to cure, my concoction was able to cure.

I also make my own toner. This is the only product that made my skin even-toned. There may be effective products out there, but I doubt if they'll be as cheap. Mom used to laugh on how I make my own stuff, thinking I was crazy, but after seeing the results, she started using the toner herself.

I recently created another mixture. I am hoping this will seep through the skin and attact the potentially cancerous nodules, without harming anything else. The ingredients are a little more expensive than my other concoctions, and they are quite hard to find. The preparation is also very difficult. I planned to have Mom use it, but she refused. She still doesn't believe in my mixtures, despite my previous successes. Well, I can't really blame her. My mixtures do appear a little crazy. This anti-cancer mixture, for one, actually stings when applied.

But it doesn't leave any rashes or discoloration. My neck still looks normal. I still can't measure how effective it is though. Maybe in the next 6 months.

I just wish Mom will give it a try. If Mom will not get operated, then this is our other chance to get healed. If it turned out to be ineffective, at least I am sure that this is generally safe to use. I think. Maybe. Lol.

Hayst. Ang hirap ng may sakit. Ang hirap pag may sakit ka na nga, may sakit pa ang mga mahal mo sa buhay.


I finished Black Clover a few days back. Good thing VIU has its season 4. Season 5 may take a while. Mamimiss ko si Yami danchou, Charmi, Lil, lahat sila. Ang cu cute nila. 


Nakakatuwa na halos lahat ng napapanood kong anime ay may common message na "go beyond your limit". I'm pretty sure these have been inspiring people all over the world to dream and become better. Nakakairita lang ang karamihan ng pinoy series e puro tungkol sa pangangaliwa at pakikiapid, as if inspiring people to do the same. We really need better scriptwriters.

Started watching Fruits Basket. I've watched it when I was younger, pero di ko maalala kung may season 2 at final season na ba back then. My free premium subscription in VIU will expire by Feb. I love Netflix's control better, pero kasi andaming anime na wala sa Netflix pero meron sa VIU. And VIU is actually cheaper... iniisip ko kung mag sa subscribe ba ko. Alam kong kailangan kong magtipid.

Hayst. Pano ba ko yayaman?


Weeee! Snow Man pala kumanta ng ilan sa mga OST ng Black Clover. Kaya pala ang ganda. Yiiiii!!

* * * * * * * * *

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月曜日: January 24, 2022

Been watching Black Clover lately. I just started season 2. This might take a month or so to finish. Average shonen, pero entertaining naman. The best parin yung plot ng Naruto.

Also watching Demon Slayer... waiting each week for new ep. Actually read few volumes on the manga, kaso naiispoil yung anime, so I guess I'll just wait.

Whenever I feel like I'm wasting my time doing all these, iniisip ko na lang, this is just an enjoyable way to be better in Japanese, di ba?

I wish there are better JP live action series though. My Love Mix-up is so good, it may take a while to find another that will rival this one. May season 2 na ba ng Alice In Boarderland?

Also watched Run On Time to stalk Ren Meguro and Shunsuke Michieda. They are the main casts of My Love Mix-up. They belong to the idol groups Snow Man and Naniwa Danshi respectively. Kahit hindi ako mahilig sa music, na enjoy ko naman. Pinanood ko yung Takizawa Kabuki Zero 2020 the Movie dahil nandun ang Snow Man. Boy, I love them.

Grabe, dami kong time.


Todo tipid lately. My target is to spend only 5k per cut-off para mas malaki ang maitabi kong pera. I still have over 1k to spend bago mag next cut-off. Tapos na rin ang quarantine namin at pwede na lumabas. Hindi nga lang rin ako makaka eat out because I am on a no sugar, no fried food diet. Mahirap humanap ng ganung pagkain sa labas. Lalo na't pescetarian pa ko.

Pag health ang reason, mas madali palang sumunod sa dietary restrictions. I don't really feel deprived, lalo na't halos araw araw akong kumakain ng spaghetti. Di nga lang masarap dahil walang asukal, pero pwede na.

Been losing about 2 kilos per week. Kung magtutuloy tuloy to, I will weigh 50 kilos by April. I've never seen myself that thin. Kaya kaya? 

Sana kaya! Excited na kong mag fit sa mga damit kong hindi pa kasya now, but maybe kasya na by then.


Siguro, magiging maayos din ang lahat no? 

* * * * * * * * *

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月曜日: December 13, 2021

Nakahanda na lahat para sa pagbabalik ko sa office. Nakalagay na sa bag yung office laptop ko, at napalaminate ko na rin yung vaccination card ko.

E kaso, ayun, bigla akong inuubo.

So ayon. Guess I need to wfh as usual. 

* * * * * * * * *

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Pan ga suki
月曜日: November 30, 2021

Gusto ko ng old school hopia. Yung nasa box. Gusto ko rin ng chocolate croissant at apple turnover. I miss the time na nafu food trip ako ng mga shalang tinapay sa mega at shang. Masarap din yung mango cake keneme ng paper moon.

Gusto ko ng tinapay.


Watching I'm Taking A Day Off on Netflix. Goodness, ampogi ni Sota Fukushi. Ang dami ng pogi j-actors these days. Lumalaban na sa looks ng mga Koreans. I remember Oguri Shun nung kabataan nya. And Toma. And Yamapi. Boy, am I really getting old?


Gusto ko ng tinapay.

* * * * * * * * *

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