weekend recount
月曜日: January 25, 2016

monday hey.

weekend was nothing short of amazing. nothing grand.. but amazing.

slept half of my saturday away. mom woke me up early so that i can play with my niece before she go to her mom's place in cavite. they're gonna be there for 2 weeks. when they left, i went back to sleep and woke up only to eat lunch at around 12. i then had a dinner out with the family. we ate at giligan's. the food wasnt good, but the conversations and laughter were enough to make the day. indeed, a day doesnt really have to be grand for it to be amazing, right?

got home almost midnight last fri. toastmasters. got myself registered. i am now TM za! wooohoo! was so excited about it i couldnt sleep the next day. it's been a while since i last felt kilig over something that is not lovelife related. OR it's been a while since i last felt kilig over anything, period.

was at tfftqc yesterday.

a guy sat one seat away from mine. i was alone. his companions were yet to arrive, so he was alone too. we were told to stand up and hold someone's hands so we did, and with our hands together we danced with the "something good is going to happen to you...." song in the background. we were then asked to hug at least 10 people.. the 2 of us ended up hugging twice.. it would have been romantic.. only, it wasnt. but i found it really funny.

i think guys are usually bashful over girls..and likewise girls to guys especially if they're strangers. but that guy from yesterday was really rather friendly. he chatted with me for a bit until his companions arrived. i thought he wont be talking to me again after that, but he did. he even filled up the seat that separated us and sat beside me. id really love to talk to him some more, only brother rj was giving his talk then and i didnt want to miss a word from it. sabi nila magaling daw mag multitask ang mga babae. babae naman ako, how come i wasnt gifted with this skill? really, this is not helping my lovelife. huhu.haha..

anyway, ayun, wala lang naman. sa tingin ko lang, if ill be exposed to more scenarios similar to this, then maybe i can turn my uber shy and nene self into something more like a normal human being... well, at least now i know where to go to expose myself in these kinds of scenarios, right? hehe..


there would be a humorous speech contest in our tm chapter this fri. syempre hindi ako sasali. pero naeexcite na kong marinig yung mga piece nila. there was this new member who delivered his first speech last fri. he was so good and so funny i wont be surprise if he'll end up winning the up coming contest next fri (if sasali sia) kahet bago palang sia. grabe ang galing nya..

next next week will be the inspirational speech contest. may level atang required for this so not everyone will be eligible to join... ang saya sigurong sumali sa mga ganito.. naeexcite na kong manood.

and sumali.

balang araw.


* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 03:03 PM.


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