Thursday, October 19, 2017

Chirps and clouds

It's a Thursday and I'm out of the cage. I had the Wednesday planned out but didn't push through. It's alright. 

I set the alarm 6am but woke up 2 hours earlier. Tried and failed to sleep again so when the alarm rang, I stood up and did a 23minutes exercise. I was actually looking forward to this day, I don't know why I'm feeling so gloomy now that this day has come. 

I can hear birds chirping, and by the window, the sky is gloomy white. Mukhang mabigat na yung ulap pero ayaw paring umulan. 

TM Friday tomorrow. Gabby and Ivan won't be there. Since this won't be the first time that we're gonna hold the meeting without anyone of them, I was confident that we can push this through. Well that was until LA informed us that she couldn't make it tomorrow too. Jeez, can I panic? Well, I'm nervous too. Pero more sad than nervous. Nakakalungkot din kasi pag wala sila. I know the meeting can't just be the same without them. Hayyyst, nakakalungkot. 

With LA absent, I'd be the highest ranking officer present tomorrow. I don't mind doing the setup and everything else that can be done silently behind the scene, pero kasi kailangan ko rin i-welcome yung guests. The rest of the officers will probably get there at least a few minutes before the meeting start. I think kailangan ko rin kausapin hung mga new members, make them feel at home and all. Iniisip ko palang, para na 'kong lalagnatin. It will be a whole lot easier if only LA can be there too.


Ang bilis ng panahon. Halfway through October na. Feeling ko nga, November na. I booked a super cheap space to sleep for 3 nights around Pasay in time for the KCON. When I told Mom, she bombarded me with questions and things like, 'sinong kasama mo?', 'ba't di ka nalang kila tita mo?', 'maraming pinapatay sa hotel.' Lol. Nakakapraning tuloy. 

This is my 5th year of attending KCON. 5 years? Grabe, parang ang bilis lang and yet that's about 1/6th of my life na. 

Ang bilis ng panahon. Nakaka emo.

32 years and I'm yet to figure out what I really want to do. 

Pero sabi ni Tim Ferriss, maling question daw yung 'what do I want?'

The question should be, 'what excites me?' I guess that's way easier to answer. 

I know the things that excite me. Some of these, I actually do on a regular basis. Some requires a whole lot of money than I possess. Some, I can afford. Still, all of it, in a way, requires money. 

Money may not be everything, but it feeds you, it pays your lifestyle, it funds your dreams and most of all, it's a tool that can help you love extravagantly. 

Puteeeek, kailangan ko na talagang kumita ng pera. 

Saan nga pwede magbenta ng kidney? 

Written by cinderellaareus at 11:32 AM.

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