Monday, November 13, 2017


Number of minutes to finish this. It's a holiday and I'm at work. Not really complaining. How can I when there is no traffic jam in EDSA. Thanks, Universe!

Currently squeezing my creative juju to write my BSP10 due Friday. This was long overdue, I should've finished this ages ago. Nahihiya na ko mag beg off. Shucks, anong petsa na.

A lot of things running in my head. Ang hirap magfocus. Most of my time these past few days, I've spent playing fashion story. Oh, how productive. The start of the week last week was action packed and then mostly ended with a lot of physical labor. This week is a whole lot "hima" then next week, action packed ulet! Excited na ko sa KCON. I booked for a place to stay 2 days 3 nights. It's been a while since I last slept on a bed that is not my own. My body might need some time to adjust. Still, keribels. Asked yang na mag baywalk kami. I miss the sea—I mean—bay!

Past few days were fine. Wala namang wow factor pero keri lang. There was a medical mission near home last sat so maraming customers. The mission was hosted by the same university where I had a speaking gig last Tue. Feeling ko etong university na to ang theme ng week ko. Umuulan at umiinit this weekend. Tamad na tamad akong magpayong kaya mejo nilagnat pa ko.

Mom had kuya buboy make a new bookshelf for me. This is our third bookshelf at home and I own about 98% of the books. Kung ibebenta ko siguro books ko in their origal prices, baka ang yaman ko na. But of course, I won't. Placed the rest of my books on the bookshelf last Sunday. Ended up with a sneezing fit. Ba't ba ang dami kong health issues?

Ok. I think I exceeded 10 minutes.

Written by cinderellaareus at 08:19 AM.

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