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Thursday: September 21, 2017

Hey. It's 7:37pm. My feet are on the pedal of our stationary bike and I'm halfway my daily 30 mins workout. Should be a hip hop abs day today but there's our little tyrant guarding the tv. This will do.

Yesterday, i just got back to work after a self-decided long weekend. Partner was sick and is still sick so since then I've been solo at work. That will continue until tomorrow. No compaints though.

I watched Baby Driver earlier. For almost everyday since Monday last week, I've been watching at least 1 movie daily. I usually choose reading books since it makes me feel more productive, but i realized there's not much difference because the real difference lies in actually doing something, ikr.

But so far, I'm loving my daily dose of movies. Marami ka rin palang matututunan. Parang nagbabasa rin ng libro. Baby Driver was good. I'd give it a 3.5 stars. A few days ago, Mr. Peabody and Sherman. It was a 4.5. Last week I watched parts 1 and 2 of Now you see me and I'm giving it a 3 and a 4 respectively. As per LA gurl's recommendation, I also watched Inception and I'd love to give it a 5 if it wasn't for the minor inconsistencies in details. 4.7.

In case you're wondering what are my 5's here are a few:


-Real Steel

-Breaking Dawn ( i haven't watch the other twilight movies other than this nor read the books, yet I found this one as a winner.)


-Warm Bodies

-Big Hero 6

* Lucy comes close to 5 too but I found the need to include that one dude there just to give Lucy a love interest quite forced. Still superb though.

They say you will be same person in 5 years as you are today except for the books that you read and people that you meet. I think movies that you watched should be included.

Baby. Can you imagine meeting a boy with a name Baby? B-A-B-Y Baby? Ang cutie pie pa nung batang yun. Yiiiii! Haha!

If I'll have a boy, I will name him Baby. I hope he will forgive me. Haha.


What is your favorite movie? Please comment below. I'm having a hard time choosing what to watch next. : )

* * * * * * * * *

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Darkness and gloom
Thursday: August 24, 2017

Things went from bad to pretty fucked up. And i can't think of anyone else who knows the worst time to give a bad joke than my dad. It didn't help that my niece was also having tantrums then.

I didn't particularly snap, i just answered sarcastically, which would've ended fine if only i said it lightheartedly, but i didn't. Dad went silent. I noticed his occasional 'singhap' and he even wiped his eyes for about a couple of times. I hope he wasn't crying. He's not the type who would. This doesn't prevent me from feeling awful though.

Pag may masakit daw, ibig sabihin may mali. Mukhang ako na naman yata ang mali. Alam ko namang may problema at alam kong hindi ko pwedeng forever na isisi to sa PMS. Can i just die? Ugh! Damn this.


Probably just one of those days. The really dark ones. Experience told me that dark days do pass. I know these too will. Hopefully soon... before i create so much more damage.

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: August 17, 2017

Wait, what? Thurday na?

Parang ang bilis ng week na to. Nakakapikon kasi isang linggo na rin tong monstrous appetite ko. Sa apat na taon ko sa cage, kanina lang nagkaron ng pictorial anik para sa APAC and JP teams. Kung kelan ang taba taba ko na. Thank you very much.

Speech ko bukas. BSP9. Matapos ang matinding pagpilit sa sarili, natapos ko kahapon. Taglish. Sabi pwede daw mag english or mag tagalog ang mga prepared speakers pero walang nagsabing pwedeng taglish. Sighs.. Bahala na bukas.

Naiinis pa ko sa naisip kong topic. Kung kelan persuasive ung speech, tsaka pa ko pumili ng topic na wala akong credibility. I usually try to make my speeches spotless pero kasi ayoko nang ma stuck sa bsp9. Gusto ko na mag move on. Still, sana magustuhan ng audience.


Naaaning ako sa ilang mga bagay bagay... Hindi ko alam kung bakit bigla kong naaalala lahat ng nakakainis na ginawa mo ages ago. 

Ang weird, na mimiss ko yung panahong mahal pa kita.

* * * * * * * * *

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Power and danger
Thursday: August 10, 2017

Last sat,  after the contest, we ate, watched kita kita and then trained a beauty pageant contestant for her Q&A portion. 

The girl's name is Unity. Beautiful name, beautiful face, but more than that, she's a super sweet human being.

But sabi ni gabby, the sweetness should be toned down daw while on stage... Siguro kasi naooverpower ng sweetness ung confidence at elegance na nirerequire ng pageant. 

If there was someone who can project a sexy confidence vibe among us in that table then, that's probably Jay. Nag mark lang saken ung convo nila ni gabby that time. 

G: Jay,  pag ikaw ang may mukha na gaya ng kay Unity,  pano ka kaya? 

J: Ay, baka naging makasalanan na ko. 

Jeez... That Jay gave me a good laugh.

Wala lang. Naisip ko lang na time and again, I've seen how a lot of things can make more potent weapons than good looks. Especially since people often underestimate the effect of these things. 

I've been seeing positive effects. I guess I'm getting better with my weapons. 

Have u ever been trusted with power? When I was young, I was scared of having power for I might mess up. When I got older, I was scared because of what I could turn into with that power. But recently, things are changing. I realized, I'm no longer scared. Siguro finally, na convince ko na ang sarili ko na I can be trusted. Na wala akong gagawing masama. 

Sabi ni Bo Sanchez, ang money daw is neither good nor evil. Instead it is neutral. It doesn't turn u into something good or bad. It can only magnify what u already are inside. So kung mabuti ka,  with money, lalo lang bubuti. If masama ka,  with money,  mas sasama ka pa. I think,  same goes for power. 

I believe I am good. I believe I can be trusted...

Sana nga tama ako. 

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: August 10, 2017

that number of minutes and im capping off the week. j-holiday tomorrow so it's a long weekend for me.

asked mom to cook buchi tomorrow. i miss mom's buchi, im so excited.


this week's mood fluctuated between super happy to super depressed and those that are in-between. probably the time of the month. ang lakas ko pang kumain. been on cheat day the entire week. ENTIRE WEEK, TEH. gah! kung kelan kailangan kong rumampa sa sabado.

kinakabahan ako. ano na naman ba tong pinasok ko? pero kasi, minsan, kailangan din naten ng konting gulo para mag grow tayo, di ba?


ang labo. kaninang umaga ang saya saya ko. tas puteeeek, now, depress na depress ako. ang nakakatawa (nakakainis) pa, hindi ko alam kung bakit.

ugh, damn pms!

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: August 3, 2017

badtrip ako sa buhok ko dati kasi buhaghag sya. ngayon naman badtrip ako sa buhok ko kasi ang flat nya.

yung bago ko pa man ding crush, mahilig sa babaeng maganda ang buhok.

hindi na ba talaga ko pwede maging masaya???


well, sabi rin naman ng crush ko, gusto rin nya yung girls na maganda ang lips..

wait lang... may panlaban ako dyan....




hindi ko alam kung paano ako nauto ng ganito ng maybelline pero sumasaya ko pag nakikita ko silang ganyan.

Charot lang lahat ng to. except yata dun sa buhok. yung ex-kalandian kasi nung crush ko, maganda buhok.

k fine. -_-

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: July 6, 2017

that number of minutes and im off. ang daming tao ang ingay ingay. it is usually silent here. ang dami pang kalaban kanina, i cant move.

but hey, just a few minutes and tomorrow's friday. will have a saturday rest and then an action-pack sunday.

it'll be Dad's birthday on the 9th. we're going out. then by night time ill be seeing tita and mom's going with me for business related stuff.

TM friday tomorrow. the club's been busy lately probably because gabby and ivan have been busy and the rest of the officers have to take over. plus, we're fairly new in our new home. pag nagiging busy ako lumalabas na naman yung praning, control freak at perfectionist side ko.

must. resist. this. hindi healthy e.


freshly out of the arena and im super bored na T_T .

i strongly believe na malalaman mong adult ka na pag kumakain ka na ng paksiw. hindi pa ako kumakain ng paksiw so im probably not one yet.

healthy daw for children to be bored sometimes.. so tama lang to. tama lang ma bored.

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: June 29, 2017

A woman stormed in to the CR crying. Another woman came in and followed her. The first wept while the other was there smoothing her back for comfort. I was there watching the whole scene amused. wow, I was never like that.

Is crying a sign of weakness? I don't know. I remember gabby once said that you can cry on your speech so long as you maintain your composure and show that you are still in control of your emotions. I agree and I think same could be said in real life offstage.

I do cry. A lot. Irrigation system levels, but I prefer not having an audience while I do. On the rare occasions that I have to, I select my audience well. My favorite is probably injan. The times that she saw me cry, never once did she ever try to stop nor console me. She just let me be. And then, we will find some amusing topic and laugh our butts off like my crying fiesta didn't happen. Bigla ko tuloy namiss si injan.


On red alert. It's that time of the month when I'm not at my nicest. Last Tuesday, prior to a meeting, partner had to remind me, ニコニコして、when he noticed my bitchiness. I'm glad that he had seen me like that way too many times he no longer take it personally. I swear, this just hormones acting.


Had a life assessment a few days back. I realized, I made 7 attempts in business already for the past 4 years. Wow, seven. Not bad. I remember someone once told me of this quote, something that went like, "I didn't fail 10000 times, I just discovered 10000 things that don't work". Wow, I already discovered 7. In a way, some of them actually did work, it's just that I gave up early.

I plan to revive one of the businesses that I tried back when I was starting. Buying the stuff I need this coming sat. Will also be meeting tita bebeng afterwards as she told me she's interested with this product I'm currently working with. With these, I had to skip some TM related event. I usually drop everything for a TM event but right now, I think it's about time for me to straighten my priorities. Nalulungkot din talaga ko, but I have to do this, right?
TM Friday tomorrow. Our first time to have it in our new home. Mejo tinatamad talaga ko, but I told LA na sasabayan ko sya so I guess I'm coming. Excited din naman ako sa bangong venue. It's just that.....


huhupa rin to.

* * * * * * * * *

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The robot and Mr. Chill
Thursday: June 8, 2017

We were left alone that day. I was half sitting half standing on a desk facing him.

Asaran. Kulitan. Light talks. Etcetera. 

The boy has a reputation of being "chill". Girls chase after him and he acts like it's no big deal, barely showing any interest at all. 

So when the boy advanced towards me, I was taken aback but wasn't really threatened for he is someone I trust. 

"ikaw kasi, ikaw kasi," he said in his usual nang-aasar way. 

He advanced further. 

12 inches... he got nearer...

6 inches...  Oh boy, this is too close...

Until he was about 3 inches away when he held the edge of the desk I was half sitting on with me locked standing in between his arms. Cornered in an almost-embrace but not really touching. 

2 inches... Closer still... Almost kissing.

I gave out a suppressed chuckle, flashed a teasing smile, then gently tapped a hand on one side of his shoulder.

"Sira ulo," I said in my sweetest voice. 

I then pushed the boy a little. just far enough for me to pass and head to the door, leaving him. 

Then the next day, I learned that the boy started entertaining the prettiest among the girls chasing him who he had been ignoring for as long as I remember. 


I wonder what would have happened if I took the bait instead. 

The boy doesn't look bad. He is sought after. Yet the resistance was an effortless one. 

Minsan feeling ko tuloy robot  ako. 

* * * * * * * * *

Written by cinderellaareus at 10:13 PM.


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