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水曜日: April 1, 2020

Naisip ko lang.

Malabo talaga siguro na maging malapit ako dito sa crush ko kahit tropa levels lang, kasi, takte, kahit tambakan nya pa ng smileys yung mga IM nya twing may pinapasa syang ticket sakin e hindi parin mawala wala ang takot ko sa taong to.

Ba't kaya ganun no?


I brought the hot pack to my parents' room as Dad requested. He gave me a wide-toothed smile as I handed the hot pack to which I said something like, "luh, parang baliw", and laughed.

The truth is I'm scared of losing that smile. I'm scared of losing my parents and anyone from my family. I stopped drinking vitamin c because I'm scared that our supply won't suffice for my parents to take until this whole outbreak is over. I'm scared.

Ano bang gagawin ko?

* * * * * * * * *

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水曜日: March 25, 2020

Sis-in-law's pregnant and is due to deliver a month from now. It must be tough for her with the COVID situation and all. We just found out that the Mayor of Naic was tested positive. Sis-in-law's tito, who is a politician, had a contact with the mayor and is now a PUM. Dumaan pa daw sa bahay ni sis-in-law her tito. That's why my brother keeps on sighing these days. Sobra sobrang siguro ang pag-aalala nya lalo na at hiwa hiwalay sila.

I just read a post encouraging the people who are working from home na galingan. Kasi daw, mas ok yung ganitonh setup. Bawas polusyon dahil di ka na ba byahe. Mas may time ka pa sa mga aso mo at mga mahal mo sa buhay. Mas mahaba ang tulog, etc, etc. May point naman...

Pero para sa taong single, I think this is a terrible idea. 


Naiirita ko pag may nagme message from dating apps. Like, really?Naiisip mo yan habang nasa krisis tayo? Pero siguro tama lang naman na patuloy paring mabuhay sa kabila ng kaguluhan. Na hindi naman kailangan paikutin mo lang ang mundo mo sa pag-aalala sa kung anong mangyayari sa kinabukasan. Gaano ba kalaki ang pag-asa natin.

I'm not even scared of dying. I'm just scared of not being able to get my life back. My freedom back. My plans back. Alam ko, may ibang tao pang may mas mabigat na problema.

Makikita ko pa kaya ulet yung crush ko?

Yeah. I'm not any different. Lol.

* * * * * * * * *

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水曜日: February 26, 2020

Malapit na kong bumalik sa trabaho. Hindi pa rin ako payat. Huhu! T_T


Fellowship night on Friday in our club. Videoke daw. I already confirmed my attendance. But Boss sent a message today saying may plan to eat out daw sa office, asking if sasama ako. Friday din, and I said yes also.

I'm very close to the people in the club. I love them like a family. But I also want to get to know the office people better. Bukod dun, aalis na rin si Boss. Gusto ko muna sila makasama. Hahabol nalang siguro ko sa club. The 21-year old kiddo requested this kind of event. I want to know kung magaling talaga syang kumanta. Nakakatawa he made a joke time poster about the event kunyari "album launching" containing a picture of me from more than 10 years ago. Lol.

But this is a good problem, isn't it.


Dad is  done with all the necessary lab tests. We're waiting for results on Friday. By Monday, pwede na syang operahan. He seemed considerably happier these days knowing na hindi na namin kailangang maglabas ng 81k. The cost of the whole procedure, including the laboratory tests, is more or less 10k lang in a public hospital, so all good. Thank you, Universe!


Sis-in-law is pregnant. CS sya so they can pick the date of the baby's birth. Around early May, I'll be having my first ever nephew. I'm more than excited.

But recently, weird things had been happening in the house. We've been hearing bird-like sounds at night and sometimes room doors are opening by itself. I, too, am hearing that "tik, tik, tik" sound whenever I go to the bathroom downstairs around past 12 mn. Tito Leo gave Mom some branches which he instructed to be put on the doors and windows. This will prevent any aswang daw from getting near. Mom also instructed sis-in-law never to leave their room alone if she needs to pee. Mom told her to always wake up Bro and bring him with her. 

Hindi ako masyadong naniniwala sa aswang, pero natatakot parin ako para sa pamangkin ko. Konting kembot nalang at lalabas na sya. Sana naman, maging maayos ang lahat.

* * * * * * * * *

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Yatto modotta
水曜日: February 12, 2020

Booked a flight from Taipei to Malaysia in order to go back to Manila. Everything went well hassle free and we're home now. Thank you so much, Universe!

Updated the boss that I'm back to PH na. Asked if they will require me to undergo self-quarantine because Mel just got a message from their HR informing her so. Looks like my vacay is extended until Feb 24. Mel's other workmates who went to Taiwan are also under quarantine. They're planning to have a "quarantine party", LOL. Mel wants me to come. Lol ulet. This is going to be ridiculous.

Sa totoo lang, kahit worried ako na wala akong sasahurin, excited ako sa 2 weeks na wala akong gagawin. Sinusubukan ko rin na wag munang alalahanin ang stat ko sa work at ang shift bid for March. Bahala na si Batman. I remember I agreed to join my workmates to watch hot air balloons sa March. Siguro hindi talaga ako pinapasama ng langit.

Gusto ko magpa ayos ng buhok. Mag open ng dollar account. Humanap ng way to earn more money on the side. Mag meditate at magbasa ng mga libro. Takte, mawawalan na nga ako ng sahod, excited pa ko! Lol.


Feb 7. Mel was supposed to meet one of her former students who's a Taiwanese. The girl had some emergency at work so she made her husband to come. The husband took a guy friend along. We went to some classy resto in Taipei 101. I learned that the guy friend is single and is quite a rich kid which piqued my curiosity. Bad trip lang I couldn't put my flirting hat on because I was with my parents. Kainis! Cute sana yung guy. Oh well.

Bukod don, wala kaming masyadong nakitang cute sa Taiwan. Lahat kasi sila naka mask.

We went to Jiufen by the 2nd half of our travel. It's a province-y part of Taiwan. There were a lot of Pinoys in the hostel that we booked there. There was a common dining area so we were able to converse with some of them. Cute sana yung 1 dude don kaso halfway the conversation, some girl walked up and joined us while doing PDA-ish thing with the guy as if saying, "this is mine, back off". Ok, fine. Taken pala.

Sarap sana magka travel fling lalo na't February kaso waley talaga. Kasalan 'to ng nCoV. Or siguro hindi ako dapat nagsama ng parents? Haha.

Pero ok lang naman. Sa totoo lang, namimiss ko na yung crush ko.


Super long day today. Need to sleep. 

* * * * * * * * *

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水曜日: December 18, 2019

Haven't been in my best mood these past few days. Maybe because, I'm on red alert. Today is particularly nasty. I got home around 8am and the house was locked. I kicked the door and called out Mom on top of my lungs, though I was sure she wasn't there. I saw my pregnant sis-in-law, all pale from just getting up from her sleep, climbed down the stairs to open the door for me. Turned out, Parents forgot to leave the keys when they left to go to palengke.

I ate junk for breakfast because there was no food yet. I feel like choc-o is the culprit why I still could not sleep when I should have slept 3 hrs ago. That, and also all the drilling happening in the next room--parents' room. They're having an aircon installed, so yeah. Looks like I won't be sleeping today. I'm really feeling frustrated about this that I want to get a knife and kill myself already.


Not joking though.

* * * * * * * * *

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Last train
水曜日: November 20, 2019

9:14 ang estimated time of arrival ng huling tren sa station na to. Byahe papunta sa place ko sa Manda.

Tatlong linggo na ang ubo't sipon ko at heto, masakit na naman ang tiyan ko. Pero bukod sa pisikal na dinadamdam ko, nalulungkot ako ngayon.

Kagabi (or Kahapon?) namatay daw si Tito Bibot, isa sa mga nakababatang kapatid ni Mama. Most of my adult life, may sakit si Tito. Sa totoo lang, hindi ko maalala kung nagkaron ba kami ng kahit isa man lang na meaningful conversation. Tingin ko wala. Mga teenager ata ako nun nung timira sya samin. Dahil hindi nga sya makausap dahil sa sakit nya, nasanay na kong hindi sya pinapansin si Tito. Ang lungkot siguro nung ganun, tinatrato ka na parang hindi nag eexist. Ewan ko. Masama kasi talaga ugali ko simula nung pagkabata.

Mahihirap ang mga kapatid ni mama bilang karamihan sa kanila e nasa probinsya. Ngayon ko nalamang ang gastos pala mamatay. Mom would like to give about half the entire expenses and asked me to help her. Sabi ko 1k lang ang ibibigay ko. Lol. Akala ko kasi nasa 10k lang ang gastos sa pagpapalibing. Mas mahal pa pala. Kung may pera rin lang ako, madalas e generous naman ako sa mga taong malapit sa puso ko. Since hindi kami close ni tito, sa kanya, neutral lang. Pero naisip ko rin, si Mama ang magpupuno ng gastos kung hindi ako magbibigay. At isa pa, siguro ang kakayahang magbigay e gift na in itself. Kaya, oh sya. Sige.

Mejo nalulungkot ako. Iniisip ko kung sa buong life time ni Tito, naging masaya kaya sya? Si Tita Nic ang nag-alaga sa kanya. Yung kapatid nya na walang asawa. May asawa si Tito Bibot at dalawang anak. Pero may sakit nga kasi sya at mahirap ang buhay nila. Kaya ayun. Ewan.

Sinubukan kong alalahanin kung paano si Tito nung okay pa sya kaso sobrang bata pa ko nun at hindi ko na talaga maalala.

Totoo kayang may langit? Sana sa langit, kahit paano, magkaron na nag better na buhay si Tito.


Kagabi I was all, "ang ganda ng pilik-mata mo" to this dude I was with. Ang ganda nga kasi talaga ng pilik-mata nya. And everytime na may nakakapansin nun, nagbu beautiful eyes sya. Lol.

Today, I just noticed that *'s eyelashes are nice too. Mapilantik. Naisip ko rin na kung ililista ko lahat ng hinahanap ko sa lalaki, he would tick off every single one of my list.

Bakit nga hindi ko man lang naging crush to? 

* * * * * * * * *

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水曜日: November 20, 2019

12:33am. I'm with my luggage, a few minute walk away from my place in Manda. Had a meeting after work. Then chat over sundae at Family Mart. It was a lengthy talk and it felt refreshing to be in this conversation with a guy na straight--for a change, even if he's just 21 years old.

I therefore conclude na marami pang single na lalaki na straight, good catch at masarap kasama. And I truly believe na not all of them e over 10 years younger than me.

Meron yan. Tiwala lang.

* * * * * * * * *

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水曜日: November 13, 2019

I have an officemate. Mabait naman. Sobrang kulet. At ok lang naman sakin yung makulit. Ang ayaw ko lang e mura sya ng mura. Yung PI na mura na sobrang lutong tas sasabihin nya yun habang magkausap kayo. The first time he did this I told him, "walang murahan". E kaso inulit nya ulet. So I sent him a chat yesterday telling him I was offended and ayokong minumura ako at ayoko nang maulit yun ulet. He was receptive naman. He tried to joke, I gave a "haha" react and the told him I was serious and I don't want this to happen again. I really hope he'll listen. Kasi ok naman tong taong to. Ayoko rin mag-away kami. Pero hindi ko itotolerate yung ganitong behavior. First, because my mother is a decent woman and she was never a "puta" and every time I hear a mura like this, I can feel the need to strangle the person saying it. I will never let anyone, for as long as I live, call my mother a "puta". Magkamatayan na.

Second, because my parents worked their ass off for me and my brother to finish our education. When other parents made excuses, my parents found ways. It was very hard for them and they did all that because they believe that if we finished college, people will respect us. I will never let anyone disrespect me for this reason.

I really hope that the officemate will stop since I already comfronted him about this. Because if he wouldn't, I will raise this to the bosses. Or even to the HR and will not stop until he pays the price. He has 3 small children. 1 is even an recently born infant. I wish we don't have to reach that point.

* * * * * * * * *

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Just a little
水曜日: November 6, 2019

Sad. Mejo lang naman. I've long unfollowed the guy. Married na e. Tigilan na naten. Siguro mejo na curious lang ako. Mostly business-related yung mga posts nya, so I went and checked the wife's. There.

Well, may konting kirot lang naman. Ang hirap kasing hindi maalala ang mga bagay bagay na lumipas na. At syempre magwa wonder ka rin talaga what could have happened kaya if you've chosen differently. 

Hindi ako naniniwala sa destiny. Naniniwala ako sa power ng choices natin. At kahit na yung mga choices ko e dinala ako rito sa buhay na wala sya, wala naman talaga akong pinagsisisihan.

Know what, 2019 has been a really good year for me. Damang dama ko ang biyaya ng Langit para sakin at para sa pamilya ko. I'm more than grateful. 

Pero siguro, if the Heavens is feeling a little more generous, sana bigyan nya ko ng taong mamahalin. Syempre lalaki. Dapat single. Sana naman yung wala pang anak. Walang ex wife. Yung naka move on na sa ex. Better if wala syang ex at all. Ok lang kahit hindi perfect, basta perfect para sakin. Walang serious physical issues at syempre dapat healthy- physically, emotionally, and financially. Ganun lang. Marami namang lalaking ganun. Marami nga akong kilalang lalaki na ganun. Ewan kung bakit madalas sablay ang taste ko sa lalaki. Siguro kailangan ko rin gawing emotionally healthy ang sarili ko. Lol.

Anyway, 1am na. Gigising ako ng 7:30 dahil 2 consecutive days na kong late at muntik nang ma late. Sa Friday, makikipag palit ako ng shift kay Angelo para maka attend ako ng contest. 4 hours earlier yun sa shift ko, so puyatan ito. I actually feel bad kasi alam kong may gala sila and they're supposed to meet 4am the following day. Dahil nakipagpalit sya ng shift, 9pm na sya makakauwi at wala na syang itutulog. Ambait ng taong yun. That guy is actually single...

Wala lang. Nabanggit ko lang. 

* * * * * * * * *

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