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土曜日. January 12, 2020

Katsu da

Gumising akong mejo tinatamad na umalis ng bahay. Ang puso at diwa ko kasi ay nagbabakasyon na sa Taiwan nitong mga nakaraang araw. Pero nagbago ang lahat ng nakita ko ang mga kasama ko sa club. Lakas mang asar at mang bully ng mga taong to. Kaya siguro love ko sila.

In the end, nanalo ko bilang champion sa contest. Hindi ako nagkaron ng time na maenjoy ang victory ko dahil tawang tawa ko sa mga kalokohan ng mga kasama ko. Yung tinawag yung pinakamalakas na contender bilang second place, inassume na nila na ako ang nanalo. Ayoko nga sana lumapit sa stage kasi hindi ko naman narinig na tinawag yung pangalan ko sa sobrang ingay nila. Kinilig lang ako when AD Ces was teasing the audience before announcing the champion saying, "I'm looking at her right now", while looking at me. Wala lang. Ang saya lang.

Winning the area contest means I should be advancing to the division level. This will be happening on Feb 8. I will be in Taiwan then. I knew this from the start and I was okay with it. Nalungkot lang ako kasi Keren from the neighboring club sweetly offered na me-makeupan nya daw ako sa division contest. Tas nalaman ko pa na nag champion pala yung crush ko from other club dun sa area nila sa same category. Makakalaban ko sana sya sa division kung makaka attend lang ako.

Gusto ko makalaban si Crush. Syempre hindi ako magpapatalo. Sana mamove ang contest. I already talked to the 1st runner up regarding this though. But who knows... Universe, baka naman po...

Pero all kababawan aside, I'm happy that I won. Things haven't been smooth in the club lately. Or maybe feeling ko lang. But I think this victory brought smile to our faces, and that more than paid the price.

Next year, lalaban ako ulit. Gusto ko makaabot sa district level at maging national champion.


One of the reasons why I wished to win the contest even before I actually did e para malaman nung everyday crush ko na I'm really good. Tas di man lang nya ni like yung post ko. Hmp.

Syet, ambabaw. Lol.


One of the perks of not being pressured about getting married anymore e I can like whoever I want na.

There's this dude I've noticed since the last time we had a lengthy talk. For someone so young, he's quite matured. And with him, grabe, walang dull moments. Ang sarap nya kasing kausap. Bukod dun, ang ganda rin ng buhok nya, ang haba ng pilikmata, tas ang ganda rin ng kamay nya. He's such a gentleman also and is really generous. When he's not wearing anything formal, tipong everyday casual lang, he kinda looks gwapo and nagiging obvious ang pagiging rich kid nya. On top of that, he's very very smart. I think his only flaw is that, he's just 21 years old. Lol.

I used to like 1 guy at a time lang, pero ngayon paramiran na. And really, why not? For 1, hindi naman nila alam. Lol. 2, hindi ko naman sila papakasalan lahat. Lol ulet.

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土曜日. January 4, 2020

Wadda eff

So, umuwi ako sa bahay from work. Kumain at nakipagchismisan saglit sa kapatid ko, tapos umalis papuntang bangko sa may SM. Hindi pa natutulog, hindi pa naliligo. Hindi na rin ako nag bother ma mag lipstick.

So, past 12 nung lumabas ako ng SM pauwi na sa bahay. May lalaking sumalubong sakin na panay sabi ng "Miss..." akala ko mga tricycle driver na nangungulit na sumakay or kaya goons, so di ko pinansin. Tas lalong lumapit yung lalaki at panay  miss ng miss ps rin sakin. Pag tingin ko sa guy p*@! $#/&*?!!! Yung crush ko sa previous company ko! Takte. Anong ginagawa nito sa SJDM, Bulacan, e alam ko taga Fairview to? Sheeesh. 

Wala lang. I had all the time in the world para magsuklay man lang at mag lipstick. Takte, jahe. Sighs.

Anyway, ayun lang naman. Hindi na naman kami magkikita ulet non. Yaan mo na.

Naalala ko lang yung line sa Meteor Garden dati... dapat daw ang babae, laging nag-aayos at nagpapaganda dahil hindi nya alam kung kelan nya makikita ang prince charming nya. Oh sya, next time.

PS: Dapat pala nag picture ako. Wala lang. Remembrance.

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土曜日. January 4, 2020


I was happy ob my way to work last night because I was able to negotiate my way into getting the shift I want: 10AM-7PM.

Now I'm half way to my last night shift (at least for this month), and I can already feel it sucking all the happiness out of me.

Pagod na ko, Universe. T_T

Thankful ako sa trabaho ko. Really, I am. And I know I'll be in big trouble kung mawawala sakin to. 

Pero in my heart, dama ko na hindi para sakin ang corporate world.

Anong gagawin ko, Universe? T_T

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土曜日. December 21, 2019


A guy coworker was sharing stories about his life, where he said, "traumatic error" instead of "traumatic experience". Lol, #ITproblems

Hello, good morning! Almost 4 hours here in the office's sleeping quarters and I'm still wide awake. I need to fix myself by 11 so I can meet my family in Manila by 1pm. Office is in QC.


"Nag-aral ka pa, tas magko-call center ka lang?"

I used to say this to my brother, or anyone from my relatives who were planning to work in call centers. But karma is a bigger bitch, so here I am working in-- oh, guess what-- a call center!

Yes, it's humbling and all, but I never really felt like I'm being punished. If anything, I learned to treat this profession- and the people working here-- with so much respect. Ang dami kayang magagaling dito. 

Tapos, natutunan ko rin na being on graveyard shift is not really so bad. Kung hindi ko lang iniisip ang Elite, I'd love to stay in this shift a little longer pa.

Know what, the acct manager talked to us the month before I went to night shift. He told us the account's situation. If the client will decide to take the other company instead of us, well have until July to finish the contract and then we'll disperse to different accounts na. I'm not so sure if same will be true for bilinguals like myself. I dont know if there're enough accounts who are in need of Japanese speakers here. Sa tingin ko, hindi ko parin naman naiisip yun.

I'm just starting to learn about my work here. Sayang naman yung mga natutunan ko. It's been a long while since I really work, and I want to do good. 

Then, more than that, I'm also just starting to get to know the people here... pag umalis ako dito, bagong pakikisama na naman.

I really wish that the Heavens will allow all of us to stay longer pa. Sana.

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土曜日. December 14, 2019

Thoughts while in the bus

Saturday. I'm yet to sleep. This effin bus is super slow I wonder if I can save time if I'll just get off here and ride a different bus. I already paid in full.

A lot of things.

Work is getting a whole lot challenging. I didn't care so much back then, but now, tinatablan na ko pag nagagalit yung user. I've been feeling low these past couple of days because of this.

On a lighter note, ang babait ng mga kasama ko sa work. Things are so much better because of them. 

Then there are things outside work.

Yesterday, I woke up 4:45pm with messages from different people saying the same thing. Something that makes my heart feel so heavy, I don't really know what to do with it.

Naalala ko yung sabi ng late friend ko na si Cris. Minsan daw kailangan mong saktan ang tao para iligtas sya sa sarili nya. If you care for someone and he's running towards a cliff to his own demise, you gotta do what you gotta do. If he's not listening when you told him to stop, then tackle with him, pin him on the ground, break his leg if you must--all to stop him from destroying himself. I don't know if love is always this complicated. I don't know.

Pero ok lang. Kaya nya yan. I know, kaya nya yan.

Family stuff.

I booked a place around metro for my family to stay over tbe weekend next week. I bought a reservation for a dinner cruise for all six of us. Sa totoo lang, gusto ko mag-ipon at mag invest. Para samin din naman talaga even yung pag-iipon at pag iinvest part. Pero naalala ko kasi si Tita Be. She tried bringing Lola out as much as she can when Lola was still alive. But Lola was too old to enjoy it, she couldn't even climb into the car. I'm worried that if I wait till I have more than enough money na e too old na ang parents ko to enjoy the things I want them to experience. So, sige. Bahala na.


Gaaarawr! Napaka traffic. Nakakapikon. Ugh.

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土曜日. November 30, 2019

Sat and twoset

Spent the day on trips to the laundromat and the bank. Brought home lunch for the boys (Dad and Bro), handwashed some of my clothes because Mom is not around and she hasn't been for a week now. Sis-in-law and niece are in Cavite. Tomorrow, we will pick Mom up from the airport.

Other parts of the day I spent reading a book and eating junk.

It's 11:22pm now and I just spent probably an hour binge watching Twoset Violin and stalking Brett's and Eddie's IG's. Jeez, why do men get 10x attactive when they're talented and famous? And jeez, when will Twoset ever visit here in PH? Are they Japanese? Their surnames aren't Japanese though.

Know what, this girl (myself) actually has a lot of things to do, more pressing things to think of. Our manager just talked to us yesterday about the status of the account. Then there's this message from a TM-related GC, one of our VP's is requesting to take a 3-month long leave of absence...

On a normal day, I'd worry. But here am I watching Twoset.

Tomorrow's problem has to take care of itself, I guess.

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土曜日. November 16, 2019


I woke up 9am. I slept around 11pm. Now, I'll be sleeping again by 12nn and aims to wake up by 4pm as I need to leave the house by 6:30pm to get to the office by 9pm with the hope that I won't end up sleeping while on-shift as my work will end the following day at 6am. Basically, my goal for the day revolves around sleep, and boy, I've never been this productive. Lol.

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土曜日. October 26, 2019

Scorpio Season

So, November's coming, alright.

Boss said my shift will be 12nn-9pm na. I have 1 more week left for the current shift tas hello new shift. How do you call this kind of shift? Is this night shift? IDK.

Club contest on Nov 8th and 15th. With my shift, it would me impossible for me to join. But when I told the boss, sabi nya I can exchange shift daw with a colleague for those 2 Fridays. Ambait talaga nun. Wala akong masabi.


Home now. Niece is in Cavite. Niece's birthday in Nov 2 and we're going to Cavite then. We plan to stay at a resort right in front of sis-in-law's lolo's house. That's where they're holding my niece's party. I'm excited na sa resort.


Still annoyed with this dude. Just because he's making sacrifices doesn't mean I should too. Well, this girl can. I just won't. At least not when he's the one asking. Napipikon talaga ako sa taong to. Grrrrrawr.


I want to join the contests and I want to win. Pwede ba mangyari yun without exerting effort? Gusto ko lang makipaglaro sa mga aso ko, magbasa, mag fb at tumunganga, ganern.


I met with Mel and Andee a few days back. We had a good laugh and I've learned so much. Sabi ni Andee, "be open". And in our convo I also realized na mejo mali ata yung ginawa ko with F. Pero syempre, nagawa ko na. I guess I can just start over again.

Sabi ni Andee, single women should date. Hindi para kilalanin yung guy na dinedate mo, kundi para kilalanin ang sarili mo. This statement gave me a whole new perspective.

I'm trying to take note of the things that attract me in a guy. Sa tingin ko hindi naman ako particularly attracted sa gay men, siguro may qualities lang ako na nakita sa kanila na gusto ko. 

Katulad kay PK... sa tingin ko ang gusto ko sa taong yun is his fearlessness to approach people. Pag may bagong hire, nilalapitan nya, kinakausap nya. Lalo na yung mga tahimik at walang kausap. I think that is leadership in a way. Courage and leadership. Sa tingin ko, eto e dalawa sa mga bagay na nagugustuhan ko sa lalaki.

Was at the club meeting earlier. We had this guest who caught my attention. Kasi naman, naka unbutton yung 1st 2 buttons ng shirt nya, baring his chest.

I have a girl-friend who keeps photos of shirtless men, kita abs. Well, I have photos of men too in my phone, pero lahat naka damit. Wala lang. Narealize ko lang na between a guy na nakadamit and a guy na half-naked, mas gusto ko yung nakadamit. Lol.


Mel and I is planning to put up a business. It's been a while since my last attempt.

Gusto ko nang yumaman.

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土曜日. September 28, 2019

Family x friends

Home. 12:47am so it's officially Saturday.

Puteeeek, andami kong gagawin! But before that, I need to sleep.


I just read IG. May name at gender na pala ang baby ni BFF at malaki na rin ang baby bump nya. I forgot when was the last time I checked on her. That time hindi nya pa alam ang gender. I hope she's doing ok.

I feel like I've been busy missing my family that I forgot I also have friends.

Neri is also pregnant. What happened to that girl? I feel sad and sorry for not checking how my closest friends are.

Will be going to Bea's birthday party tomorrow (technically, mamaya). Sa totoo lang, I'm itching to make excuses and not go. I want to stay home. Spend time with my parents, my niece, our dogs, and everyone in our family. I don't know why I can't seem to satisfy this homesickness. 


He's probably on board the ship now. I pray that the Heavens will protect that clueless gay dude from all harm.

And send him safely back here.

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