Saturday, January 6, 2018


I walked up to the boy and told him right in the face, "tatalunin kita."

We were around 20. He was the smartest dude in class and while everyone else were either failing or barely holding on to their precious 3.0, he was there getting highest scores and winning quiz bees.

The guy just smiled looking amused.

In my dictionary, "tatalunin kita" means "I really like you a lot kaso masyado kang magaling kaya gagalingan ko rin para hindi naman ako masyadong alangan sayo".

Fast forward last year and another boy told me the same line, "tatalunin kita". I laughed because he probably didn't have the idea on what that line translates to.


Contest time again. When the year started, I told myself to get rid or avoid any distractions and focus on my goal of getting myself out of the sh*thole that I'm in. Pero nakakamiss yung adrenaline rush. Nakakamiss yung contest spirit. Ang sakit sa puso na hindi ako sasali. 

Sana ayusin nalang ng Langit lahat ng mga problema ko for me. Alam ko namang naririnig Nya. Hindi ko lang alam kung ibibigay Nya.


Hindi ako dense. Pansin ko naman. Weird na mejo natutuwa pa ko. Na realize ko kasi na dalawa lang naman yan.

If you will hate me, that means, you love me.

If you don't love me, then you cannot hate me.

Jeez, what a concept. Lel. 

Minsan ang baseless din talaga ng mga pananaw ko sa buhay.

Written by cinderellaareus at 01:47 AM.

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