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水曜日: January 13, 2016

A lot of things depress me lately.

Work, family, personal life, etc. I know there wud be times when an area of ur life sucks, but it's rarely all of them, right?

Maybe because I'm trying to control things that are out of my control. Sabi s nbasa q, meron daw area of concern. within that area of concern merong area of influence. To be highly effective daw dapat mag work k lng sa area of influence mo. Sinusubukan q naman gawin to. Pero sadyang mahirap syang iapply lalo na kung bwisit na bwisit ka na. Lord knows I'd gladly leave if only there's somewhere else I can go. Maybe I got a few more options, but they're not my best option. So I guess I need to put on some more Hollywood smile and do my best to stay put.


Just got home. Went to see injan before i proceeded to attend feast makati. Got surprised na naandon na naman si P. Bigla bigla nalang talagang sumusulpot ung taong yun. Went there to actually see brader Jan preach. Ang labo ko talaga. I went there to see him but whenever he's getting near me, I'm running away. Jeez.. Ano bang problema kooo?! Huhu. As a preacher, brader jan's practically a celebrity so normal lang na meron syang fans. And normal lang din if isa ko sa mga yun. Pero kasi.. Napapraning parin ako. Alam nya kaya na ako yung nagpapapicture sa kanya every year? Napansin nya kaya na nila like ko lahat ng post nia sa Facebook at instagram? Nahahalata nia na ba koooo? Wahhhhhh!!!! ?

Oh, OK. I know all these are irrational overthinking. Kasi nga celebrity naman sya at malamang Hindi lang ako ang nang fa fangirl s kanya, d ba? Sh*t I'm so Nene. Know what, Hindi nmn ako gnito ka nene 100% of the time. Madalas naman e chill lang ako. And thou it may not look too obvious, I actually CAN flirt. Sa tingin ko iba lang ata talaga pag face to face k sa taong so close to your ideal. And to think that Jan is different from my usual type (as to how he became an ideal without being my type.... Tinatamad ako mag explain. Hehe Tongue Out

Hayyyst.. Kung laging ganito, pano na ang kinabukasan ng love life kooooo?

Hayyyst ulet.


Naka leave ako for weds. Kaya malakas loob ko mgpuyat. Its 1:49am. Technically Wednesday n. Will be back to work by Thurs. My life at work isnt getting any better. Sana magamit ko yung nipreach ni brader Jan na wonder, wisdom, welcome...etc. Gusto ko rin talaga mag feast dun..but considering my schedule and location...

Sabi ni brader Jan, "before you ask 'how', you say WOW!"

Tama, mag fifeast nako dun every Tuesday!! How? Wow!

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 01:58 AM.


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