Tuesday, January 30, 2018

hey tuesday

hormones are no longer dictating how much i eat but for some reason, im still eating.

oh  boy, it's February. A few things are jotted in my calendar though, really, right now, i just want to hibernate.

i swear im not even depressed or anything.


kdramas are damaging my EQ. i watched Hwayugi's(a Korean Odyssey) 10th episode raw eventhough i dont understand a thing in Korean, all because i couldnt wait for the subs. lol. pero nakaraos naman. pinanood ko ulet kanina, now with subs, and i think my interpretation wasnt so far from reality. if it had been japanese, siguro sumakit na yung ulo ko.

Deepak Chopra's 4th spiritual law of success is the law of least effort.

29 days of the year passed and i didnt really do much to change my situation. partly because im lazy, party because im trying out that law of least effort thingy. kung nag jo-joke lang si Deepak Chopra, kawawa naman ako. lol.


contest on feb 10. ill be attending some event on feb 17. events used to excite me back in the day, pero sa ngayon, puteeeek, tamad na tamad ako.


there is this cute dude i "intend" to like. pag gwapo kasi at fit ang crush ko, naiinspire akong mag diet. sheeeet. ika crush-goal ko to!



bff is getting married soon.

tintin had just gotten married.

sis-in-law's baby brother, kakakasal lang rin.

tas puteeeek, ako, nasa crush levels paren? why Universe?




pero sa totoo lang, it doesnt bother me one bit.

Written by cinderellaareus at 02:16 PM.

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