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火曜日: September 13, 2022

Stumbled upon a manga whose MCs have the same names as the characters of the contest entry I had submitted months back. Said the winners will be announced by November. I'd thank my characters too if I'll win. If not, we will just join again. Same characters. Maybe different story. Still, it'll be nice if I can win on my first try.

Come to think of it, I've developed so many hobbies and interests in my lifetime. I usually stop doing things once I feel like I'm already good enough, then proceed to do the next thing that interests me. It's only writing that I haven't abandoned yet. Maybe because I don't feel good enough yet. Or maybe because I actually truly like this. I really can't tell for sure.

Aside from this blog, and my Toastmasters speeches, I've written very few literally pieces. This is only the third time that I'm joining a writing contest. The 1st one was in high-school. I got the 3rd place. Next was in college where I placed 2nd. Maybe I'll lose interest once I become a champion. Well, I don't know.

Wait, I also joined a poem writing contest in FB back then, and I did not win. I guess people tend to forget the times they lose, no? Maybe there's more.

I could use the prize money right now bilang ang gastos ko lately, plus, I need to pay para sa paghahati hati ng lupa ni Papa. 

I'm probably having PMS as my head has been covered with dark clouds lately. I do have some motivation to write my entries for next year, but I feel too lazy to open the laptop.

In less than a month, birthday ko na. I told Mom na ang gusto kong handa e baked sushi, baked mac (no-meat, pasta, sauce and cheese only), tas lumpiang toge. She also promised to buy me cake from kumori. I really wish to advance my birthday, only for the food. I remember just a week ago, the doctor strictly instructed me to go on diet. Is this an adult rebellious phase?

* * * * * * * * *

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Nakama de yokatta
火曜日: August 9, 2022

An officemate sent me a screenshot of an email he was planning to send to our account manager containing a "suggestion" to have Robert moved to the night shift. He had been kicked out from the JP team months ago due to an escalation from a Japanese user. He's only supporting English calls now.

The officemate who sent the screenshot was absent yesterday. He might've heard about what Robert did to me from our other teammates. He said our other teammates are planning to send a similar email as well against Robert. "Lintik lang ang walang ganti", Officemate said.

This may not be the case all the time in the future—and I also absolutely do not have any plans on retaliating—but I'm glad, they're with me on this now. I'm grateful.

Though I don't feel any anger towards Robert, I, too, think that it would be nice and a whole lot more peaceful if we can get rid of him for good. Sana. Sana talaga.

* * * * * * * * *

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火曜日: June 7, 2022

I just had an iced hazelnut mocha drink, and I feel like I'm being punched in the gut.

Know what, I really love coffee. I'd drink that everyday if it wasn't for GERD. Gah, I wonder if I'll need to go to the nearest doc to get a buscopan shot. Baking soda should've been a healthier option, but I left my stash at home. Damn, GERD.


Life is super smooth as ever.

My officemates are nice. Pay is good. Work is easy. Even the commute has gotten so much easier since my bus stops right accross our office building. 

There's still that growing dissatisfaction, but I'm still grateful.


Got plans to have spa date with my TM girls next week. We haven't told one of the girls na hubaran don. Mel said we should break it to her gently. Lol.


I've always been in a hurry since RTO. Mahaba ang byahe. I'd want to get home as early as possible. That's why I find it nice pag nakakasabay kong umuwi yung batang yun from pdt. He said he's a law student, so parang secured na yung morning shift para sa kanya. 

I'm still not comfortable talking to anyone else though. 

I wonder when will the club open for f2f meeting. And kung kaya ko bang umattend considering na may pasok ako on weekends. I wonder how I managed to have a social life before pandemic. Parang ang konti konti ng oras when I commute.

* * * * * * * * *

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火曜日: May 31, 2022

I just clicked the "submit" button. Need pala na naka notarized yung entry. Wala nang oras, sinubmit ko na kahit di naka notaryo. Baka ma reject. Di bale, at least may idea na ko for next year.

I told Mom the champion will get only 18k, and she was like, "akin yung 8k". Lol. That was before I even sent my entry.

Mom said she wants to go to Korea. Looks like Tita from the province will be going here in Metro. Mom said we can ask Tita to take care of the cats while we're away. I need to save up ng bongga as I'll be financing a travel for the 3 of us, including Dad. I asked Mel if she wants to come. Sa malapit lang daw muna. I don't know if I can pull off travelling abroad on my own. It's not like I can rely on my parents eventhough I'll be travelling with them. I saw a tour package amounting to 35k per head. Kailangan ko ata ng 6-digits para i-push to. I'm not confident in going DIY.

I lent 100k to my tita the last time. Will be lending 50k more. She said she'll be paying an interest of 20k by the time she pays me on October. Mom and Dad asked me not to put an interest na daw as the same tita helped us a lot back when we had very little money. She never asked us to pay for interest back then. She even gave us money to deposit in the hospital back when Dad was needed to be sent to the ICU about 10 years ago. Well, I didn't ask her to pay, it was her who offered that amount as an interest. I'm thinking of letting her pay just half of the agreed. Bahala na.

Okay, saka ko na iisipin ang money matters. 

* * * * * * * * *

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火曜日: April 19, 2022

RTO fast approaching. 

For some reason, I'm the only one on shift today. Hopefully the others will come by 10AM.

Nakakatamad. I'm starting to feel lonely. Lol.


Watching Dr. Stone. The story is super interesting and funny. Will probably finish this soon though, then I'll need to find another to watch.

Sheesh. Nothing interesting with the real world lately. Thinking about the RTO gives me insomnia, so I'm trying not to think at all.

I want to live a really cool life. Like, kick-ass cool. I don't really envy my friends who got noisy children, but I am surely curious on how it feels like to be pregnant. I've always preferred an easy life though. Surely there were times that I worked my butt off in order to get what I want. Those were good times too. I miss those times.

What will I do from here? Nakakatuwang isipin na I can be whatever I want to be since I have some time, a few money, and no attachments. But in a way... ewan. Nakakatamad mag-isip.

Watching Dr. Stone, I feel like I'm more likely to agree with Tsukasa than with Senku. Same way that I've never think Thanos to be bad, or on now I often wonder what Hitler really thinks, after reading portions of his Mein Kampf book.

I feel like there are so many things to understand, though we, humans, tend to stick to a certain belief, and deem everything else as evil. I feel like it's such a waste.

A friend happily told me a few weeks back that her divorce process is almost finished. Mag samgyeup daw kami. I don't eat meat. Lol.

The ex-husband is a Pinoy whose citizenship is in London. If there's divorce in the Philippines, things would've been so much easier for her. The ex-husband cheated and impregnated another woman. He refused to get back to his wife even after she begged for him to come back. My friend didn't have any choice but resort to divorce.

I support divorce and same-sex marriage. I believe that the government should be impartial and not be binded by the beliefs of any religion. Discussions on topics like these can sometimes be toxic, so I often keep my mouth shut.

There are so many things I find interesting in this lifetime, but I really hate to argue and explain my point.


10:44AM. I'm hungry.

* * * * * * * * *

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True Friend
火曜日: April 12, 2022

Gah! I felt like I've lost a few years off my life from shock.

A friend told me na nakipagrelasyon daw sya sa iba. She's married with 2 kids, and I know her husband. I felt so relieved when she told me it didn't involve anything physical, and it only lasted for 2 weeks.

Ang hirap. Tokwa. I didn't know what to say. Madaling pagalitan ang mga nagkakasala at sabihing, "umayos ka", "ayusin mo buhay mo", "isipin mo ang mga anak mo", blah, blah, blah... but these lines mean you're taking the person's struggles lightly. 

Naisip ko lang na isa sa mga fears ko about having a relationship e yung gumising ka isang araw na ayaw mo na. Yung tipong wala namang mali sa partner mo pero hindi mo mashake yung feeling na hindi mo na gustong magpatuloy pa. Ang hirap.

I told my friend na pag-isipan nyang mabuti... and all other lousy advice, kasi hindi ko naman talaga alam. I'm just an outsider with zero involvement in their situation, but I still feel bothered... and sad. I feel sorry of the husband, but I can't judge my friend either. I've known her for so long. She's a kind-hearted woman.

Ang hirap...

I've been single for so long. If I happen to find someone and settle, I think I'd think twice before cheating, no? I will, right? What makes people cheat anyway?

I'm also partly annoyed that a good man is being treated like that. But I love my friend, I can't possibly hate her. Tsk, ano bang gagawin ko?

She said I'm her "only true friend". Sa totoo lang, gusto ko syang batukan.

* * * * * * * * *

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火曜日: March 22, 2022


This was Armin's line that I saved in my note pad few eps ago. Damn, whoever create this ingenious masterpiece? Sobrang ganda! I can't watch it on my phone, it has to be on tv. Grabe ang intense, I need to pause for my heart to catch up. Goodness.

I'm on season 3 part 2. I've seen a meme in FB on how Armin will look like in season 4 so I'm still hopeful he'll somehow survive after getting burned. I want to stop predicting what's next... seriously, this too good. Sana hanggang sa ending, overwhelmingly good parin.


Officemate sent me a screenshot of an email containing the news. Looks like companies like ours were being forced by the government to go on 100% RTO by April 1. I asked a friend from the same industry. Said their company's not gonna follow the government's mandate, and plans to resume the office mid-May. Magbabayad nalang daw ng fine yung company nila. I wonder if our company will do the same. There's no official announcement yet.

I remember Armin's line. I also remember the line from The Richest Man In Babylon. It's not good for people to not work daw. And also something from Illusions (The Adventures of the Reluctant Messiah) about sacrificing boredom.

I'd love to stay working from home, but it's not like I can be like this forever, di ba?

Bahala na. I guess I want to practice detachment on this topic. Bahala na talaga.


Recently getting engrossed with BL manga. This is kinda addicting. If we are to go back to the office by April, I want to make use of the remaining days, watching anime and reading manga. It's not like I can read this once I'm back at the office, you know. I don't know why BL sends more kilig than usual love stories. Sobrang cute eh! 

I just finished Koisuru Boukun. The story is so heartwarming, though a little nsfw. It's still ongoing. The other BL mangas I had read were cute too, but I forgot the title. I usually read based on categories. I've never encountered a boring BL romance just yet. Will read a new one tomorrow. 


What's in store for us around April kaya no? Tipong literal na buwis-buhay pag pumasok ka sa trabaho. Parang ang sakit sa ulo ng naka mask for more than 12 hrs. Tokwa. Alam ko namang hindi pwedeng nandito lang ako sa bahay at habang buhay na nanonood ng anime. Alam ko ring kailangan kong palawakin pa ang mundo ko... pero seriously? Commuting everyday for 5 to 6 hours in virus-infested streets from Bulacan to Quezon City and back? Hindi ba suicide yun?

Wah! Bahala na.

* * * * * * * * *

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Random nonsense
火曜日: March 16, 2022

My favorite drink in the world is SB's matcha green tea frappe with coffee jelly add-ons.

I love cuppucino, but I haven't tried SB's. Do they even have cappuccino? All the hot drinks I've tried in SB tasted awful. 

Papermoon's and Figaro's cappuccinos are good. Jollibee's and Dunkin Donut's brewed coffee is also good. If you happen to visit Shercon Resort in Batangas, that shabby eatery outside Shercon serves really great coffee. You can also try their beans. Batangas has the best coffee beans.

We haven't been using our coffee maker in a while. We ran out of beans and the ones available here doesn't compare to the one we bought in Batangas. I wonder if I can use coffee beans from SB.

I want to buy a coffee machine, but I can't really drink coffee regularly for health reasons. Neither are my parents. I miss having coffee in Shangri-la. I miss Shangri-la and Megamall.

I haven't brought my parents to eat out for the longest time now. I've already reached my target emergency fund. I should be free to spend a little now. It's just that, if I bring them with me, it will take so much time. I usually go and eat alone, then quickly go home and just buy pasalubong. That way, I'll be able to go back home in time to feed my cats.

Dad walks really slow. Mom keeps going back and forth to the toilet to pee. We'd probably spend a minimum of 4 hours if we go there together. If I go alone, I can spend less than an hour to eat and go home quickly.

I want to eat a decent meal. Dad used to cook well. Must be because he's getting old. Now his cooking are either too salty, or too... i dont know... gross? Bland-tasting food is fine. I just can't handle extreme flavors.

At my age, I know I shouldn't rely of my aged parents to cook for me. But if cook on my own, it might not even be edible. I once cooked pasta that was too bad, even the stray dogs refused to eat it.

If we'll eat out, we'll get to eat good food. Dad will not get tired from cooking and mom will not have to wash the dishes. Everybody happy. But I also want to go home early.


I ran out of things to watch in Netflix. I'm watching Attack on Titan now, but I'm not sure if I can continue watching. I mean, real life has pandemic and war in Ukraine, tas on my leisure time, post-apocalyptic anime pa papanoorin ko? Seriously. 

I finished the latest chapter of Iruma in manga. I love this so much. I hate that almost all of my favorites are on-going. 

Fire Force and Billionaire Detective is too serious. I just managed to watch an episode or two. Gusto ko pa rin talaga e yung mejo comedy naman. 

Nakakatamad. Gusto ko ng green tea frappe na may coffee jelly.

* * * * * * * * *

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Mendoukusai Yaruki Ga Nai
火曜日: January 25, 2022

Less than 2 hrs into my shift, drained na drained agad ako.

In this line of work, I've worked with people from of different nationalities. Pero alam mo ba kung anong nationality yung pinaka entitled and pinaka nakakainis sa lahat.


Tokwa, di rin naman ako maka reklamo dahil ganun din naman kasama yung ugali ko. Lol.

I feel like the children of the new generation have gotten so much better than their predecessors. Mas magaganda. Mas smart. Mas talented. I can see it in own neice and nephew. Pati mga anak ang pinsan ko ganun din. These children are exceptional. 

Kaya pakiradam ko, it's on us, adults, to make sure that the next generation will grow up with strong sense of morality. I mean, great minds mixed with evil intent will call for massive disasters. Remember Hitler. Remember Marcos Sr. 

Naalala ko lang how children are being raised in Japan. They were raised to be polite and hardworking. Their mind were conditioned to admire great effort.

E tayo? Aren't we raised to be so full of ourselves, pretending to do things excellently with very little efforts, entitled to have the best while offering less?

I don't know. It can't be just me, di ba? Ang yayabang kaya ng mga Pinoy.

Hayst. Gusto ko pumunta sa Japan. Kung walang Pandemic, it could've been easier. I want to bring my parents there tas kakakin kami ng masasarap na pagkain. I also want to go on a separate trip there with LA, and maybe with Mel too. Manonood kami ng concert ng Snow Man. Baka ma meet ko si Ren in person. Eeeeeee!!!!

Hayst. Gusto kong mag work from home forever, pero gusto ko na rin matapos ang pandemic. Universe, can I have both?


Nakakatamad today. Gusto na mag Thursday.

* * * * * * * * *

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