Wednesday, December 6, 2017


pick your reason:

1. I am pregnant

2. I am getting married

3. I am migrating to Antarctica

i hate lying, but then sometimes id want to keep the truth to myself. i wish they will just quit asking.


December had just started and i cant wait for it to be over already. 2 more events and im free.

club's yearend party this friday,

then the following friday, ill be meeting meguri and the kids.

then, maybe finally, i can have some peace.

bff will also be going home in rp later this month with her boyfie. she asked me to go to baguio with them and said she'll bring romel along. her moves scream desperate measure of setting her single friends up. smh.

its been a while since bff and i had a heart to heart talk. i havent updated her much about my life. when she went home in time for my birthday, we mostly talked about her new found love life. whenever she asked about how i had been, i kept my answers short and brought the topic back to her. idk. that girl knows me so well. one wrong word and i know she'd see through me.

dont get me wrong, i trust bff with my life. siguro sometimes, no matter how close we are to the person, there are just things that we'd rather keep to ourselves.

isnt it odd how sometimes, the things that affect us the most, we find so hard to talk about?

Written by cinderellaareus at 10:19 AM.

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