Thursday. August 24, 2017

Darkness and gloom

Things went from bad to pretty fucked up. And i can't think of anyone else who knows the worst time to give a bad joke than my dad. It didn't help that my niece was also having tantrums then.

I didn't particularly snap, i just answered sarcastically, which would've ended fine if only i said it lightheartedly, but i didn't. Dad went silent. I noticed his occasional 'singhap' and he even wiped his eyes for about a couple of times. I hope he wasn't crying. He's not the type who would. This doesn't prevent me from feeling awful though.

Pag may masakit daw, ibig sabihin may mali. Mukhang ako na naman yata ang mali. Alam ko namang may problema at alam kong hindi ko pwedeng forever na isisi to sa PMS. Can i just die? Ugh! Damn this.


Probably just one of those days. The really dark ones. Experience told me that dark days do pass. I know these too will. Hopefully soon... before i create so much more damage.

Written by cinderellaareus at 08:44 PM.

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