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Annyeong, cheos sarang
Thursday: March 7, 2019

Monday, I didn't sleep. Tuesday, I slept, no prob. Wednesday, I didn't sleep again. Wow, MWF na ba to? Takte, hindi ako makatulog!!!


A lot going on. A lot of things I'm looking forward to. I'm all happy. I just wish my wallet can also keep pace with all these.


Huli na ang lahat para magsisi kung bakit ang dami kong kinain nitong mga nakaraang araw. But I'm not letting these fats get in the way. Gawd, swimming na swimming na ko!


I'm on my 8th Kdrama since the year started. The last time, I asked Yang that if I am to watch just 1 kdrama in my entire lifetime, anong masa suggest nya sakin. She said "she was pretty" daw, so I'm watching it right now. I have 101% trust on Yang's taste since we like mostly the same things. But I guess I've watch way too many kdrama to appreciate anything right now.

I've been reading a blog of a digital marketer lately. She's one of the speakers from the MSME launch that I attended the last time. It sent me back to learning mode on. I miss this feeling. Soon, I think I'm going to get on my feet and get back to work. I have a business page to revive after FB took it down for branding issue. I'm also planning to gather names of potential customers na pwede ko alukin ng issurance. Of course I need to work on my license first. Why, I feel alive again!


Sa Sunday na no? I mean, his wedding.

I'm all ok about it now. I'm happy that I feel peace inside. I had a lot of thinking. Somehow, this enabled me to figure out what I could've done better. I used to think that the Universe wasn't so kind to us back then. But looking at the entire course of my life, not only in the love life department, I feel like the Universe is good to those who make an effort. That the Universe has bias for those who take actions. 

I genuinely wish that person happiness, you know. Maybe he's a lot more matured now. Maybe now he's more than capable of leading a family of his own. And I wish that he and his wife will make it together and build a happy family.

I was just a girl back then. Maybe it was more than normal to mess up. But now I feel more confident that when the time comes that I'd love again, I'll be a full grown woman in and out. And a good one at that. 

I will be rewriting my story with a different person. This time, I would know which parts to correct. Maybe I'd learn something more along the way.

And then if I wouldn't find anyone in the future, at least I would know that still, I became an even better person. And I will feel proud of what I've become.

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: February 21, 2019

On March 9, with my violet long gown on, I'll be walking down the aisle for my best friend's wedding.

The following day, just 46 kilometers from the venue, someone will be suiting up for his bride.

Wow. What a joke, Universe.

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: January 23, 2019

10/20 on watching Legend Of The Blue Sea. It's nowhere near superb, but Lee Min Ho is cute enough to make me finish the entire series. Besides, Shin Hye Sun is there, my favorite k-actress. Her role is minor there though, but she's still Shin Hye Sun, so I don't care. I think I'm still not over with "My Golden Life". Man, I'm wasting my youth watching kdrama. Pak this.

I understand now why Lee Min Ho is so popular with women. I still think that Park Si Hoo is more gwapo though. So long as he's not laughing.

Ang gwapo ng mga koreanong to, nakakainis! Pengi ng isa, Universe.


We're starting to discuss the District Conference happening in Cebu by April--the girls and I. I hope the situation at the office will be settled by then. I need to take quite a long leave by April. 2 to 3 days lang naman since the days that follow fall on the golden week at wala naman kaming pasok. There's also BFF's wedding by March and KCON by November. There's no way I won't go. Importante sakin to. Sana maging ok lahat. I wonder if I should inform them this early.

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: January 17, 2019

"Yung fiancee ni ***** parang si Zah din. Mas maganda lang si Zah."


And what am I supposed to say about that? Lol.

Idk. I just don't want to think about this right now. For one, e ano ba kami?


I'm 2 episodes away from completion of the Kdrama that consumed the first 17 days of my 2019. Oh, how productive. I love the male lead, but I love the female lead as much. I just get her. I read some comments so I already know that this is likely to have a happy ending. Looks like the dad is going to die though.


Sa totoo lang, ayoko ng drama these days. Real life type, that is. I just realized there are three things you can do when someone is struggling, hurting or having a hard time; (1) be there, (2) shut your mouth, and (3) don't ask questions.

I wish the people in my life know this.

* * * * * * * * *

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Isogashii desu
Thursday: January 10, 2019

"Exact location where your path crossed is not available at the moment, but we are 100% sure that it's on planet Earth where you are meant to meet."

Ang echosero nung dating app na ni-suggest ng kasama ko sa club. Ang cheesy ng terms na ginagamit, pero infey, ang sipag mag send ng message ng mga tao dun

G: hey

Z: hey


Z: ok lang. Ikaw?

G: ok lang din

*the end*


I know people who are terrible in online conversions but are pretty nice to talk to in real life, but still~.

But I know I'm half the problem. I'm pretty busy nowadays. Well nothing important. There's just this k-drama I'm super hooked on, it's consuming my entire waking hours and I've been barely eating lol. The drama is quite long. I just finished the 15th episode pero wala pa ko sa 1/3 ng entire drama. My golden life. That's the title. Also currently being aired in GMA. I saw it sa commercial and I got intrigued so I started watching it online, and maaaaan... nakakaadik sya! See, this girl (me) hates drama, but I fell in love with this one. Sana, please, sana naman maganda ang maging ending.

I read somewhere about the bad effects of fiction--books and movies alike-- sa isang tao. Damang dama ko. Someone once said "reality is beautiful", but it's just hard to believe that when the world you're watching is so much better. It's not really so much as the world they're in. At least not so much as the people they are with. Meron kayang ganun? Yung taong lagi nalang susulpot everytime na kailangan mo sya?

I think k-dramas are doing us disservice by raising humanity's  standards in finding a partner into an unrealistic level.

But I remember a line I once read before that said, "they say nobody's perfect. That's because they haven't met you." 

Baka meron naman talagang perfect. I want to someday say this line to someone also. I believe that people have a different meaning of "perfect". I am in no way perfect, but maybe I could be for a particular someone.

Maybe this year is that year that I'm gonna meet that someone. Who knows... Pero malamang mahirap na mangyari yung kung ang mga mata ko e naka glue sa monitor, watching koreanovela. Lol.

But to be honest, I really don't care about that now. Ang iniisip ko lang sa ngayon, ano na kayang mangyayari kay Seo Ji An ngayong alam na ni Choi Do-Kyung na hindi talaga sya ang nawawala nyang kapatid? Paano sila magkakagustuhan kung galit si guy sa girl dahil niloko ng parents ni girl ang parents nya? Paano sila magkakatuluyan e naipagkasundo narin si guys sa isa pang anak-mayaman? Magkakatuluyan nga kaya sila at all? Kapanapanabik ang mga susunod na tagpo. Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

Gah. This is hopeless.

J-holiday on Monday. My mobile data can't handle watching videos online so I guess after tomorrow, I will have to wait for 3 days before I can continue watching.

I will miss you, Do-Kyung. T_T

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: December 27, 2018

It's been a while.

I was just fixing my things for work tomorrow when my head started pulsating. My neck and forehead feel a little hot. I hope I'm not sick. I just took a leave yesterday because my lower abdomen felt like it was being kicked non-stop. You know... time of the month.

Spent the day binge watching a korean novela entitled "The Beauty Inside". Lee Min Ki is there. I remember him from "Because this is our first life". He's not someone you'll call handsome from a Filipino standard, but I really love this guy. Universe, isang Lee Mi Ki-ish guy naman dyan, please. Lel.

The story is a cute fantasy rom-com. Must be inspired the book 'Everyday' by David Levithan. Still 7/16, 9 episodes left. Looks like I won't be able to finish it since tomorrow is my last day at work and I'll be back by Jan 4 pa. Each episode is about 1 hour long. Even if I watch without wiwi break, I will still be able to watch around 6 eps max. Work at the cage is very low volume I can binge watch kdrama all day. But trust me, it's not something to be happy about. I believe that work is good for one's wellbeing. I'm just doing this because it's the holiday season. So, nag explain talaga ko. Lol.


Few days before 2019. I back read some of my end-of-the-year and start-of-the-year entries. Some of my hopes did happen. Some didn't. I think that's okay. We can always start over again, right.

Sabi ni Bro Bo, yung Law of Generosity daw ay nakasulat sa fabrics ng Universe. Na when you give, more will be given unto you. I don't know about that, but let's give it a try.

I want to give you blessings today. You who are reading this.

I wish for you joy and prosperity.

I wish for you peace and loving relationships.

I wish that 2019 will be your year of breakthrough. 

The year that you will find passion and purpose in everything you do.

A year where all your efforts will finally pay off.

A year where people will look at you and see someone precious.

A year where you will find- or keep- your One True Love.

May you and your loved ones be healthy, wealthy and happy all year long.


It's nice to wish for yourself, pero masaya rin pala mag wish for someone else. But don't get me wrong, Universe. I also wish these things for myself, okay.

2019 is going to be amazing. Cheers Tabulas peeps!

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: December 20, 2018

I wrote an entry at 12am earlier and then a similar one just a few minutes ago and both of which were miraculously erased. Ayaw yata ng langit na ipost ko yung gusto kong i-post, kaya, oh sya, wag na natin ipilit.

Thursday ngayon at uuwi na ko bukas. I miss my dogs, my plants and my parents. I intentionally didn't water my plants for 2 weeks just to make sure they will survive in case Mom will accidentally water them everyday even when I clearly told her not to. Mine are dessert plants. They won't survive too much water. I hope they're still alive when I get back. Nanganak na kaya yung lithops ko? Malaki na kaya ang melo seedlings ko?

Malapit na rin pala magpasko. Kaitlyn and sis-in-law left the house last Sun. They'll be spending Christmas at sis-in-law's place in Cavite. Bro will join them by Friday. It's just gonna be Mom, Dad and me for Christmas. And also the dogs. 

Christmas may not be as exciting as it was back when we were kids. But I'm happy and thankful that at least both my parents are still around.

2019 is going to be better.


Wtf. See, this was posted with zero trouble. What's up with that?

* * * * * * * * *

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Sigh and sigh
Thursday: October 25, 2018

I called it a day at 10pm last night only to sleep way past that, entertaining customer's inquiries via chat, tas hindi naman pala bibili. Grrr.

Ano bang pwede kong gawin para yumaman? Ano bang pwede kong gawin para makuha ko lahat ng gusto ko sa buhay?

Ask and it will be given to you... seek and you shall find...

Ask. Seek. Tara.

A lot of things I look forward to this coming November. Weekends are as fully booked as ever. Nothing major. I'm not complaining. 

Changes are about to happen in a few weeks now at the cage department. Ayaw pang magsink in and I'm not even moving yet like it's not happening. Nakakatamad.

Kaitlyn's birthday in a week. I'm not really in the mood for socializing, but I'm thankful for another year in my beloved niece's life.

This Saturday we'll go hunt for a room to sleep in during workdays. On Sunday, we'll have unlihorror film via sm. I need (screaming) energy for this. 

Then KCON. I already booked for a place to stay months before. I'm not as excited as I was back in 2013, but let's see. Sana naman hindi ganun ka OA ang dami ng tao.

I was feeling super ok this morning. I don't know why I no longer do. Siguro gutom na ko.

I miss someone close to my heart. Not romantic. Or is it?

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: October 18, 2018

I skipped work today and was too lazy to invent a valid reason so I told them the truth. "Sorry, antok na antok pa po talaga ko." I've lost a day's worth pay pero ok lang din.

Dad had been sick for days so I made him take an aloe supplement drink. One of the products I sell online. He doesn't seem to be as sick anymore. Yesterday, Mom was asking me not to attend TM meeting tomorrow because Dad's sick and I need to go home. From how things look now, maybe I can attend. It's been ages since I last went to our meeting I'm starting to forget that I'm a Toastmaster.

So how are things going? 

Because of back pain, I still woke up quite early so worked straight to see how my plants are doing. Most of them are still barely surviving. I'm thinking of taking pictures of the healthy ones and see if meron bang bibili if I'll tag them as "for sale" on my social media accounts. Anong kayang gagawin ko if totoong may bumili? Iniisip ko palang na mawalay sakin ang mga alaga ko, ang sakit na ng puso ko. At this rate, hindi ko alam kung paano ko gagawing negosyo ang paghahalaman. Siguro pagkabili, benta kagad no?

Today, I exhausted every single drop of will power I have para hindi sumugod sa plant store at bumili ng halaman. Kaka order ko lang kasi ng rare cactus seeds na may kamahalan at kailangan ko bayaran COD once dumating na. Nakakainis pa na nag super sale ang isang fb page na finofollow ko ng lithops, yung dream plant ko, tas super bagsak presyo. Takte... hindi ba pwede mag sale kayo bandang kinsenas katapusan para sakto sa sweldo? Huhu. Ok na rin. Kailangan ko mag ipon para sa isang event this Nov at sa Cebu trip ko next year... at oo nga pala, March ang kasal ni bff.

I don't have enough money to buy everything I want. Pero sa totoo lang, masaya ko na at least may pera ko.

Oooooh! Oo nga pala. I recieved a friend request earlier. Judging from the profile picture na puro halaman, I'm guessing he/she saw me from the plant-related fb group that I belong to. I don't accept friend requests from people I don't know, but for some reason, I felt the need to give this one a chance. I checked the profile of the person and viola! She's the owner of the youtube page I follow na tungkol sa succulents! Wala lang. Fangirl moment. Nakakakilig. Lel.

Gah! So pathetic the things that make me kilig nowadays.

* * * * * * * * *

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