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Random thoughts before i snooze off
Wednesday: August 23, 2017

Everyday i brainwash my niece, "love ka ni Tita," and since then, her response to "love mo ba si Tita," evolved from "hindi" to "mamaya nalang" to "opo" to "love" to "lablab Tita".

Sabi na nga ba, powerful ang words. Matry nga sa crush ko. Hahaha. Charot.

Sighs. Just trying to lighten things up for it wasn't a good day. Iniisip ko nalang na this is the Heaven's way of pulling me out of here. Make me experience pure hell so i will have no other choice but find a way to get out. Gusto kong maniwala na magagawa ko nga to.

Was looking at a friends profile in fb. Aside from seeing what i initially sought, i found a picture of a boy resting on her chest. Probaby "The Guy". I've been wondering about this even back then. How she's highly social, sexy and confident with gazillions of other wonderful traits. i thought then that there's no way someone wouldn't notice her because patterns said there should and I'm a believer of patterns. If the guy is indeed "The Guy", then the pattern still works pala.

If so, then all i have to do is to folllow the pattern and get the same result. Kaso nakakatamad.

Kung magiging honest ako sa sarili ko, sa tingin ko, hindi ko pa talaga kailangan. Lalo na ngayon na magulo pa lahat. Na sarili ko nga hindi ko maayos. Minsan siguro, binabato lang saten ng langit ang mga bagay na kaya na natin saluhin. Sa totoo lang, ok lang naman talaga saken.

A few people lurking. One's a charmer. I don't trust charmers. They are the most deceitful type, i think. I'm familiar with their weapons 'coz partly, i am one too. That makes it harder for me to trust them all the more. Normally, i would at least take a look, but not now....

Been feeling so low. Plus there's the headache which started since Monday. I'm probably PMSing. I still eat like a construction worker. My pants don't fit anymore. Pero ayoko na magreklamo. Balang araw mawawala ang PMS at baka hanap hanapin ko naman sya.

Naiisip kita. Oo ikaw.

* * * * * * * * *

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Level up
Wednesday: August 2, 2017

Dapat talaga secret lang e. Pero ang hirap to keep a secret from a friend. I'm just so excited for me and jay. Mejo puyatan nga lang. Meeting on friday. I wonder if i can do something to ensure we end on time. I will be the tme after all. Besides, the contestants have to rest.

Excited na rin ako for our contestants. Im just a bit worried about the boy. He looked drained. When we talked as we were going home, i was able to confirm if my guess as to why he was being that way was true. Turned out, i guessed it right. I hope he's feeling better now.

Know what, im bothered by how the boy is so much like R. See, I'm a believer of patterns and i haven't seen one failed before, so i really don't know.. Still, baka mali lang ako. But if tama ako, e ano naman? Wala naman problema dun di ba? Ewan ko. 

Para rin kasi syang glass na pwedeng mabasag sa kamay ko. Or baka nako-compare ko lang sya kay R. Minsan kasi parang detached rin naman sya like me. If that's the case, edi walang problema. Or wait, baka wala naman talagang problema. Lol. Praning lang.


Kailangan ko ng magsulat ng speech. Tumambay na sa pc ko ung jonathan speech ko. Hindi ko mabigyan ng justice. Kasi naman may pagka horror. While writing halfway, natatakot ako na baka bigla bigla nalang may multo. Hahaha. Pak this. Baka umisip nalang ako ng ibang speech. Puteeeeek, anong petsa na? Huhu.

* * * * * * * * *

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wednesday thoughts
Wednesday: July 26, 2017

it was because of jay that i found out na available pala sa supermarket ang sacramental bread (ostia), pero kanina lang talaga ako nakakita. diet talaga ko. at 3 days narin akong naka cheat day and cannot afford another. iniisip ko lang...

nakakataba kaya ang ostia? kasi malapit ko na maubos yung 500 pcs in one sitting. gutom?


tamad to the highest level. kung kelan may nabuo na kong outline sa isip ko for my bsp 9, tamad na tamad naman akong magsulat. tas nag volunteer pa ko for another event. i dont know why im doing this to myself.  yung ang tahi tahimik na ng buhay mo at wala kang inaalala tas ikaw pa naghahanap ng sarili mong problema. lel.

pangarap ko kasi yung role. excited na nga ko e. pero  kung hindi ako kikilos at magpe prepare then, im gonna get myself in trouble.

fancying the idea of taking the role of someone to man the registration booth with LA for the area contest come aug  5. perfect venue to expand network or spot new target. haha. but the day before that is a TM meeting. muri. hindi kakayanin ng katawang lupa ko unless willing akong pumunta dun kahit zombie. ayaw.


back in trying to fix my life. might be needing to extend this hiatus. career at financial life muna.

on the 29th, 4th anniversary na namin ng cage. ayoko nang umabot ng 10th, Lord. T_T

been reading Bo Sanchez' "how good people like you can become rich". who would have known that it could be a real tearjerker. sinisipon na ko. ang wirdo lang ng mga bagay na nakakapag paiyak saken lately.

i plan to re-read the richest man in babylon. sana wag naman akong ma stuck sa kakabasa lang. 

* * * * * * * * *

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Sabaw at kornik
Wednesday: June 21, 2017

Tuesday. I woke up with the sound of the doorknob being turned along with my brother's voice.

Bro: za**** gising na.

Z: bakit naman ako gigising?

Bro: hindi ka papasok?

Z: bakit naman ako papasok e sabado ngayon?

Bro: tuesday ngayon.

That made me jump out of bed and prepare to work.

Got home past 12 last monday as i joined people from the club to hunt for our club's new home. Sa totoo lang, i wouldn't mind the place so much as long as I'm still with these amazing people. Still, i guess it wouldn't hurt if we will find a nice one, and we did. Mejo na eexcite na ko. The budget will be tighter though as we need to help filling the consumable, pero kaya yan. Tiwala lang. Oh Lord, help me.


"Hypothetical question: what will be the headline if one of the biggest banks in the Philippines murdered Papa Jack or Chris Tsuper?"

Got this message from some dude who's a fellow TM from another club. Kala ko naman seryosong tanong tipong gagamitin sa table topics anik so i sent it to partner para maki join force. He had no idea about the people mentioned. It was when the dude said, "sirit?" that i realized na.... puteeeek, he was joking lang pala.

Video killed the radio star.

Vi de o killed the radio star.

BDO killed the radio star.

Gah! Sa sobrang korni natawa ko. Ngayon ko lang narinig yung song, infey, lakas maka LSS.

Kanina, partner asked from whom the joke came from. When i told him he's a TM from another club and already married, partner was like, "lumalandi ba yon? Wag ka papatol ha." Mejo praning. Lol.

Sabi nila, mahirap daw magsalita ng tapos, pero sa tingin ko hanggat mahal ko ang nanay ko, hindi ako papatol sa may asawa.

Still, sa tingin ko, the dude wasn't really flirting. I think he was just being friendly. He seems to really like his wife afterall. Bad trip lang, hindi ko parin ma shake yung kanta away sa system ko.

BDO killed the radio star.

Pag natawa ka sa corny na joke ibig sabihin ba corny ka rin? Gah!


Days been creeping so slowly. Mom's real birthday is on friday. 2 days pa. The celebration is on sunday. Sa totoo lang mejo tinatamad ako at mas feel ko matulog nalang, pero sana maging maayos at masaya parin ang lahat.


May namimiss ako. Ano bang ginagawa ng normal na tao pag meron syang namimiss?

* * * * * * * * *

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Panther and Parrot
Wednesday: June 14, 2017

He took my wrist to fit some nice bracelet onto it. 

Hindi kasya, so I offered my other wrist, the one without a wristwatch on it. Ayan kasya na. I was waiting for the punchline expecting him to make fun about the bracelet not fitting. 

"Maganda ba?" He asked. 

"This is nice," I said. 

Tapos Hindi nya na kinuha...

Minsan sweet din talaga tong batang to e no.

Salamat, partner! : )


Got a message from one of my mom's friends na sinendan ko ng invitation yesterday. She happens to be the mother of the guy I once dated. She said she remembers me. I hope she won't bring up anything about me and her son. Said she's attending. Nahihiya tuloy ako. Hahaha. Puteeek. 

And, dapat pala nag diet ako. Bat ba ngayon ko lang naisip to? Shoot, 10 days to go. Sana kayanin to ng kapangyarihan ni Dr. Atkins. 

* * * * * * * * *

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sabaw and sis code
Wednesday: May 31, 2017

inaantok ako. inaantok ako. inaantok ako. pag paulit ulit ko bang sinabing inaantok ako mababawasan ba yung antok ko?


would've had an ample sleep (in my world, ample means 4 hours) if i didnt spend what remained of my sleeping time chatting a girl-friend up until past 1 am.

last week, i asked this friend if she's really not interested with a certain target. she said no, so i told her, im taking it. she said sure.

then just last night, she said she's interested now. Mejo magulo. Pero ok lang naman. Im just glad that she was honest so i can at least step back.

if the friend succeeds, she might end up with a good beau. if not, then im taking the game back.

All is fair in love and 'war'.


socializing event last night drained so much of me. i think i need to go on a hermit mode for a week to recuperate.

* * * * * * * * *

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The lion and the den
Wednesday: May 24, 2017

My eyes sting. Either because of the chemicals from paint or the smoke from the mosquito coil. Borrowing my brother's room tonight. Mine was freshly painted with primer and the place is a total mess. good thing, brother, wife and kid are not home. I'm loving this room's dim light so far, I have to commend my sis-in-law for the idea. I guess I'd try to convince mom to change one of the light bulbs in my room into something faint and yellow too. Ganda e. 

They will be painting my room in a light yellow color. If I have the money, I would want a built-in upper deck as my bed kahit maliit lang then the space below will be for book shelves and closet. If it's up to me, I want my room to be a mini library. Tas may dim light tas couch. Tas jazz music in the background. Sobrang perfect nun. Maybe I can have a keyboard/piano too by the side that I can play, tas syempre table and chair na gagamitin ko pag magsusulat ako. Ang saya! Pag nagkataon, baka hindi na ko umalis ng bahay. 

Need to gather  all my charm to convince mom into having all these done for me. My mom's been so invested in fixing my room after all. It's almost as if she's pretty certain I won't leave the house na. Like I'm not gonna get married and all. Sakeeeet. Lol. 


Met gabby yesterday for some vp ed duties. My term will start by July pa. I'm not so sure why we're doing this so early. I guess, he's just being gabby. 

I'm not feeling as good about our club lately. Siguro naninibago lang ako. I miss neri and jay's absent most of the time kaya siguro mejo iba yung vibe for me. But as long as gabby and Ivan are there, sa tingin ko, magiging okay parin naman lahat. 


Multilingual night on the 30th. Of course, partner and I are attending. I hope we'll meet interesting people. Dapat siguro nagsisimula na kong may diet. Pak. 

Signed up for a ministry at the feast nearest my place. They are yet to contact me. I hope they will soon. This is an effort to expand my world some more. My world has remarkably expanded since I joined Toastmasters. I'm not sure if I've seen all there is but I guess it wouldn't hurt to try another venue. Besides, mas masaya siguro mag simba pag meron kang friends na kasama. The friends I made at the feast are all attending in bay area. Mejo malayo, teh. so I guess, ill try making new ones nalang. Plus, training ministy was what in signed up for, kahit papano makakapag practice ako ng public speaking skills ko. I'm excited. I hope I can get in. 


Magulo parin ang mundo ko. Hindi naman ako makapag reklamo sa Universe dahil alam kong hindi ko pa nagagawa lahat ng part ko to fix things. Minsan feeling ko, kailangan kong i-develop ang sense of urgency ko sa mga bagay bagay. 

Heavens, can you just fix all these for me even without me doing anything about it? 


You invited the lion alone in a den with you. That was very dangerous. If I didn't know better, I'd think you're willing to become a victim. 

A pro act without thinking about the consequences.


I guess, I'm still an amateur. 

* * * * * * * * *

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WITH YOU, with you
Wednesday: May 3, 2017

What I LIKE most about you is how you make me feel assured that things are going to be okay. Virtual presence mo lang, ganun na ang effect...

What I LOVE most about you is... you. 


Well, okay na naman. Still, salamat sa pagmamahal. Kahit anong klaseng pagmamahal pa yan. 


Madalas nagpapagupit ako ng buhok pag brokenhearted.  Hindi naman ako brokenhearted. Sadyang irita lang sa init at sa everyday bad hair day habit ng buhok ko. 

Had a haircut today. The usual Bob. I love Bob. I asked the parlorista na gusto ko mejo angled at mas mahaba sa isang side. Sinunod naman ni ateng. Galing nya nga e. I actually liked the cut only I didn't expect it to be this short. 

Club's anniversary party on 19th. Filipiniana ang theme. I'm actually scouting for a gown kasi I intend to wear one. How can I make rampa in a gown with a super short hair like this? Ayun lang naman. Dapat pala, hinintay ko muna matapos ang mga rampa events like this bago ko nagpagupit. Nakakainis ang init, nalulusaw tuloy common sense ko. 


Okay, ikaw ulet...

Pwede kaya? 


Parang hindi no? Sige na nga... 

* * * * * * * * *

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patience and storm
Wednesday: April 26, 2017

there's this project im currently working on that's really testing my patience. for more than 3 years of my transition from an overstressed into a super petix life, feeling ko, hindi rin naman pala talaga ako nagbago.

waiting is apparently still not my strong suit. you have no idea how much it takes for me to prevent myself from unleashing my inner bitch. nakakainis maghintay. tapos last night pa, biglang someone texted me questioning the political correctness of adding "achievements" and "affiliations" into our members' profiles. napa smh talaga ko, teh.. mega kasi yung wordings e. may consensus pang nalalaman. my gawd. haha.. if there's anything i can commend myself for, siguro yung ability kong pigilan ang sarili kong maging incredible hulk. at least nakapag-isip naman ako at nakapag reply ng mahinahong reply in the end. sa tingin ko naging maayos naman ang lahat after. or at least i hope ganun. tsaka naisip ko rin kasi na siguro, sadyang may mga tao lang na mejo sablay sa mga choice of words nila. maybe that's why they decided to join the club. i dont know. pero at least, natutunan ko na kung pipilitin, kaya ko naman palang maging mapagpasensya at mahinahon.


hr are meeting us up daw on friday for the purpose of "strengthening our relationship with our foreign language speakers." first time to and i dont know what to expect. whatever this is, i  hope positive ang maging outcome.


leaving for cavite on sun. sa totoo lang, i just want to stay home, be my hermit self and magpaka emo.


the Universe is providing me more than enough distractions. For this, im greatful.

* * * * * * * * *

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