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Thursday: July 6, 2017

that number of minutes and im off. ang daming tao ang ingay ingay. it is usually silent here. ang dami pang kalaban kanina, i cant move.

but hey, just a few minutes and tomorrow's friday. will have a saturday rest and then an action-pack sunday.

it'll be Dad's birthday on the 9th. we're going out. then by night time ill be seeing tita and mom's going with me for business related stuff.

TM friday tomorrow. the club's been busy lately probably because gabby and ivan have been busy and the rest of the officers have to take over. plus, we're fairly new in our new home. pag nagiging busy ako lumalabas na naman yung praning, control freak at perfectionist side ko.

must. resist. this. hindi healthy e.


freshly out of the arena and im super bored na T_T .

i strongly believe na malalaman mong adult ka na pag kumakain ka na ng paksiw. hindi pa ako kumakain ng paksiw so im probably not one yet.

healthy daw for children to be bored sometimes.. so tama lang to. tama lang ma bored.

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: June 29, 2017

A woman stormed in to the CR crying. Another woman came in and followed her. The first wept while the other was there smoothing her back for comfort. I was there watching the whole scene amused. wow, I was never like that.

Is crying a sign of weakness? I don't know. I remember gabby once said that you can cry on your speech so long as you maintain your composure and show that you are still in control of your emotions. I agree and I think same could be said in real life offstage.

I do cry. A lot. Irrigation system levels, but I prefer not having an audience while I do. On the rare occasions that I have to, I select my audience well. My favorite is probably injan. The times that she saw me cry, never once did she ever try to stop nor console me. She just let me be. And then, we will find some amusing topic and laugh our butts off like my crying fiesta didn't happen. Bigla ko tuloy namiss si injan.


On red alert. It's that time of the month when I'm not at my nicest. Last Tuesday, prior to a meeting, partner had to remind me, ニコニコして、when he noticed my bitchiness. I'm glad that he had seen me like that way too many times he no longer take it personally. I swear, this just hormones acting.


Had a life assessment a few days back. I realized, I made 7 attempts in business already for the past 4 years. Wow, seven. Not bad. I remember someone once told me of this quote, something that went like, "I didn't fail 10000 times, I just discovered 10000 things that don't work". Wow, I already discovered 7. In a way, some of them actually did work, it's just that I gave up early.

I plan to revive one of the businesses that I tried back when I was starting. Buying the stuff I need this coming sat. Will also be meeting tita bebeng afterwards as she told me she's interested with this product I'm currently working with. With these, I had to skip some TM related event. I usually drop everything for a TM event but right now, I think it's about time for me to straighten my priorities. Nalulungkot din talaga ko, but I have to do this, right?
TM Friday tomorrow. Our first time to have it in our new home. Mejo tinatamad talaga ko, but I told LA na sasabayan ko sya so I guess I'm coming. Excited din naman ako sa bangong venue. It's just that.....


huhupa rin to.

* * * * * * * * *

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The robot and Mr. Chill
Thursday: June 8, 2017

We were left alone that day. I was half sitting half standing on a desk facing him.

Asaran. Kulitan. Light talks. Etcetera. 

The boy has a reputation of being "chill". Girls chase after him and he acts like it's no big deal, barely showing any interest at all. 

So when the boy advanced towards me, I was taken aback but wasn't really threatened for he is someone I trust. 

"ikaw kasi, ikaw kasi," he said in his usual nang-aasar way. 

He advanced further. 

12 inches... he got nearer...

6 inches...  Oh boy, this is too close...

Until he was about 3 inches away when he held the edge of the desk I was half sitting on with me locked standing in between his arms. Cornered in an almost-embrace but not really touching. 

2 inches... Closer still... Almost kissing.

I gave out a suppressed chuckle, flashed a teasing smile, then gently tapped a hand on one side of his shoulder.

"Sira ulo," I said in my sweetest voice. 

I then pushed the boy a little. just far enough for me to pass and head to the door, leaving him. 

Then the next day, I learned that the boy started entertaining the prettiest among the girls chasing him who he had been ignoring for as long as I remember. 


I wonder what would have happened if I took the bait instead. 

The boy doesn't look bad. He is sought after. Yet the resistance was an effortless one. 

Minsan feeling ko tuloy robot  ako. 

* * * * * * * * *

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Sis code violation no. 1
Thursday: June 1, 2017

I'm super pissed off.

You see, my default mode is that of indifference and i would only start giving a f*ck the moment i acknowledge the existence of the person.

You've been within the radar for some time, but then i only took a closer look just recently when you actually dared to step into MY arena.

a hot and cold Coquette.

I thought i will be impervious from their kind. Kala ko kasi magiging maldita vs maldita contest lang ito or something. You're not even maldita(maldito) to begin with.

Your temperature fluctuates from icy to lukewarm, then hot, then cold, then...ugh! I dont even know where these are coming from!

They say that the Rakes are the most dangerous of them all pero hindi naman nila ako napatiklop. Nakakawala ng pride kung sa coquette lang pala ako.....urgh! This is so aggravating! Id love to finish this battle (and win), but because of a friend, i have to be on step back mode.

You seem like a worthy opponent though. If im correct, then i wouldnt mind losing in the end. 

The battle hasn't started yet and he gained a point already? What's up that?!

* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: May 18, 2017

-yey! thursday na! last working day of the week since im on leave.

-club anniv tom. wala pa kong pang closing remarks. panic!!

-final day ng enca bukas. nasa anniv dinner ako. bat naman ganun, universe?

-a few days back, gusto ko ng pancit canton. then kahapon, lugaw. tas ngayon chocolate. buntis ba ko?


* * * * * * * * *

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Cinderella is fed up
Thursday: May 11, 2017

If only I was able to write here earlier, baka positive pa nasulat ko kaso ang dami kasing ganap. Sabi ang happiness daw ay inside job so kung laging ang daling maapektohan ng external factors ang kaligayahan ko, I'm probably doing it wrong. 

At this very minute, I'm fed up. I guess one of my hardest struggles e yung desire ko to control things. Ewan. Nakakawalan ng gana. 

Sana mabilis lang matutunang mag let go sa mga bagay bagay kasi ayoko ng ganitong feeling. 


Last night, partner and I went to some event. Hindi nameet yung expectations namin pero overall, I'm glad that I went. Before the event kasi, partner brought me to some yayamaning condotel in ortigas where we stayed to freshen up and kill time. Partner paid for my access to their women's lounge thingy where there were sauna, steam bath, swimming pool and Jacuzzi. The place was posh. I remember the last luxurious place I've been to was in a 5-star hotel's executive suite that nini booked for us to stay nung wedding nya. Simpleng tao lang naman talaga ako but I don't deny that I enjoy occasional luxuries like these. 

The catch was, wala ako damit pamalit especially underthingies.  But boy, sayang ang moment, sayang ang bayad at sadyang inviting talaga yung Jacuzzi so I had to do it the way the Japanese do. Well, wala naman kasing tao, ako lang so Keri. Meron namang towel. Funny, I just ticked ski**ydi**ng off my bucket list. The sauna, the steam bath and the Jacuzzi were so good I felt like a princess for 45 minutes. Kung may extra underthingies lang ako I would've used the pool too tas talo talo na. 

Nakakatuwa lang, ang bait ni partner. 

Ang bait ng Diyos. 

Ang bait ng langit. 

Pwede, isa pa, Lord? Mga 2-hours naman. Hahahaha! 


But know what... All these nice things and yet I wouldn't trade the simplicity of just sitting next to you, talking. 

Pero naiinis ako sayo ngayon at ayoko talaga yung feeling ng naiinis kaya lalo tuloy akong naiinis sayo.



Sa tingin ko, dapat binibigyan ng deadline ang mga ganitong bagay...

Dapat before the month ends OK na ko. This I will do. Oh, pak this. 


We're meeting meguri on Friday. Lack of sleep continues. I can't look forward on anything kasi nga naiinis ako. 

A little more than a week will be our club's anniversary. Hindi na daw pupunta si neri. I don't know how to convince her. Lord, can you fix all these for me? 

* * * * * * * * *

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When boredom strikes
Thursday: May 4, 2017

Anyare? Two days on my bakasyon grande and wala parin akong nagawang something productive. 

Was out yesterday, so dapat today ako magbabasa, maglilinis at magpa plano ng buhay ko... Kaso... 

Spent half of the day cooking my own breakfast. Magla lunch na ko natapos. Itlog lang niluto ko inabot pa ko ng ilang oras. Pero may hinalo naman akong iba dun sa itlog. 

Nalaman ko lang na hindi pala normal na ilang oras iniispend ng tao sa pagluluto nung minsang pinagluto kami ni gabby. 

Gabby: alam mo ba 2 hours kong niluto yan. 

Z: *stares at gabby unsure of what to say*

Kasi I didn't know which of these yung ibig nyang sabihin. 

1. 2-hours akong nagluto, matagal yun. 

2. 2-hours akong nagluto, mabilis yun. 

3. 2-hours akong nagluto, sakto lang yun. 

Good thing, Ivan came to the rescue and said, "wala syang idea sa sinasabi mo, gabby." Which was absolutely accurate. 

Mula non, sinubukan ko nang dalasan ang kitchen experiments ko para pag may cooking related convo, hindi na ko masyado magmukhang eng eng. 

I remember when Jay saw a picture of what I was trying to cook (there was kangkong, egg, tofu, etc in the picture), she said, "I'm still wondering ano luto ng sinigang na may egg at tofu." I wasn't even thinking of sinigang. Lol. Pag may kangkong ba, ibig sabihin, sinigang ang iluluto? I have no idea. Lol. 

Pero wala naman akong balak na maging chef levels. Gusto lang marating yung at least hindi eng eng levels. Ganun. 


I rarely watch tv. Tas yung kaisa isang palabas na pinapanood ko, malapit na matapos. This is heartbreaking. Huhu. Pa-extend pa kahit 1 year lang ang enca pleaaaassseeee... T_T


Thoughts on Tito sotto: .... Wala. Hahahaha. Siguro OK lang yung minsan wala kang opinion sa mga bagay bagay. 

I grew up watching eat bulaga and I've heard the "na-ano lang" joke countless of times and it was funny then. No one made a big deal out of it even the people to whom the term was used for. Sa tingin ko, it's all a matter of deposits and withdrawals in people's emotional bank accounts. Tito sotto had very little to deposit and made a huge withdrawal kaya now he's nearly bankrupt. I guess it would be best for him if he will just let the issue die down. He's making it worse by defending himself or finding someone or something else to blame. 

Wait, teka, kala ko ba wala akong opinion? Hahahaha! 


"Bakit yung picture sa phone mo puro lalaking kita dede?" My titas will probably say something like this in case they'll get a hold of my phone. If it's mom, I bet she wouldn't mind. 

Partner sent a picture of his dog with him on a couch all to say he's home. Apparently we're both #teambahay on our super long weekend.


TM Friday tomorrow. It's ridiculous to travel 2-3 hours or 4-6 hours total just to get to a 2.5 hours meeting na pwede ko naman i-skip.


* * * * * * * * *

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Thursday: April 20, 2017

alam ko namang joke lang...

pero di ba, jokes are half meant???





* * * * * * * * *

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"your truth is relative," i said
Thursday: April 20, 2017

but can you defend your point, z?


well, i cant.

sabi ni tim ferriss, pag di mo madefine yung tanong at hindi mo mabigyan ng actionable solution that will lead to result, e i-ignore mo nalang. i think this passes tim ferriss' test, but my friend thinks otherwise. sino kaya samen ang tama?


sa tatlongpu't isang taon ko dito sa mundo, tinuro sakin ng buhay na walang nakakaalam sa kung ano mang mangyayari sa kinabukasan.

"Do not boast about tomorrow for you do not know what tomorrow may bringfort."- Proverbs 27:1

oh ha... biblical sya...

shhhheeeze. nakakainis.

siguro naiinis din ako kasi it's super posible that i just hate hearing someone else say these nagging suspicions ive been keeping and denying inside.

still, naniniwala ako na dapat, "never say die"... na malalaman mo lang na hindi para sayo ang isang bagay pag na exhaust mo na lahat ng kaya mong gawin in your power to get it... and i strongly believe na hindi naten dapat pinapangunahan ang kinabukasan... dahil wala naman talagang nakakaalam sa kinabukasan.

pero, sighs... ako kaya yung mali?

tsk.. ayawan na nga..


i rest my case, Universe.

* * * * * * * * *

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