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Souji day
木曜日: March 4, 2021

Ang totoo nyan, hindi talaga ako masyadong naglilinis ng bahay. Nakakatamad kasi. Pero mula nang magkaron ako ng dalawang kuting na pinapatulog ko sa kwarto ko sa gabi (I sleep in my parents' bedroom). Napilitan akong maglinis every morning dahil araw araw they leave their jebs.

Share ko lang the things that I find quite amusinh dahil sa bagong skill na matutunan ko.

1, e I love this tool called "wiper mop" or just "wiper". Sabi sa isang review sa shopee, pangit daw at di nakakalinis. But after havinh tried it, feeling ko talaga e this is Universe's gift to mankind. I don't think this is meant to clean anything. I think its purpose e to move the water towards the drain in a super efficient manner. Kung gagamit ka kasi ng mop, magpipiga ka pa. Grabe, ang laking ginhawa ng merong wiper.

2, well, there is thing cleaning agent called Domex that I bought in the market. Dati I sprinkle Surf powder after removing the poo, then mop. After non, nandun parin yung smell, so kailangan pang sprayan  ng lysol.

But with a few drops of domex, then a few swipes with mop, the entire room will smell sparkling clean already. Amaze na amaze ako sa Domex.

Ayun lang naman. Lol.

Rest day ko today. Tuna sisig ang ulam namin mamaya. Excited na ko.

* * * * * * * * *

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Yatto shumatsu da
木曜日: March 4, 2021

Spent half of the day troubleshooting some network issue. Officemates helped na, di parin na resolve. Called local IT, and after over 4 hours, waley parin. Good thing there's a workaround. I'm scared that if this network issue continues, e pabalikin na ko sa office. Ayaw. Huhu.

My 6 years old niece is at the height of her kakulitan at her age. Kanina while I was on call, she was shouting on top of her lungs. The last time I told her off, my brother caused a huge commotion in the house. We stopped speaking with eachother since then.

I plan to build my own house. Because I want to have some peace. Gusto ko rin ma feel na may power sa sarili kong pamamahay, ganun. If this will happen soon, I might need to bring my cat/s. But if later in life, I plan not to have any pets so I'll be free to leave or travel anytime. Freedom is whole point afterall.

The sooner the better though.


I haven't been feeling good these days. But to achieve peace, maybe I should learn to accept that there will really be days like this, and that's fine.


Watching True Beauty now. Not bad naman, but the characters are too young, I can't relate with them at all. Might rewatch Mr. Queen this "weekend". Grabe, miss na miss ko na si King at Queen.

On Friday, we'll be going back to the hospital.

* * * * * * * * *

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木曜日: February 4, 2021

Things are pretty bad, Universe.

My head hurts from the crying fiesta earlier, and my I'm still having clogged nose.

I asked the Heavens what to do, 'coz I really didn't know.

Running away shouldn't be so hard. I can rent a unit near the office, bring my cat with me, then work onsite so I wouldn't have to think about the internet connection. 

BUT I want to be with my parents. They're old. I want to stay with them while they're still here.

Also, will my cat survive being locked in the house all day?

Maybe rent-to-own house can also be an option. But I still need to think about the internet so I can continue working. Converge took months before they were able to set up our connection. Plus, if my parents will come with me, I'll need to bring 3 dogs and 4 cats with us. Ok lang ba yun?

Ang plano ko talaga, buy a lot, design my own house. I will commission Kuya Roel to build it for me. I will have a big, cozy bathroom with hot shower and bathtub. Tapos malaki yung garden para sa mga alaga kong hayop at mga halaman. Ito talaga ang gusto ko, but I'm pretty sure I can't afford it just yet.

So yeah. I think I'll just suck it up again this time. I'll buy a cage for my cat so he wouldn't go around biting people. This is just our best option at the moment. I feel sorry for my cat, pero masama rin kasi talaga yung ugali ng pusa ko. I really don't know na. Huhu.


February didn't start so well. Lunes pa lang harassed na harassed na ko sa trabaho. But I guess I also need to suck up this one too. Syempre kailangan ko ng pera.

I filed a leave Feb 22 to 24, right next to my rest days para straight 5 days akong walang trabaho. I don't know what I'm gonna do with my free time. Maybe I'd put up a YouTube channel in the hope to earn money easily.

Sabi nung isang Vlogger na malaki na ang kinikita sa YT, madaldal daw sya kaya naisipan nyang maging Vlogger. I don't know how this will work for me when I'm not really madaldal.

Basta alam ko lang, gusto ko na yumaman.

* * * * * * * * *

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木曜日: November 12, 2020

Brown out mula kaninang madaling araw. Kaninang umaga, nawalan na rin ng tubig. Syempre walang WIFI. May data naman ako, but I need to conserve my phone's battery. 56% left.

May mga lumipad na yero. Pinasok din ng tubig ulan yung kwarto ko at kwarto nila mama. Basa pa rin ang sahig.

My niece is playing with her dad sa sala. I just want a dry and quiet place to sit. Wala akong matambayan. Ang ingay. Ang init. Nakakairita.

* * * * * * * * *

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Mou Oboenai
木曜日: October 1, 2020

I tried to remember how it felt like. Pero wala, hindi ko talaga maalala.

I told the Heavens how I felt like maybe it's pointless to ask for the nth time when He had let me down so many times before.

I know that God owes me nothing, at hindi ko sya genie na obligadong ibigay lahat ng hiling ko.

I hate this helplessness.

Alas dos na. Wala akong pasok ng huwebes kaya hindi kailangan gumising ng maaga. I'd probably still wake up early though. By early, meaning 7am-is. My body has this habit of kicking me out of bed around this hour in the morning.

Sa totoo lang, I feel unwell. Most days, I don't really feel like waking up at all.

I am once again turning a year older in a few days.

Sometimes I feel like 35 is a too long years to live.

Cristina died before 30. She sort of predicted that.

Joven was 25. Jeff was 28. Joie... I forgot.

Siguro sadyang mahirap lang ang mga panahong ito.

* * * * * * * * *

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木曜日: September 24, 2020

Grade 1. 6-7 years old ako nun nung isa sa mga classmates kong lalaki ang lumapit sakin at sinabing, "<insert my name here>, crush din kita." The girl closest to me at that time, had a crush that guy, so I hurriedly cleared the misunderstanding. 

"Din? Hindi kita crush."

Ang mean pala nun. The guy and I were schoolmates until we finished highschool, but I don't think we were ever able to talk again after that. Feeling ko nga, dun nagmula ang bad karma ko sa lablayp.


If I will be given a chance to go back to the past, I think I'd still make choices that will lead me here to where I am now. But surely, there are things I'd rather do differently.

I wish there's a way for us to know the regrets we'll have in the future. Para ngayon palang, ma correct na. I want to spare my future self of this restlessness I feel over wishing that I didn't do the things I did, or did the things I didn't. 

* * * * * * * * *

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木曜日: August 27, 2020

Dad promised to pay, so to Netflix it is!

Sa dami ng choices, umikli lalo ang maikli kong pasensya at attention span. Puro umpisa lang napapanood ko at wala akong natapos.

But today, I finished Healer.

Nakakainis yung ganitong feeling. Parang napamahal ka na sa mga characters, tas ngayong natapos mo na, you feel lost and nowhere to go. Takte, ganito rin pakiramdam ko dati everytime na natatapos ko kada book ng Harry Potter. Same with my other favorite series.

Tokwa, nakakalungkot.

About a week back, brother was raving about this movie he watched. The title's Fabricated City. Watched it kahit talagalized at low quality. My brother rarely rave about movies kaya nacurios din ako. Infey, maganda.

That's why I landed sa Healer. Naghanap kasi ako ng kdrama na nadun yung bidang guy. Ji Chang Wook. I love the charater, but the actor himself, kamukha ni Y. Pati mannerisms maraming common. That part, I don't like. Haha.

Thinking of watching another drama from this dude. Sobrang pogi and perfect ng mga bida ng kdrama, nakaka frustrate. I remember Y was like that when we first met. Until I get to know him better. Lol.

Hayst. Can't shake this sad sad feeling. Maybe I should just watch another series.


Trabaho, tv, kain, tulog, crochet, repeat. It's not really bad, pero minsan mapapaisip ka talaga na, ganito nalang ba?

Don't get me wrong, I love staying home... iniisip ko lang kung healthy ba para sa tao yung too much comfort. I feel like I should be using this time to find a way to get myself off the cage of employment and be free. Own my time. Pero alam mo, this cage is one of my biggest blessings. 

See, right now, the cage means, protection. And provision. That's why I'm really really thankful for this cage.

But I can't stay here. I would like to believe that I'm not meant to be caged. Pero, ano bang dapat kong gawin?

* * * * * * * * *

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木曜日: August 6, 2020

Rest day today.

Dumating ang baranggay at nagkaron ng libre bakuna ng anti-rabies para sa mga aso at pusa. This is a yearly thing. Our pets seem to be calmer if I'm the one carrying them during vaccination, so most of the time, trabaho kong buhatin ang mga aso at itapat ng pwet nila sa maliit na butas na opening ng tindhan namin para ma injection-an. This year's a little different because we now have a cat. My cat is scared of strangers. Kahit sa kapatid ko takot yun. I asked the baranggay people na wag muna mag ingay para di matakot yung pusa. Needed to wrap my Juifen inside a jacket para di mangalmot at mangagat. After some hissing and clawing, we managed to have him vaccinated without getting a single scratch.

Also today, we had the language interview for work.

Know what, I have this japanese ticket na pinopreblema ko dahil di ko ma resolve. Because of this, part of me don't really mind getting kicked out of this job. Pero, takte, Universe, I need money.

Kung ako masusunod, I just want to spend time with my family, mag crochet, makipaglaro sa mga alaga ko at manood ng k-drama or anime. Nung kababalik lang namin sa taiwan, na home quarantine ako ng 16 days. Feeling ko kulang na kulang parin ako sa baksyon. Kahit wfh ako, during may workdays, naho homesick parin ako. Lol. Ang weird lang.

Gusto ko nang yumaman.

* * * * * * * * *

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Mga pang araw araw na buhay
木曜日: May 28, 2020

Mga bagay na natutunan ko nitong mga nakaraang araw:

1. Hindi nababawasan ang inis sa pag express ng galit, ie. pagsuntok sa pader o pagbato ng mga bagay bagay. Kalma. Hinga.

2. Pag upset ka, or nalulungkot, gumawa ka ng bagay na makakapagpasaya sa iba.

3. Minsan, try mo rin maghugas ng plato.

The week started on my new shift high, tas nag fluctuate na high and low through out the week. Ang daming mga araw na upset ako, kinailangan kong mas madalas na makinig ng Feast Worship. Napahugas din ako ng plato to shift perspective. Effective naman. Nag sneezing fiesta lang ako ng very slight at nagkaron ng konting butlig butlig sa kamay, pero keri lang. Worth the allergies. 

Natapos ang week na ok naman ako. Mas kalmado na.

Kung tutuusin, relatively petiks ang morning shift. Mostly naging maayos naman ang mga encounters ko sa users na sinupport ko. Kahit petiks, sinisikap ko parin gawin yung best ko. That's why the pagod is still there.

Off ko ngayon. There's that perpetual need to stay away from other human beings except my family and a few friends. Those that never demand so much. Ang dami ding crappy stuff sa social media so eto, sayang ang 1GB per day promo ng Globe. Maka nood nga ng Ghibli movie mamaya.

Parang ang daming gastusin these days. Anlaki pa ng bawas sa sahod ko sa isang araw na umabsent ako. Damang dama, mapapa aray ka. Hinding hindi na talaga ako aabsent.

Kung tutuusin, sobrang laki ang natitipid ko ngayong quarantine.


I love the feel of my facial skin today. Last night, oil cleansing, facial massage, soap, scrub, facial yoga, toner, serum, mask, eye cream, moisturizer, sunblock. Dapat may essence pa yan, kasa wala ako mahanap. Wala naman pinapagandahan at madalas pagod ako after work so natutulog lang ako kagad at wala ng routine routine. Ngayon ko nalang ulit nagawa yan dahil wala akong pasok the following day.

Tingin ko pwede naman palang alagaan ng sarili not because you want to look good for someone else, kundi para sa sarili mo lang. Try ko tong gawin araw araw. I'm not expecting any dramatic change since malaki talaga ng pores ko naturally. Even my beautiful mom, malaki rin ng pores. Pero ok lang. Basta clear ang glowing. Ngayon, pinipigilan ko munang mag online shop ng beauty products. Mag iipon muna ko for emergency. Gusto ko rin makabili ulet ng stocks pag may sapat na ipon na ko.

Thankful ako sa lahat ng pera at blessings na meron ako ngayon. Salamat, Universe. Pengi pa ng mas maraming marami pa. Hehe. Gusto ko nang yumaman e. Thank you!

Next week, 1 week kaming may training. Kahit off ko, need parin pumasok. Ok lang, iwas labas, iwas gastos. Tsaka kailangan ko rin to. Para hindi ako nangangamote sa trabaho.

* * * * * * * * *

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