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水曜日. October 17, 2019

F and Fam

Daily updates and whatnot. There's nothing on my part. Maybe nothing on his either. But I guess all these are anough to at least alleviate the boredom.


Mom sent me a text earlier. "Nak, bili ka crayola malaki para kay baby. Yung may pink. Wala kasi syang pink. Nanghihiram lang sya. Kawawa naman."

I love how Mom can count on me better these days. Surely, I've been a breadwinner since I started working (well, both my brother and I, that is), but it's a whole lot different when you're not so poor anymore. Hindi na nakakainit nang ulo. I love saying, "sige, ako bahala," or "pili kayo kahit anong gusto nyo," and so on.

But I seriously need to regulate my expenses. Sis-in-law is pregnant. She had a cs with my niece, which means she will need to undergo cs again this time around. Brother said it might cost around 100k. It was 60k 4 years ago. Bukod pa dun, maselan din ang pagbubuntis nya that she needs to go to the hospital often. They could kill as much as 4k every visit.

Brother never really asked for my help. I know my brother. I know he's not doing that out of pride. He just doesn't want to burden me or Mom. Still, I want to have the money ready. When Brother gets stressed with his finances, he can get a little short-tempered. He's carrying all his family problems on his own. He seems to be at the breaking point sometimes. It pains me. I think he doesn't have to feel that way. Pag nakaipon na ko, siguro hindi na masyadong mai-stress ang kapatid ko.


Takte, ang gastos gastos for nitong mga nakaraang araw. 

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水曜日. October 2, 2019


Mel just booked a flight to Taiwan on February 2020 for the 2 of us. It's been 10 years since I had an international travel. Ang dami pang pwedeng mangyari, pero paid na yung flight. Guess I'm going to Taiwan. If the Heavens will allow, that is.


3rd day na ng pagiging vegetarian ko. Bukod sa itlog, wala pa akong kinakaing hayop. I intend to make it low-carb vegetarian diet para ikapayat ko na rin. I feel like I can sustain this.

Will turn 34 on Sunday. Our family will celebrate on Saturday. Good luck sa paninindigan kong maging vegetarian habang nasa Sambo Kojin.

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水曜日. September 18, 2019


I don't know, but club renewal season kinda feel likes like end-of-semister season. Yung tipong hindi mo alam kung sino-sino pa ba ang matitira sa mga classmmates mo. This club was once home to me. Surely, naiirita at naiistress na rin ako madalas, but I think this is still home. Man, my heart is hurting.


J-speakers are planning for an outing. I have 4 workshops to set up on October, 4 contests by November and a committee to form. Paano ko sasama?

Pwede naman siguro, maiistress nga lang ako. Pero nasabi ko na rin na muri. Sabi ko dati, I'll put my relationships first before anything else. Ano to, Z?

Then I realized, I'm not really doing this for the club, this is for my own well-being.


I feel sad. Must be PMS.

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水曜日. August 21, 2019


Random chat. Rest day nya e. He asked if pumasok na ba yung isa sa mga j-speakers na close sa kanya. I told him, hindi pa, then followed:

Z: wait, nag resign na ba?

P: Hindi gaga.

P: sakit.




Gaga daw. Confirmed.

Eto na naman tayo, Z.


Coworker1 is an english agent trying to learn Japanese from Coworker2. They were having a convo where Co1 asked Co2 how he's planning to name his soon-to-be-born baby.

Co1 suggested, "bakit di nalang shinderu (dead)?" He probably meant shinjiru (believe), but no one from the j-speakers laughed.

If that is not kindness, I don't know what is.

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水曜日. August 14, 2019

Drunk post

Hindi natuloy ang parents ko sa pag punta sa rented place ko sa Manda last Sunday. They're probably going on the next long weekend. I just realized I've stacked some liquor on my shelf. My parents don't know that I drink so I started drinking my stock one by one.

I have a bottle of chardonnay I've kept for ages. I planned to drink it with Mel but we can't seem to find time. I'm drinking it now. About 2 inches left. May pasok pala ko bukas. I forgot. When was the last time I got this drunk?

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水曜日. August 7, 2019


10:30pm and I can't sleep.

Naalala ko yung post dati ni Jennica sa IG na picture nya at ng mag-ama nya, and the caption read, "mahal ko kayo at hinding hindi ko kayo ipagpapalit."

I want to have someone to make that promise with--then actually keep it.

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水曜日. August 7, 2019

Suki ka suki ja nai ka

Hey, it's been a while. I've been spending days at work doing nothing. Wala rin naman akong ginagawa sa dati kong trabaho, pero at least dun, pwede ako lumabas at magpalipas oras. Here, I need to stay in my seat and find ways to entertain myself without cellphone and internet. Bawal din magpasok ng pagkain. Over all, ok lang naman. At least I like the people. Naeentertain din naman ako since nandyan si PK. It's a little harder during Thursdays and Fridays since those are his rest days. 

He said he'll be taking a leave around the end of the month. Magkakaron din daw ng reshuffle sa shift nila so baka maging pang gabi na sya. Ang boring ng buhay office pag wala si PK. Sana mag start na kong mag take ng calls...

Kaso, sino magtuturo sakin kung wala si PK? T_T

PK said Per*y's leaving soon. Mauuna pa pala sya kay PK. Kararating ko lang tas sila aalis na. Ano kaya yun?


It's only 2 days a week that I get to see my family. I get to sleep in my real room only once a week. I'm starting to feel homesicked.

I want to believe that there are better days ahead.

Nalulungkot na ko.

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水曜日. July 31, 2019


TL: Ok lang ba, shift mo sa Friday, 3pm-12am?

Z: Pwede po ba humindi?

TL: Ah... hindi e.

Ano kaya yun, tinanong pa ko. Lol.

Today marks the 13th day since I met the people in my account. I don't know what could happen in the future, pero right here, right now, thankful ako sa mga taong nasa paligid ko, especially kina Per*y at PK. They treat me well and things are so much more fun and easy with them around. Again, wala namang nakakaalam sa mangyayari sa future, but sana, at the very least, maging friends ko sila. PK is planning to leave though as his family is transferring to Cavite. This saddens me, pero ano namang magagawa ko?

Different shift na ko next week. Sabi ni Boss, baka daw 10am-7pm. Baka. Di pa sure. Tsaka need ko rin daw mag night shift kahit a few days lang. Ok lang naman. Yun nga lang, wala akong kakilala sa night shift. The past 13 days, sila Per*y at PK lang naman ang madalas kong nakakausap aside from the j-speaking peeps. Anong klaseng tao kaya ang mga nasa night shift? Sa totoo lang, I'm not really thrilled about this.

Ang higpit parin dito sa co #4. Kinakabahan ako. Sa ngayon, ayoko muna mawalan ng trabaho.

Sabi ni Boss, the other 3 j-speaking new hires e galing sa same company. Magkakasama daw sila. N1. Yung iba half-j's. Eh N3 lang ako.

Know what, in company no.3, they used to call us j-speakers, "the untouchables". Because, normal employees who break rules can get terminated right away, but those rules were not applicable to us. Hindi nila kami basta basta mate-terminate bilang mahirap humanap ng kapalit. That's why they always tolerated our ways.

Kaya naman mejo nahihirapan akong mag adjust. Strictly 1 hr lunch break, tas dalawang 15 minutes break, feeling ko kulang na kulang sakin ang mga breaks dito. Not really complaining though.

Alam ko rin kasing hindi ako bibigyan ng special treatment dito lalo na't marami kami and I'm sure they can easily find a replacement in case I leave. This company pays well. I wonder how much are they paying the N1 people. Based sa job ad, ceiling na yung sakin. Pero imposible naman na same sakin ang ibabayad nila sa N1. Idk.

Wait, why should it matter?


May bagay akong gustong matutunan. Yung kung paano maging independent ang happiness ko sa kung paano ako i-treat ng mga taong nasa paligid ko. Parang ngayon, masaya ko dahil mababait ang mga taong nasa paligid ko... e pano kung hindi na?

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水曜日. July 17, 2019


So the trainer told me that her Citrix is not working so she'll have another agent train me instead.

As the training progressed, the agent said, "actually, ako yung nag presintang i-train ka. Bakit? Kasi, gusto ko lang."

This sounded so damn familiar. Nilalandi ba ko neto?

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