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土曜日: August 6, 2022

I asked TL to allow me to go on half day VL today to meet my friends. He agreed. Pero ayun, hindi rin natuloy. 

My cat is very sick. He can't even walk. Since I'm wearing facemask, I allowed myself to cry while waiting for the vet, confident that no one will notice. When the vet came to asked what happened, my voice cracked, but at least, there were no tears.

Agh, I'm tired. I'm just glad I have the money to at least provide for my cats' medical needs. I wish they will never get sick again ever, as this is really emotionally painful and exhausting.

I still came here at work. An escalation welcomed me. Masamang magbintang, pero alam kong galing to kay Robert. I'm too fed-up to think about retaliating, or to at least even defend myself. Mukhang di naman sya pinaniniwalaan ni TL, pero kahit ganun, naiirita pa rin ako. Napapagod akong makipag-away. Nakakapagod mag explain.

Sana gumaling na yung pusa ko. Sana masurvive nya to. Sana ma extend and contract ng account namin. Oh God, I'll be in so much trouble if I lose this job. I'm tired. I'm scared. Universe, please.

I like that vet. I found his presence reassuring. I stopped feeling like crying when I found that he's today's vet. I think I also like him romantically, but maybe I'm just lonely. LOL.

Jeez, I'm still feeling down despite this imagined love life.


I just got a text from my mom. My cat, Goldie, is gone..

The rain was bad. I feel like the Heavens was crying on my behalf.

* * * * * * * * *

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土曜日: June 18, 2022

Back to work, alright.

Yesterday, my whole body hurt, I found it hard to get up from the bed. Grabe yung massage dun sa spa. Mapanakit. Still want to go back there though. Officemate and I are planning to go back, maybe by the end of next month. I loved the jacuzzi and herbal bath.

Convo with friends revolved mostly about love, trauma, and undergarments. It was really funny, I had a good laugh. I'm glad we went there.


I still can't seem to shake this dissatisfaction. I want to do something about it.

Spent the day yesterday reading BL and playing with neice and nephew. I need to tone down my spending as Mel and I are planning to push through with the Korean trip by November. Of course, I'll be bringing my parents along. Of course, I'm going to pay. I need to save. Big time.

* * * * * * * * *

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土曜日: May 21, 2022

Waiting for news regarding the building transfer tomorrow. 11PM, there's still no news.


Heard that Ms. Ayen passed away. This came as a shock.

A lot of things happening...


I fully get it. Now I can't sleep. Dang.

* * * * * * * * *

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Not Bad
土曜日: May 14, 2022

Leave office at 6. Get home by 8. dinner and evening rituals for 2 hours and around 10pm, I'll be in bed, with the alarm set at 5AM.

But this closet fujoshi cannot possibly end the day without having her daily dose of BL. I read 5-6 chapters before I sleep. I always lack sleep, but that's fine.

Life's pretty simple these days. It's not bad. It's not the best, but not bad.

Work is easy. Officemates are nice. Pay is good. Not bad.

Still, there is that "okay, ano na" feeling.

Okay. Ano na?

* * * * * * * * *

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土曜日: April 9, 2022

Received a favorable response on the complaint concern I've raised regarding the chat QA at the office. I've been raising a lot of "concerns" lately. I hope this will not get me into trouble. 

Nephew's birthday on 22nd. The celebration will be in Cavite. The plan was to stay at a resort near my brother's in-law's house. There are also plans to go sightseeing. Might take 2 days. I already said I'm not going as I can't really leave my cats. I need a yaya for my cat. I really wish to go. T_T

RTO is fast approaching. Nakakatamad. I've started having trouble sleeping kakaisip na magbabyahe na naman ako pabalik sa office. I'm thinking the commute will be so much easier and faster if only I have a car. I cant drive though. 

Sighs. Ewan. Gusto kong maging tipo ng tao na chill lang even when things don't go my way. I hate this frustrated feeling. Grrgg!


Tried watching romcom kdrama again. Having exposed in BL, parang ang korni korni na ng usual love stories. Hindi ko na natapos.

I watched Sk8 The Infinity. Though technically not a BL, I love to bromance. There are only 12 episodes though. I wish there's more. Can't get enough of Reki and Langa. They're so cute. Can't find a manga of this though. Sayang.

Oh, wait. Gotta work.

* * * * * * * * *

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Random Saturday Nonsense
土曜日: April 2, 2022

Ang sarap ng Lucky Me Mi Goreng. Gusto ko ng tuna pasta. Sis-in-law just cooked that for me few days ago. It was so good, I want to eat the same again. Tonight, we'll have lumpia made with bangus. I love lumpia. It always makes me sad when the lumpia in parties were made of pork. I'm glad there's bangus lumpia. I want to have dinner already.

Sis-in-law is a good cook. My brother is so lucky. I wish I can find a husband who's good at cooking also, so we can eat happily.


I had my baby cat neutered, alright. The experience was so much better than the previous one. I was surprised that the surgeon was male. The last time was a female vet. I saw the vet walked in to the clinic, I've noticed him even because his hair looked similar to the hairstyle of a manga character I've read before. I didn't know he was the vet until he sat beside me. 

The vet was good. He was able to give injection to my cat without a struggle. The last time with another vet, dumanak pa ng dugo dahil nakalmot ng pusa ko yung attendant. He was able to easily tame my cat, she's not even the type who get easily tamed. I told the vet, "ang galing nyo po mag injection!" The praise was more than well-deserved. 

The stitch were nicely done, I didn't even need to put anti-lick protection to my cat. My faith in veterinarians was restored that instant. The last time kasi, it was so badly stiched like it can come lose anytime. Tas di pa pantay, and they even shaved off one of my cat's dede, it was truly heartbreaking. 

Pero now, with this male vet, my cat looked all fine, I wish we'll have the same surgeon again next time. 

I should've asked for his name. Is he single? I think getting a chef instead of a vet will be better if I'd want to eat happily everafter...

In a way, nakakatamad ding lumandi.

Oh well, I will soon gonna break free from this hermit mode. Maybe I'll have some time by then. We'll see.

* * * * * * * * *

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土曜日: March 26, 2022

"Give up on your dreams and die" - Levi Ackerman

Got past ep 80. The story is all messed up now. For my own peace of mind, I checked wiki fandom to see if Levi was indeed going to die. I still don't want to spoil everything so I haven't checked Armin yet. Jeez. Do I really have to go through all the unnecessary heartbreaks for these fictional characters?


Had a meeting with the boss and our TL yesterday. I would've refused since it was my day off if it wasn't about something important to me —RTO.

I've raised my concerns regarding return to the office and requested for a  wfh setup extension. Boss said he'll give me 6 weeks more, but we will still need the approval of HR.

Humans will always get what they settle for, so I think it's always wise to negotiate. If the HR will approve, my RTO will start on May 2 instead of April 1. Crossing fingers.

I know I need to expand my world. I know we will all eventually go back to the office. I heard that a work from home related bill is on its way. I was hoping the extension can just buy me some time... but then again, what will I benefit from staying home for so long besides getting stagnant?

Argh. Damn.

* * * * * * * * *

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土曜日: March 19, 2022

I kinda get its popularity now. Before I knew it, I was already in season 3. I read somewhere that Levi will die. Sana fake news. I wonder if it will happen in this season. I want Levi to be always healthy and happy. He and Armin are my favorites.

23 minutes before my shift. Debating whether to open the tv and watch at least one ep, or move my desk so I'll be facing the tv and watch when avail the entire shift.

Goodness, my mind is practically living in anime world already.

* * * * * * * * *

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土曜日: March 5, 2022

Spending 2 days at work, 2 days VL, 1 day training, tas 2 days rest day. Should've spent the entire weekdays off if it wasn't for the mandatory training on Wednesday. TL offered to change the training for me, I told him I'll just attend.

Wednesday is a good schedule bilang 6PM to 3AM yung training. I have the following Tuesday to sleep if needed. Besides, makakasabay ko pa si Wendy. May ka chismisan ako pag na bored na ko. Iniisip ko lang kung saan ako magte training dito sa bahay. My work station at home is in my parents' room. They'll be asleep during my training. Baka kailanganin ko mag work sa sala. May multo sa 1st floor namin where the sala is. I haven't seen it yet though. Should be fine, right? Lol, bahala na.

Watching Kuroko's basketball. Shield Hero was awful. This one is so-so. Siguro nako compare ko rin kasi sa Slam Dunk. I miss the entire Haikyuu crew.

Been having sneezing fit these days. The air purifier necklace is surely helping a lot, but it's not enough. Maybe I need to desk, or maybe the entire room. Which will probably make the sneezing worse.

I need a housemaid.

* * * * * * * * *

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