Thursday, February 1, 2018


Waiting for the "kalaban" who hasn't come yet. I cant watch K/Jdramas in peace. I just finished "Yamada-kun to shichinin no majo" yesterday and I'm looking for a new one to watch.

Was judging based on genre and comments. I was particularly struck when a comment thread was discussing about how Jdramas are better compared to Kdramas when it comes to the 'slice of life' kind of series. I totally agree. A commenter said though that he's watching to escape reality, and if he wants to learn something about life, he wouldve watched his own life or his family's instead. I was thinking the same thing.

Maybe that's why Hwayugi.

Maybe that's why Goblin.


Red days suck. Making me unnecessarily emo.

Scared about a few things too. I know.

But I guess, what will come will come. We just have to face it when it does... and then let it pass from there.


Super blue blood moon last night. Mom announced, so i was able to watch. The moon is a star too, right? Sabi nila, when you wish upon a star daw, it will always come true. Lalo na nga't special ang moon last night. I still want the same thing. I just want to go away...

Escape reality, huh?

I cant wait to watch the next ep of Hwayugi.

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Written by cinderellaareus at 01:56 PM.

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