Saturday, October 28, 2017

Sow confusion, reap confusion

"Minsan kasi akala mo lang hindi mo mahal."

I raised an eyebrow when someone told this to me. Truth is I'm pretty much clear on how I feel, I just don't talk about it.


"So anong reaction mo," you asked. I would love to give you a mega eyeroll to the max, you dense moron. Kainis ka.

I was pissed off. If this was the reaction you're after, then you win. But of course, you will never get the luxury of knowing. 

You started all these yet there you were, you couldn't even bear looking when I was with this other boy, and for the record, it wasn't ochestrated.


When not in battle mode, I'm always on the defensive side. Weapons of choice: denial and pretense. Weird how I kept on doing this for the past decade even if I know that it doesn't really work.

Why not try honesty and sincerity instead, Z? Maybe you'll end up getting a different result.



Nah, too much work. Besides, hindi ko rin naman yata mapapangatawanan pa. I'm pretty messed up on my own, why bring someone along?

But if I will be asked if I'll be okay with you ending up with someone else, I'm certain that my answer will be 'no'.

But then...

Well, be it.

Written by cinderellaareus at 10:35 AM.

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