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Saturday, December 2, 2017


Yesterday was tough. One more of the 3 officers who were supposed to lead the meeting said he can't come. Luckily, our dear President came and we were back to 3.

Came at the venue realizing we didn't have our things. Just when we needed to attract guests more. Tapos umulan. Sino bang pupunta parin sa meeting kahit umuulan? Tapos nasaken lahat ng remaining gate tickets and a number of raffle tickets I need to sell in just a week. So great.

But then LA came. Then Jolo. Then Jay. Then Jeric. And suddenly, things weren't so bad anymore. Sa tingin ko, ok lang naman mapunta sa mga tough situations as long alam mo na kahit pano, may kasama ka.

During table topics walang nag volunteer so us 3 girl officers ay nag "maiba taya" to pick kung sino mag vo volunteer. Jeez, we're so mature. Lel. Pero ang responsible namin, di ba? In the end, pareparehas kami nag table topics.

Na amaze din ako sa generosity ni LA. I can't thank her enough. As for Jay, I understand why she can't be as giving financially because she has 2 kids to feed, but I love how she more than compensated through service and moral support. The day may be tough but I was so happy and greatful that I was able to share it with these wonderful people.

Mejo masama rin ang loob ko na malaki yung ginastos ko para mameet namin yung consumables. Pero pag nakikita ko si LA na hindi man lang nagreklamo, nahihiya tuloy ako. Lel.

Tough days bring blessings. I can't agree more.

Nakasulat daw sa fabrics ng Universe na the more you give, the more you receive. I pray that LA will be given blessings until it overflows. Especially in health department because she's having it tough on that lately. Siguro sa love life din (ako din po, Lord, please! Lel). I pray the same for Jay and for everyone who responded when I asked them to order more. Tough times bring the best in people and I just realized I am surrounded with the most wonderful ones.

In the end, we survived. Thank You, Heavens.

Written by cinderellaareus at 12:28 PM.

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