Thursday. July 6, 2017


that number of minutes and im off. ang daming tao ang ingay ingay. it is usually silent here. ang dami pang kalaban kanina, i cant move.

but hey, just a few minutes and tomorrow's friday. will have a saturday rest and then an action-pack sunday.

it'll be Dad's birthday on the 9th. we're going out. then by night time ill be seeing tita and mom's going with me for business related stuff.

TM friday tomorrow. the club's been busy lately probably because gabby and ivan have been busy and the rest of the officers have to take over. plus, we're fairly new in our new home. pag nagiging busy ako lumalabas na naman yung praning, control freak at perfectionist side ko.

must. resist. this. hindi healthy e.


freshly out of the arena and im super bored na T_T .

i strongly believe na malalaman mong adult ka na pag kumakain ka na ng paksiw. hindi pa ako kumakain ng paksiw so im probably not one yet.

healthy daw for children to be bored sometimes.. so tama lang to. tama lang ma bored.

Written by cinderellaareus at 03:44 PM.

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