土曜日: December 12, 2015

sabi sa nabasa ko, unfair daw kung ija-judge mo ang tao base sa kung ano sya nuon kasi ibang tao na sya dun sa taong sya nuon.

im feeling a bit sad for you. maybe because my mind is still operating under the assumption that you're still the same you that you were n years back. if you're still the same person, you're probably feeling upset by now. how did we all turn out like this? you've made unwise decisions back when things werent turning out so well. as someone who knows how to calm you down, i shouldve done something but chose not too. but still..

well, maybe im just worrying unecessarily. i hope you're doing fine now. from time to time, i still remember you. pag birthday mo. or kaya pag Christmas.. or pag naalala ko ang 2010. lahat kasi ng promise mo saken, you were able to keep.. except one.. your most important promise.. ung promise mong gagawin mo 3 years after graduation...2010.. forgotten. gone. for some reason, i have this feeling that you didnt really forget.. i know your capacity to remember. siguro nawalan ka lang rin ng reason para tuparin pa yung promise mo. if that's the case, i will actually understand why.

malapit na naman ang Christmas. i use to feel the giddiness of Christmas spirit kahet na nga ang totoo nyan, laging wala lang naman ang mga Christmas ko sa loob ng mga nagdaang taon.. but it was a tad bit different when you were still here. ikaw lang talaga yung taong kaya kong kausapin hanggang madaling araw. kahit minsan sinasadya kong tagalan ang reply ko sa mga message mo tipong tinatancha kong yun time na tulog ka na para lang maasar ka... and over the years, you never disappoint.. lagi kang ngang naasar. madalas naamaze ako on how i can accurately predict your reactions to every situations.

namimiss parin kita paminsan minsan. kumakain ka ba ng maigi? bat hindi ka tumataba? at parang hindi ka ata tumatanda... dati iniisip ko na malamang madedevastate ako pag nalaman kong may iba ka nang gusto.. pero sa ngayon, tingin ko, gusto ko narin for you na makahanap ka ng taong magmamahal sayo.. siguro para may nag aalaga na sayo.. para hindi ka na rin siguro masyadong ma drama.. yung taong sisigurahing kumakain ka. ganun.. nag aabang ako ng picture ng babae sa fb mo. i remember how you treated me back then. if there's someone you like, i think im bound to know. the last time i saw you with a girl, tumataas parin ang kilay ko.. but i think that's not "the girl" right? i dont know.. intuition ba yun? or delusion? im not sure..

sana masaya ka today. i still celebrate your success, you know. just like the old times. as if they are my own. we're not the same. maybe we wont ever be. and i think it's best this way. dont you think so too?

well, once a year lang naman to na naalala kita. or twice if you count Christmas too. 

happy birhday, r. merry Christmas. i miss you. bye.


this is me.


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Written by cinderellaareus at 08:03 PM.


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